Getting free boxes

Recently I moved back to Indiana from Florida. The move was relatively easy, but the drive was very long, almost a twenty four hour trip because of the traffic we hit; that was no fun. I was fortunate enough to get the cardboard boxes I needed for free from the local super target, and I was very relieved and happy to have gotten them for free. It’s not every day those local businesses give away their boxes, but I was lucky enough to get some. The move itself was not too bad. I did not have too much to pack up but still needed to get a box truck and car carry. My small Acura TL would not fit all my things. 

One day after finding out I would not be living in Florida anymore, I realized I needed some boxes for my items. I started to do some research to find the best boxes for cheap, but I was struggling to justify the price. I talked to my friend’s parents, and they had the idea of asking local businesses. I almost kicked myself because I had not thought of that nor seen that on the research I was doing. The next day my first stop was at the super target by our apartment. When I walked in, I got excited because everywhere I looked, employees were stocking the shelves; this meant they had boxes to spare. 

I walked to the back where I was looking for some plastic toats for the electronics; I have a custom built PC. I did not want to get hurt, so I thought this would be the best cheap option. Once I found what I believed was the best option, I asked the worker who was right by me if I could have the boxes they were emptying; she kindly told me she would need to speak to her manager and to give her a few minutes. After waiting those few minutes she came back and with a smile she told me I could have all the boxes in her area, she began walking around emptying all the boxes contents on the ground, I kind of felt bad. After only five minutes, I had all the boxes I could need. 

I went home feeling very accomplished. I had gotten four boxes, all big enough for me to climb in! I knew I would not need to worry about space as these boxes were huge. With the moving day approaching, I began to pack some of the boxes with things I knew I would not be needing. It went rather quickly, too, because of the box boxes. I was able to pack up my entire room and still have two boxes left over. A few days later, it was time to pack up the box truck. This was a quick and painless process. 

Getting cardboard boxes can be expensive, but it does not have to be. I was lucky enough to get all the boxes I needed for free, but I know that will not always be the case. I just got very lucky that the day I walked into that super target, they were stocking the shelves. I believe that is the best time to try and ask as most of the time; those boxes will be broken down and thrown away. 

Laser-cut boxes

There are many kinds of candy boxes to use for your company. An excellent and unique type of box is laser-cut boxes. These boxes can have all sorts of different kinds of designs and allow for consumers to see inside the box to see how much product is in it along with the contents. With the passage of time, giving candy as a gift or party favor has become almost commonplace. It is easier to do this as well because getting the right gift can be difficult. With the evolution of technology, it is practically expected to have a fantastic way to present something simple like candy.

Laser-cut boxes are a cool and unique way to display or give candy. The limitless kinds of designs that this work can produce are astounding. This process is not complex, but it does require a laser cutter which most people do not have in their garage. It is a good thing there are companies who offer such a service. The process of making these boxes is not difficult for them. In an application called CAD, or computed assisted design, the maker will choose a template, and the laser will cut it out. Sometimes there will be customs orders. When that happens, the process becomes a bit more in-depth. 

This process can also be custom. Going with this route will be more expensive than getting one that is already made. For this process, you will need to be in contact with a company that provides this service for one. The designer will ask you for some information as to what it is you are interested in having on your boxes. After discussing, the designer will work in CAD to come up with a few designs relative to the ideas you gave them. The unfortunate thing is how you interpret your idea versus how the designer interprets your design can be different views, so that can be a drawback in my opinion. The good thing is that, like all boxes, these boxes can be ordered in bulk, custom or not. 

I have always believed when it comes to ordering boxes going for bulk is the best option. This will save you money down the road and give you more boxes to do projects with. Laser-cut boxes are no different. They, too, can be ordered in bulk, whether it is a pre-made box or a custom cut box. I am sure the price will be more than a bulk order of cardboard boxes. 

As time passes, so too does technology and what we as humans can produce. Custom laser-cut candy boxes seem like a pretty cool way to display your candy if you are a big business with a store. These boxes are also great as party favors as people can see what they are getting, and they look very unique, in my opinion. You can finish off this box with a nicely tied bow on top, and with that, you will have a one-of-a-kind box most people have not seen. If this kind of box was on display and was full of some sort of chocolate, I believe I would buy it in a heartbeat, not only for the sugar but for the crazy box. I personally have not seen any laser-cut boxes like this, but it would be very cool. 

Fun DIY ideas with cardboard.

With covid still plaguing this world, most of us are trapped to the confines of our home. Due to this, many people have been ordering what they need from companies like Amazon and getting it shipped to their door. This is a great resource we have at our disposal because many online retailers have exactly what we need without leaving the comfort of the home. With the ease of shopping comes another great repurposable material, the cardboard boxes that your products arrive in. With this substance, you have the opportunity to let your imagination run free and make something you may need around the house. 

To begin with, instead of going to the store for some shelving containers or organizers you can use this material to make them. It is relatively easy to do and how it looks is entirely up to you. If you so choose, you can leave the box as-is for your organization and container needs. For this project, you will need the box, and that can be the extent of the required materials. On the other hand, if you want to spruce them up, you will need either fabric with spray adhesive or paint. The spray adhesive and fabric are more manageable and will make less of a mess compared to painting. For a little extra flair, use an old belt for a handle and put whatever else you want on the exterior; it’s your project, after all.

Another fantastic idea is to turn the beat-up packaging into a cat scratcher. If you look at the corrugate’s edges, you will see small channels running from edge to edge. You will need to cut this material into even thin strips. Once that is done, stack them together and turn them, so the advantages are verticle; you will be able to see through it. Now come the options. You can either leave it, so it is a long scratchpad. For this, you will need to use an additional piece to wrap it around and make a border hold all the small pieces. The other option is to make a big circle out of the parts. For this, I would recommend laying the pieces out longways so the tops and bottoms are touching. Finally, roll it from one side to the other to make a circle and tape or glue the final bit. There you have it, an excellent cat scratcher from what would be trash. 

The final DIY idea is to make a flower box. For this, you will need to take the excess flaps off from the top. Once that is done, line the inside with a plastic bag but poke small holes into the bottom to allow drainage. After the box is lined, grab your favorite flowers or vegetables and put them in. add the top soli for those roots to grow into, and with that, you’re done—a quick and simple flower box. If you wish to decorate it, feel free!

As you can see, many projects can be done with cardboard boxes. Most of these projects are quick and simple but can provide a big help from your cats taring up your furniture to planting some flowers or vegetables. Although this material is viewed as trash, its uses seem to be limitless. I did not go over everything that can be done with this substance, but I’m sure if you let your creativity flow, you too will come up with something astonishingly helpful. 

Getting your best snacks before Easter

Not going to lie, even in 2021 with all the Covid scare mostly behind us shopping is still complicated.  With the talk of new Covid passports to get into places, it is actually looking a bit like fascism.  I hope this is not the real case in the future, but either way, it is still important to get your favorite snacks during this time to stay happy.  It is all possibly about to kick off again, so if you have a favorite snack that you want to make sure you have for another year, you may want to hop in the car follow your local regulations drive to your favorite local grocery store and pick up some sweet lovely candy boxes of joy.

Things didn’t turn out like we thought from 2020, and in some ways they are a we bit worse.  Don’t worry, the government ended up still being a thing, but the civil unrest that we saw all throughout last year is most likely going to pick up even worse when our economy starts to tank again. There is still hope though and you should not give up on getting outside and enjoying life while you can.  That is why for the last few months I have been preparing to live off of what I have for a good long time.  There are some items that simply disappeared from shelves for months due to the previous lockdowns and a trucker strike that happened in some states.  It made me think about getting all my favorite treats and keeping some stocked up for the long haul

Just to be safe we ended up keeping a month or so of food stocked up in case we did have another real shortage.  I know that having a year’s worth of my favorite candy boxes is not a major priority, but if it helps keep the peace in your family during hard times then it now becomes essential.  It could be as simple as having Snickers in the house for a year.  That could be the difference between despair and happily surviving.  I know it sounds silly but we all need to do what we must in order to live a good life.  There is no reason to be worried or paranoid, but if you are able to store up extra food items in order to be safe and happy. I think that just being confident in food safety and having a nice snack can help keep things calm in my family. 

The truth is you never know what is really going to happen and my hope is that my extra food is only for natural disasters.  That is why I think it sounds silly to stock up, but lies can cause huge shortages and have already destroyed billions of dollars of food and livestock this year due to the dissemination of false information by our government and news outlets. So even if we are not in much of an emergency we could be thrown into an economic stop, where just in time delivery no longer happens and it is simply better to have more prepared than not.  But to each their own and I hope you have found my snack plan fun and helpful.  If not, that is ok, because we are free to live as we want for now.

Corrugation is key to save money

Part of being in business is learning how to crush competition.  Sometimes the answer to this is simply by saving money in ways they are not! There are so many different ways to be efficient and to start changing the way our company works.  I truly enjoy being apart of victories and understand that our failures and lost money are a reminder about being wise and thinking about all the different areas of being successful.  Lately, with the bonus of eCommerce starting to become one of the biggest sales industries we have been working hard to be successful at shipping our items at the best price and most safe for our clients.  This area is something that we want to really narrow down our costs and possible competitive advantages against our competition. Now, I want to go over how we did this and lowered our prices to be more competitive. 

It can be the little things that actually end up being some of the biggest cost savings and that is no joke.  It turns out that tape is a big deal when it comes to shipping and getting the best quality and lowest costs are easier said than done.  To be honest I really only thought that packing tape existed in one flavor.  But there are different thicknesses and types that hold all kinds of different weights.  There is also gum tape and it is water activated and is much stronger and can be super fast as well once you program a machine to cut it to the perfect length. No way you could have told me this would have worked so well a few years ago, but it does.

The new water-based tape saved us using tons of strips on our regular packing tape.  This was because some of our products are really heavy and some of our employees get a little excited and go overboard on taping. But it turns out that in some cases it was needed with the type of tape we were using.  So we ended up calling up a packaging supplies store and asking what might work best for our company.  It turns out that for the cardboard boxes that we were using we could incorporate gum tape.  What this really did was cut back out the use of tape and saved up thousands and thousand by using less.  The new stuff costs more per strip but we were using 14 strips less per box! That adds up!

Now it was different because how you actually end up using a gum tape dispenser is simply having a machine that wets and cuts the tape to a certain length.  Our machine programs the legnth and width of each box that we use.  So we can choose to have it cut 3 pieces of tape and have it done within a few seconds.  It then is put on the package and it perfectly fits each time giving the perfect amount of tape.  Once we programmed the right lengths our team was flying through packages and we were super happy that they enjoyed not having to lean over and tape all those extra times.  It really can be something small that changes your entire company and makes you a dominant player in your industry. So keep an eye out!