Some Fun Ideas for Crafting with Cardboard

Sometimes we have an excess of commonplace materials lying around the house just begging to be thrown away. Too often we do throw those items away because of the clutter they cause and how useless they’ve become.

However, sometimes it’s better to repurpose some old, mundane items. People create some pretty extraordinary things out of ordinary items, so why couldn’t you, too?

Well, cardboard boxes are one of those everyday materials that we find just sitting in a corner of the house fairly often. Rather than relegate them to the same old storage use as always, why not try getting a little crafty as a bonding experience with your kids? We’ve come up with a few interesting ways to use cardboard for artsy projects. Give them a try!

The classic cardboard house.

This one never gets old. Of course, you’ll need some furniture boxes or home appliance boxes for these to be big enough for your kids to inhabit for the day. But it’ll help create the same experience for your kid that you once felt when you were their age.

Get fun with these! Don’t just draw on windows with marker from the outside. Cut out square holes, create a “door” by reusing the door cutout (and even giving it a “hinge”). Even painting the entire outside could make it seem far more imaginative and fun for your kids. Plain brown cardboard houses are boring. Spice it up with some color.

As a bonus, throw a small rug of some sort inside to make it seem like carpet for your kids.


I remember doing this as a school project in elementary school. And while it seemed specific to school, it was one of the neatest projects I remember doing.

A lot of the time, old shoeboxes work for smaller dioramas. But slightly bigger cardboard boxes could increase the possibilities of such a project. The thing about dioramas, though, is that you have to get creative with other household items. Cotton balls worked well as clouds or fog, sticks from outside made fantastic trees. While going to your local arts and crafts store would likely yield much more useful items, try to get your creative juices going and round up a bevvy of weird, useless things around your house.

Just remember . . .

Be creative! These two ideas aren’t much, but you can do so much with cardboard. While boxes are one commonplace item, you want to extend on that idea and gather as much as you can in other everyday resources to really make the most out of your cheap (or free!) project.

How To Find The Appropriate Boxes For Your Candy Shop

Many small business owners are always looking for ways to save on their overhead costs. Everything seems to be costing more economically from what it costs to run your business, employee wages, and supplies. What can a small business owner do to offset these costs? If you’re in the candy business, there is a few ways to save in terms of your supplies. More importantly, the following guide will help you save on packaging. The following is a list used to save you money along with getting your customers their order in unique packaging designed just for your business. We’ve put together a list of sweet deals that will work for you.

Why Candy Boxes & Packaging Is Important To Your Business

A lot of people believe it’s the sweetness of their candy that’s attracting their customers, but experts say; the packaging can make all the difference. There are different kinds of packaging intended for each piece of candy. There are many ways to package up your confectionery delights. We’ll help you package your candy to make sure each piece is a treat your customers will enjoy. You’ll also find packaging that will accommodate large orders for mid-size confectionery corporations.

What Type Of Confectionery Packaging Is Available

You can choose from confectionery boxes, wrappers, lining, bags, ribbons, favor boxes, cups, trays, and loops. This article will focus on boxes. Choose from an assortment of confectionery boxes for all your candies and treats. Their wonderfully designed boxes make it extra special for their treats to be yummy to your tummy.


These beautiful boxes are designed by Bessermachen to make your candy selections visible. Each box is designed with care in mind to simplify your confectionery delights. Their unique boxes makes your finished products simple and elegant. You will love packaging your candy in these wonderfully crafted confectionery boxes.


The Armodo design guarantees your candy will stand out. Anagrana has created a visible design that gives you candy an opportunity to stand against other competitor brands. Their simple and elegant selection is a must have for your candy packaging.


The Fuzzco’s label boxes are designed with animal illustrations. Kids love these designs and will enjoy your confectionery treats. These boxes will absolutely house your design. You’ll love their way their specially designed boxes make every one of your treats a must have.


Created by Logard the Bonds box collection was created to house your liquorice treats. Their tall boxes make it easy for your treats to be unwrapped and enjoyed. They offer candy boutique and bakery boxes. You’ll love the way their candy packaging is approachable. Your clients will desire your candy each and every time you see their boxes.

Enjoy hundreds of selections with easy purchasing options. They offer their customers bulk prices for as little or as many box selections as you want. You can choose from a selection of small and large boxes to package your candy. Enjoy great candy boxes that will make each of your candy a sweet treat.

The Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Most of us have been at a point in our lives where we have to move to a new home or apartment, because we were either downsizing, upgrading, or moving to another city or state. If that’s been the case for you, then you also remember having to purchase boxes to fit all of your items to make the move easier. Though there are other ways to transport items when moving, corrugated card board boxes have been the go-to item for many years, and in this article we will be discussing some of those benefits.

Cardboard Boxes

These types of boxes are the preferred shipping method for companies like Amazon, WalMart, Target, and many other online stores with shipping options. The reasons are because they can be configured so that they hold both heavy and light items with ease. They prevent items on the inside from getting moisture in them, and are also super inexpensive. Because of the cost of production, manufacturers have also began to make these boxes from recycled materials, and sometimes, even biodegradable which not only makes the companies using them, look good on the customers eyes, but they are saving the planet.

These boxes are made in the factory by creating and folding the different panels. This allows them to be very versatile and customizable, in the sense that they are essentially a large origami cube.

Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Because a majority of items that are shipped to customers are labeled as “fragile”, the use of a corrugated box allows the items to arrive safely to their destination. Houses are created with a cubical structure because this is one of the strongest shapes, and it is the same reason why items are shipped in boxes. When shipping companies are transferring items, they don’t have the time to look at the items contained, and so the boxes aren’t treated with the best of care. Luckily, one of the benefits of corrugated boxes is the ability to protect the products inside.

Here are a few more benefits of corrugated card board boxes:

  • Light, and easy to handle
  • Printing and graphic design abilities
  • Availability of shapes, sizes, and designs
  • Recyclable and reusable

The final benefit is that due to their affordable pricing and flexibility, you can buy them in bulk or individually, depending on your needs.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed what corrugated card board boxes are and how they are used. We also detailed some of the benefits of using these types of boxes and why some of the biggest companies in the world such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, use them as their preferred method of shipping. It saves them time, money, provide an ecological solution, and protects the products for their customers. We hope this article gave you a more detailed view of card board boxes, and instead of throwing them away, you reuse them for something else.

The emergence of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard packaging materials

As the world gears up towards environmental awareness and the need to conserve and protect the environment through prevention of pollution, need has arisen to reconsider the manner in which consumers and producers packaged products circulating in the market. This is especially because packaging materials have been a potent culprit as far as environmental pollution is concerned. Conventional polystyrene plastic paper bags have been a major menace, especially since the material does not biodegrade once released into the environment.

The search for a better biodegradable packaging material has led to an ecologically sustainable and suitable material in the form of cardboard. Conventional card boards made from wood and timber have been significantly revolutionized in the course of time, leading to the development of improved cardboard-based boxers which have been modified to improve on their strength, durability, and holding capacity.

Research and development have led to the development of corrugated cardboard boxes as a fundamental packaging option for most industrial goods. Although concerns have been raised regarding the eco-friendly nature of cardboard material as they are often attributed to destruction of forests, these concerns have been largely dissipated by the fact that the paper-based material is recyclable and therefore consumes less of forest cover to make and sustain in the market. Also, cardboard material is by far better regarding their holding capacity.

Besides being environmentally friendly and recyclable, cardboard packaging boxes are also considered conducive and suitable for packaging all sorts of goods. This is especially due to the versatile nature of the cardboard material which can be remodeled to feature certain qualities of strength and durability. The cardboard material can also be modeled into a host of packaging products and material of varying sizes and shapes. This makes them highly suitable for virtually every packaging need that may arise.


The strength of cardboard-based boxes has been particularly enhanced by the introduction of corrugated cardboard which generally increases the lifespan of the boxes. This enhancement has tremendously increased the boxes’ recyclability to an average of between 70% and 90%. Besides, cardboard material can be remodeled into infinite applications including corrugated paper rolls and corrugated nail wraps which can be utilized for various purposes in both industrial and home-based uses.

In addition to these benefits of corrugated cardboard material, cardboard boxes are generally less costly as compared to other non-recyclable material utilized for packaging items in the market today such as polythene paper bags. The cost-cutting capacity of the material makes them highly appropriate for use in the world of business where profitability is derived from reducing costs at every possible turn.

The utilization of recyclable cardboard packaging boxes in the market today has brought numerous business opportunities that were non-existent before. For instance, the opportunity created by the cardboard material has led to increased demand, therefore leading entrepreneurs to devise factories and recycling plants which can handle the increased demand. Also, the adoption of the eco-friendly concept when it comes to packaging materials has boosted many companies to change their operational models to match the demand for environmental friendliness in business operations.

Make Your Move Easier With These Fabulous Tips

Moving can be difficult. While a move is a wonderful opportunity to start afresh in a new location, it’s also a process that can require a great deal of advance planning. If you are going to move in the near future, it’s best to get organized right now. You will need to spend time thinking about how best to manage all aspects of the move from start to finish. This way, you can concentrate on your new home and enjoying life once you’re there.

Get Done Early

One of the most important things you can do is allow enough time. Time gives you a chance to get in touch with your movers, prepare your items in advance and consider how to move trickier stuff such as the delicate sideboard your favorite great aunt left you in her will.

Remove Your Unwanted Stuff

Now is also the time to think closely about the stuff you want and the things you don’t even need. When you rid your home of items you don’t have to absorb the costs of moving them. Many places are happy to take donations. Just make sure things are in good working condition. Items that can’t be salvaged may be better off simply thrown away.

Begin Packing Soon

After you’ve made the choice to start the move, make life easier on your movers and yourself by packing right now. You should get your cardboard boxes on hand in the house before the movers arrive. Pack away items you don’t use right now. For example, if it’s the height of summer, you can take that winter coat and your pairs of winter boats and put them in boxes for at least several months.

Hire Your Movers

Hiring professional movers is essential. You need pros who can move your bulky items quickly and without breaking them. Keep in mind that certain times of the year are busier for many movers. Many people move during the spring because they want to get their kids into school before the new year. College kids may be heading back to the dorms in August. Booking in advance gives you plenty of time to find the right company.

Keep Essentials On Hand

Everyone has items they use all the time. These essentials should be kept around during the entire move. Think about your favorite pairs of shoes, your makeup and items such as that handbag you need. You want to put them in a safe space as the move begins. This way, you’ll be instantly prepared the second you arrive in your new home with the essentials you need to get on with your life.

Address Changes

Now is also when you need to get your address changed on everything you own. Tell the post office about your address change. Let your employer know you’ve moved. Having the correct address on important documents makes it easier to get a head start and hit the ground running once you’ve arrived.

Be Detailed With Movers

Let your movers know what they’re moving. They’re great people but remember they can’t see through cardboard. You should tell them what they are going to move for you. Such details will make it easier to unpack quickly.