How a Cardboard Box Can Be Transformed Into a More Valuable Piece

While cardboards are commonly used for storing items in garages and packaging items for businesses, there are many other more creative and less orthodox ways to use cardboard boxes. From this article, you will learn rare but much practical uses of cardboard boxes, although it is obvious that there are infinite uses for the cardboard box.

Decorative Storage
In many homes where storage space is a problem, cardboard boxes are more often than not used to pack up items. But while many may be discouraged to use them just because they aren’t the most attractive method of storage, there are easy ways in which they can be transformed into a good looking and fantastic to possess and display. For the most common way to cover up, many people cut up pieces and attractive images or stickers and stick them on the boxes. However, if you want your boxes to be in synchrony with your décor, you could just cover them with the same wallpaper or paint that you have used on your wall.

Keepsake Box
It is quite common for one to have many of his photographs lying in different parts of the house; be in drawers or cupboards. Yet again, others may have large collections of postcards and photograph collections from a myriad of locations. A cardboard box may come in handy as it can be used as a classic keepsake box where you can keep those things together and easily access them whenever you want to go through them, bringing back the memories with your friends and family.

Play Items for Kids
Give a child a box and they will transform it into anything their minds can think of; a space rocket, house or car. As a parent, you can pick up from here and develop something that will fascinate your child. You could make a doll’s house, a spaceship, a fire engine, a puppet theater or a robot. The fun of it is that you could involve your kids in its design and painting.

Desk Tidy
With papers lying all over your work place, they are likely to cause stress and distractions and in a way reduce your efficiency. This can be corrected by tidying the messed up desk and thus boost productivity. It is easy to use a cardboard for this and fit it to your needs. You could cut out its lid and use it to make dividers for the remaining shell of the box. In the compartments so created, you could use them for different reasons; for stationary, you could use a toilet roll holder to make a pen pot. Again, you can make look as attractive as you want by painting or putting stickers.

Jewellery Box
If you have a problem or constantly losing your jewellery and other accessories, you can make a box to hold them. Depending on how you want it, you could make it attractive by either painting it then covering it with pretty buttons else fix beads and crystals by use of a hot glue gun.

Children’s Toy Box
Apart from making toys, you could use a cardboard box to make a toy holder where you could put all your small toys, dolls and toy cars. To make it even more appealing to your children, paint it or put stickers of their favorite characters.

Tutorial: Making Presents Look Costlier Than They Actually Were

Sometimes, you find someone receiving a gift, and you see their face of disapproval, even if they are trying to fake it as much as they can. It is something natural, presents build up such a level of expectancy that is rarely matched with the real gift. Sometimes, this failure lies in how simple the present are, even if the intentions were the best.

An excellent way to work around this issue is to make an expensive present only look costlier than it was. Baskets are a great way to start since they are easy to make and easy to fake. Decoration and attention to detail are the key principles of creating a basket that looks expensive.

This kind of procedure can also be used to make candy boxes, as we receive tons of requests to talk about them.

Sometimes, you have to make something that stands out, even if you’re on a budget. The person might be extremely special to you, or you own that person big time. Maybe it’s more than a person, but a group of individuals that you want to gift. Maybe it’s a couple, and you are congratulating them.

Whatever is the reason, this is how you start.

Some important steps need to be carefully analyzed to make present baskets or Candy Boxes that have a lot of attention to detail. Think about large boxes or baskets, because bigger means more expensive. Large present boxes, tall jars and multi-decorated baskets are the first steps to making a gift look much more expensive than it actually was.

First, you have to plan the Basket that you are going to use, or, in the case of the box, the container or jar. You can use stuffing or shred as well. You can use your own shred if you have the time to cut out the strips with a scissor, but they can be bought otherwise. You can even use tissue paper, as well as an old newspaper or a glossy colored paper.

Then, you’ll need cellophane or a transparent wrap to use later.

Lastly, the decorations, ornaments, gift cards and other personal items can be added at the end and should be. Flowers, decorative pins, painting, ribbons, anything that speaks loud about your intentions.

Of course, let’s not forget the presents that are going to be inserted inside the basket. This part is the most important one, and it gives a great impression if done right.

Wrap the basket in a cellophane wrap. When you do, make sure you’ve left a gather on top for it to look much bigger than it is.

There should be some theme attached to the present, and your decorations should all fit that theme you’ve chosen. This creates a pattern, and patterns mean a lot of attention to details.

Although the decoration is optional and dependent on each person, it’s highly advisable to use a colored ribbon to tie the cellophane and also decorate other parts of the basket with ribbons. It creates a very friendly atmosphere for the gift.

There are many options to choose from, and they can all be searched online. There are great gift baskets to be inspired from on the internet, and they all fit the most used themes: Christmas, Valentine, Birthday, and the list goes on.

For the presents, you can include food, candies, candy boxes (A box inside a box!) or anything that you know your gifted person or group will relate to.

If you practice enough, these pieces of art can even be sold, as there are many women that like buying customized baskets to gift their relatives and loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Go do it yourself!

Packaging Adaptability to Different Situations

Transportation of goods is a discipline that many people take like lightly. What they fail to understand is that there are many dynamics in place with transportation and logistics. Today might be a change in route while tomorrow I might face the challenge of transporting fragile items. In either case, I have to get the job done. It is, therefore, my responsibility to come up with a methodology that will safely transport items from one location to the other and deliver them safely regardless of the obstacles I might encounter along the way. Trailer vibration is my biggest challenge since different road surfaces make the vehicle shake in varying degrees.

Hence, any standard test methods on wave sequence that we use do not occur to bear much fruit. Since technology favors us to a large extent, we have resulted to using sensors and other computer devices to monitor products closely during transportation. Plans are already underway to introduce driverless trucks on our roads. With the trailers being operated by computers, they can react to different terrain with efficiency. Thus, product damage during transportation might become a thing of the past. Also, platooning is another concept that will be introduced very soon to the logistics department.

Platooning helps reduce drag thus increasing on fuel economy. Since future trailers have great sensor fittings, a motorcade of trucks will be able to move back to back without compromising on road safety. In so doing, road swaying will be averted thus reducing chances of product destruction. In this new form of technology, trailers will travel through designated routes. Thus, the dynamics of a particular road or highway much prominent to truck use will be known making packaging and transport of items an easy task.

With a predictable highway system, I will be able to come up with an efficient packaging mechanism that will safeguard the safety of your goods. Before packaging, we always test our Cardboard Boxes in our company. When we analyze our findings and find that there are slight variations, we make it our mission to change these discrepancies before shipment. If it so happens that the transportation route to be made use of appears to be rugged, we offer additional cushioning to our Cardboard Boxes.
With each passing day, there is a change in packaging technology. To this end, we are looking forward to a time when products will move from one location to the other without experiencing any damage. By the use of highly advanced computer systems, we will be better placed to help reduce chances of human error. Human error has been associated with item damage since a truck driver might from time to time opt to use an alternative route, a road that might be rough and rugged thus increasing chances of particular goods getting destroyed in the process. Cases of poor breaking will be at a minimum thus most if not all commodities will arrive at their destinations safely.

Due to the factors mentioned above, losses will be at a minimum and packaging institutions will be able to thrive in an already competitive market. Customers will be pleased by the levels of service they receive from packaging companies like the one I am in, thus giving us many active referrals per given day. Thus, the future is bright regarding safe product shipment.

How to Build Moving Boxes for Packing

There are many different handy skills that people can learn over a period of time. These skills can be very useful in a lot of situations, including learning how to build moving cardboard boxes for a relocation. Even though the initial building may take a little time to complete accurately, people tend to get a lot swifter when they have completed quite a few. Whatever the case, it is very important that people learn how to build them quickly so that they can help to speed up the packing process.

That said, here are the 4 steps that people can follow to build cardboard boxes correctly.

Step #1 – Gather all of the supplies that will be needed to build the cardboard box. Fortunately, there are only 3 items that will be required to do this kind of job correctly, and they are listed as follows.

– Tape Gun
– Tape
– Flat Moving box

Step #2 – Pick up the flat moving box, and then begin to fold it into the shape of a cube. If the person has any difficulty with completing this step, the instructions for folding it in this manner is normally written on the box. In general, this process is usually very simple to do because it only requires standing the flat moving box in an upright position and then opening each of the corners of the box out as instructed.

– Once part of building a moving box is complete, the person will then fold each of the flaps across one another very carefully. The lower flaps of the moving box should be folded 1st and then the upper flaps should be folded 2nd.

– Based on how the boxes are designed, the person may be able to secure the flaps by simply tucking them at the end. This tucking process is great for making sure the flaps are secured in a manner that will make it difficult for them to open again.

Step #3 – After the flaps are in the correct position, the next step is to position the box upright. Simply stated, the base of the box (flaps that have been closed) should be positioned upwards toward the ceilings if the person is on the inside of a home or facility.

– The tape gun should be used to tape the bottom of the box so that it remains closed permanently.
– Make sure the tape covers the entire flap on each side of the box and then break off the excess tape accordingly. Most people can judge how far the tape needs to travel down before it i cut off.

-The actions provided above should be done over and over again until the bottom of the box is strong enough to handle small or large items to be placed in them for storage.

Step #4 – Pack Items in the Box for Moving day

Once all of the items have been placed in the box (books, tablets, ink pens, bowls, electronics, etc.), all the person has to do is to seal the top of the box. Sealing the top of the box will only require using the tape gun again to apply the tape. The tape can be applied liberal enough to cover the top of the box so that it will not open again without being cut.

Make Cardboard Boxes In Simple Steps

Everyone has multiple uses with cardboard boxes in our day to day life as we use it to pack things, present gifts, decorate with boxes, etc. Interestingly, almost every consumer product is coming in some types of boxes similar to the cardboard box. Making cardboard box is not a hefty job, or it doesn’t need any specific knowledge, but I must say it is an interesting job. If you have some creative ideas, you can earn out of it by making the boxes in different styles and designs and sell it to product manufacturers or small shop owners. See the steps how you can make a cardboard in a simpler way.

Choose the Cardboard

It should be according to the use, and for simple uses, it is better to use the side of a cereal box to make small boxes. When it comes to sturdier projects, corrugated cardboard is better, and use cardstock or scrapbooking paper for larger and decorative boxes. Few things to be noted that 1/4th of the length of cardboard becomes the side of a square box and the width of cardboard becomes the height, top, and bottom of the box. For instance, if there is a cardboard of 12″ x 9″ size, it can be converted into 3″ sides with 6″ height.

Decorate Yourself

It is much easier to decorate before starting the cutting or folding the cardboard. You can simply use a designer wrapping paper with ½” more than cardboard size and glue it on one side the cardboard. While making the box, fold it like the cardboard side with wrapping paper forms the exterior of the box.

Make a Flap at One End of the Cardboard

Make “glue flap” at one edge (length-wise edges) to hold the four sides while completing the box making. The flap can be of 2″ wide for larger boxes, and it can be ¼” for small boxes.

Draw the Outline

Divide the remaining part of length into four equal sections using a ruler and pencil to get a square box. But, you can change it the division proportion to a different dimension to get a rectangular box. For instance, if you wanted to make a box of length 4″ and 3″, you have to take dimension with an initial division of 4″, then 3″, continued by 4″, and finally 3″.

Make the Edges Easier to Fold

To make easier folding at the edges, make a hard press at the edges of each section using a ruler. If thick materials like corrugated cardboards are used, get the help of a utility knife to make a soft cut.

Fold the Sides

Make a bend to inward at the edges and release it; this can make sure an easy fold later.

Draw Flaps for Top and Bottom of Box

Take the width of each side of the designed box and divide it by half. Extend the line top and bottom of the initial draw with that measurement. For instance, if the width of the designed box is 4″, then divide it by half, and the result is 2″. Extend 2″ height lines of sides at the bottom and top to make them top and bottom flaps.

Cut each of the Flaps

Cut the flaps on top and bottom until it meets the height lines of sides. This adds four flaps each on top and bottom of the initial drawing.

Fold the Sides and Stick together

Bend all the four sides and stick it along the narrow glue flap using sticky tape or glue and make the structure.

Fold and Stick the Base

Tuck the flaps of opposite sides together like one overlap the other and stick together using glue or sticky tape.

Tuck the Top Flaps

You can tuck and stick top flaps like the base if you are shipping things with products inside or using as decorative cardboard boxes. Otherwise, keep the flaps just tucked for easy opening.

Your Cardboard Box is Ready