The Benefits of Pretty Product Packaging 

Pretty products are going to stand out. But if you have the right packaging, it makes it even better. When placing these items on the store shelves, your packaging will help customers to identify them. 

If you run reputable businesses, you may be hesitant to try out new types of packaging, but here’s the thing, it benefits you. There are so many unique benefits to taking a chance with new packaging. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of the right product packaging for your needs. 

There are Unexpected benefits with New Packaging 

The new types of packaging do change the way that a person might look at the brand, and even customer appeal. There is a strong chance that it’ll have an impression due to attractive and innovative designs, especially if it draws out to the current and more devoted consumer bases. There are a few reasons that really stand out, which we’ll go over here. 

Improves your Carbon Footprint 

Sustainability is a common justification for evolving trends, as it upholds the changes that do broaden out or have better, more engaging quality of items. This is more effective for others. Many changes are happening in the mentalities of buyers. Some people may only be busy if it has a hint of sustainability to it. That’s why brands are capitalizing on this, so you want to make sure that the patterns and components are well-known, with positive effects on the ideals of said item. 

Better Execution of Marketing Plans 

Innovative packaging can align with the marketing solutions or you’re going for. Many times, people don’t have the right marketing they want to have, with only basic plans and restrictions on this. 

There were only a few decisions to utilize these new varieties, especially on the ground that these new items do lose their character. With these evolving trends, you can use the packaging to align with the marketing, improving the character and the wellness of the items at hand. 

Move with the Trends 

Finally, let’s talk about trends. 

The world is constantly evolving, and there are so many manufacturers that are trying to capitalize on this. 

It does help with the negative exposure of items that might be there by contenders. 

There are also benefits that come with new varieties of packaging.  Brands will be able to change their packaging and make it so that they’re ideal for others.  This is also good for those looking to find hope on this. 

It’s a good methodology that is great for spending plans and will help with improving the profits that are there for speculation. 

As a packaging company, we do want to make sure that everything is perfect for your needs. Beautiful packaging will get you to stand out. Whether it’s the prints, examples, or planning that’s there, you can make bundling and the like for producers and packaging needs to be better. 

Many of these manufacturers only use the highest food grade material and are selective to most packaging manufacturers. 

We understand the importance of having a good track record for adaptable answers to these requests and creating incentives for cash in solitary goes.  

In general, if you want your packaging to really stand out, and to really hit the customer’s own personal likes and desires, you’ve got to take a deep dive and look into them. Far too many people don’t take the time to properly identify this, which can be a major problem. 

If you’re a brand, this is the one for you, as it will help make your sales better. 

How to make Sure your Products are safe when Shipped 

There’s nothing worse than having a reputation damaged by items that were shipped. Customers get mad, they’ll want a return, and it’s bad for the reputation on all fronts. 

Making sure that the items which are delicate return to their customers safe and sound from the moment they’re thrown in the box is important. 

It’s much easier said than done for a lot of people though, as this can be a problem. Here, we’ll go over the best ways to make sure that your items are safe and secure when shipping them to others. 

Breakage: the Achilles Heel for Shipments 

Shipping and its damage are bad for your brand. 

Delicate glasses, artwork that’s intricate, even electronics that are not properly protected get damaged during shipping. This can lead to losses and damage. 

Having a good reputation ultimately depends on the deliveries and their success.  It’s vital to reduce the breakage occurrence when fulfilling items. 

Breakage not only is bad for profits but also the image of the brand.  Damaged items do look bad for businesses, and it will cause these negative reviews to plague the place. By understanding the underlying reasons for breakage, including bad packaging, the mishandling by carriers, and bad cushioning materials, you’ll be able to implement the proper strategies so that everything gets to where it needs to be safe and sound. 

There are a lot of items that can be vulnerable during the transit process, including figurines, ceramics, and porcelain, on top of glass.  There are a lot of other items, however, that you need to look at as well that might be so brittle that they will shatter without the correct cushioning. 

Instruments and clocks, especially with movable components, also need to be taken care of. 

Properly understanding the damage that can come with items when you ship is your best friend, as this is the best way to prevent the risks from getting worse as well. 

How to Prevent the Breakage of items: A guide 

You may wonder what steps to take? Well, we’ve got it here. 

  1. First make sure that you’ve got the right packaging.  You want a box that’s robust with different dimensions.  Double walled is the best.  Also having corrugated packaging is important, as they do minimize breakage and motion when you’re shipping items 
  2. Wrap everything with different layers of wrapping. Pay close attention to areas that are delicate such as corners.  Use tape to secure this.  bubble wrap is great for guarding against it, and when you wrap this in bubble wrap, it will prevent it from breaking down. 
  3. Use some form of padding between items including packaging peanuts or other layers of bubble wrap in order to stop collisions. 
  4. Fill out the empty spaces as well with more peanuts and paper that’s crump in order to prevent the movement and shocks of this.  You can also use foam inserts to cushion anything that’s delicate.  They will fit the items snugly, and reduce the risk of breakage and improve security 
  5. Have a sealer that will help with robustly strengthening this.  that way, you don’t have to worry about the box getting damaged or jostled 
  6. Label the box as fragile to prevent it from being roughly handled 
  7. Use a reliable shipping center known to care about items

Your packaging is important, and when you ship items that are properly secured, you’ll be happy with the results. Make sure to keep all of this in place when you start with your packaging experience too. 

The Top Eco Friendly Packaging Materials to Use 

Being eco-friendly isn’t just a suggestion—it’s a must! You need to make sure that you’re using the right type of packaging materials. Here, we’re going to showcase the best materials available to use, with the goal being greener, more sustainable types of practices. We’ll highlight each, and how they can help. 

Why Eco Friendly Packaging Matters 

Eco friendly packaging is important for environmental preservation and sustainability. Using this type of packaging material does minimize the effects that are there.

Plastics such as Styrofoam and others have a bad reputation because of the environmental impacts that are there, and they do contribute to the pollution of the environment. It can take centuries for them to break down, and it can lead to a long-lasting presence in the environment. They also release harmful greenhouse gasses that’ll deplete these natural resources.

The right eco-friendly packaging materials provide a solution for this and are made to make it so that you can reduce your environmental impact in other ways. This also enhances the brand image. As more people become aware of the environment and what they do, they need products that are sourced responsibly, so choosing the right packaging matters. 

Now that you know this, we’re going to talk about the best eco-friendly packaging. 

Corrugated Packaging 

It’s lightweight, very versatile, and super easy to recycle. It can be recycled plenty of times without losing durability and strength. It also is great because it’s biodegradable, so it’s a good choice for your packaging. 


This is a type of packaging that you recycle by putting it in a compost pile. Ti’s broken down into more organic matter, especially when composed in home or industrial facilities. Made from cellulose, starch, and other materials that are plant based, it’s ideal for food packaging and those with a shortened lifespan. 


Mushroom packaging is one that’s made from mycelium, which is mushrooms and the root structure. It’s biodegradable, sustainable, and easy to compose. It’s molded into different shapes, used to package a whole lot of different products, such as food, electronics and so much more. It’s innovative and is good for the environment. 


Seaweed is another natural resource that our oceans are filled with. Seaweed types of packaging are perfectly biodegradable, and also compostable. That means, they’re broken down in the environment without creating harmful chemicals in its wake. It’s also very sturdy, and it’ll protect this packaging during the shipping process. 

Plastics that are Biodegradable 

Finally, we’ve got plastics that are eco friendly. These are biodegradable, and they’re not made from the usual oils, but plant-based types of chemicals.  Unlike the normal plastics that typically take hundreds of years for a product to decompose, this actually is much faster to break down, which also reduces the overall impact on the environment. 

The Best Practices for : Sustainability 

There are a few practices along with just using a better packaging type that you should consider: 

  • Use less packaging.  This is done by product optimization, and choosing stuff that’s efficient and lightweight 
  • Get recyclable and reusable packaging, as they are great for storing and using other products. The goal of this is to minimize eco waste, and you can do this with this type of packaging 
  • Use sustainable items: using mushroom packaging, packaging that’s compostable, and even seaweed packaging is a great way to prevent this from getting worse 
  • Educate your customers on the importance that sustainable packaging offers, encouraging them to reuse and recycle this. add more information on how to properly dispose of this, so that people know just how to use it. 

Packaging for Custom t-Shirts 

People love to buy items online, and one thing that a lot of people like to get are t-shirts that are custom-made. Custom t-shirts come with their own unique styles to them. Many buy custom t-shirts to show them off to their friends.  Companies want to give their t-shirts the same love and packaging that the fans do when they get these shirts. 

Which is where the custom t-shirt box comes in.

Hinged lid boxes are actually becoming a lot more popular. This is a box with a lid on top that creates a hinge.  You can put some custom made or colorful tissue paper in there, and then the t-shirt itself, really enhancing the packaging that comes with this. 

There is another one, however, that’s recently become quite popular, especially amongst those who are younger. This is the snap lock base box, and this is one where there is a lock that snaps together, rolling all of this to create a box that’s easy to use, and very effective. 

These boxes are small enough that they won’t run major costs when you try to ship them, and they come with a digital printing process so you can make as many as you need. It usually uses the four color digital printing process to help with this, which is a good way to show off all of the colors, and the options for you to check out. 

In general, these boxes are different from the normal means of box printing that you might use for packaging. They provide a premier box that will really shine and stand out. For those looking to show off their designs not just in the form of the shirts on the site, but also in the boxes and packaging that they offer, this is the way for it to go. 

Now, what’s cool about this is the printing. You can add a simple white background with black lettering, a more monochrome style, then you’re good to go with these. 

One of the sides can be patterned in order to create a unique, sleek finish to each of the products that are there.  you’ll be amazed at the difference that this makes, especially when you’re trying to boost the packaging needs that you have.

You can also make sure that the boxes are fitting for the shirt. There are large rectangular boxes that are longer than wide, and they are good to create the traditional box feeling to them. Another unique style that’s become popular with t-shirt boxes, is the box that’s taller and wider, and adding more height. These are good to create a more ergonomic style, and really offers a unique means for you to really craft the most beautiful t-shirt packaging that’s out there.

The bottoms of this box are also very sturdy too, and they are simple to fold together to create a nice, effective and strong base that will handle jostles and motions during transit, in order to protect this high-quality product.

The next time you want to change the products that you have, and really enhance the t-shirts that you sell, look no further than these. There are a bunch of great, unique means to really improve the packaging that you offer, and you’ll be able to, with all of this, build the best packaging that you can, and from here, you’ll be able to create a custom t-shirts experience that you will enjoy, and one that, once you’re done with it, will get people excited to buy the shirts that you have to offer. 

Packaging for Baby Products 

While the current birth rate is quite low, the attention that the world puts on childhood is still at an all-time high. With the advertisements that target children, other controversies, and the like, more and more parents have become aware of the products, and they want to make sure that they make the correct purchases for their kids. That’s why how you package your baby products plays a vital role in the sale of these. 

Here are some tips for you to make sure that your packaging shines, especially for this hard demographic. 

First, let’s talk about pasta. Dalla costa is one of the main pasta companies that actually creates pasta targeted to children that are interested in devouring all of the foods that they can, but also those not interested in that sort of thing.

This pasta comes in different shapes, colors and the like. They come in letters, transportation, and animal themes. With transparent packaging that makes it appealing, and a label made of cardboard that can be thrown into a toy by those who are artistic, there are multiple uses for this.  This is great, especially for the creative kids out there, and it does inspire the parents to purchase this healthy food for their child. 

Next, we’ve got Drazil, which is a tea for kids. This is a healthy tea that tastes good, but also provides the vitamins and minerals that children need. It’s an herbal tea that’s made via a fruit infusion. It’s hard for us to really resist this, with the fun chameleon on the cover, and illustrations of fruits and the like that are cartoonish, but realistic. It’s an infallible recipe that makes everybody happy. 

Then, let’s look at how Kellogg’s does this.  cereal boxes are usually the ones that kids jump for, and the cookie box is one of the most important.

With over thirty years of marketing, it’s a consolidated visual, and it takes some sort of creativity to create something new, with a fresh message. Well, Kellogg’s does that, and with a graphic that’s black and life, this is one that’s creative for a lot of people to enjoy. A lot of people both young and old like cereals with unique premises, and this is something that, for those who like to package children’s products, are able to shape the preferences and choices that the child has for the products that they love. 

Then of course, there is morning kiss, which is a toothpaste that is made specifically for kids. While children hate brushing their teeth usually, a morning kiss does it better. With a packaging that’s colorful, and an illustration that’s crowded, but also playful, this is one that  children will love. It’s good for convincing children to jump on board and start brushing their teeth. This is more of a fantasy for children, and it’s a good way to market to children in ways that the normal, traditional artwork just won’t cut it for them, and brings a unique flavor to the table. 

Finally, we’ve got bioAllers, which is a medicine for both adults and kids. This is one that’s got a playful sort of take on this.  There are children who are dressed as different animals and the like, and there are even different animals used for each of these uses.  This is a great way to let the medicine bring them excitement, almost transforming them into various characters.

These packaging options are unique and different but are perfect for parents with children who are a little picky and need something fun and unique too.