Make Unique Candy Boxes That Make the Sweeties More Appealing

There are lots of people who come up with a holiday to-do lists that they are never able to find the time to accomplish. One of their wish list is to give treats such as gourmet candies and chocolates. But they want the treats to look as if they were not homemade so when they give it to their friends, they won’t have a clue that these treats were just done in the kitchen. What is the best thing to make homemade chocolates and candies look like they are expensive?

The first thing that people will notice when they are given a gift is the packaging. Therefore, packing them in attractive and specially made candy boxes will make these sweeties more attractive and exciting. With specially made boxes, the candies and chocolate won’t appear homemade. It is really not that difficult to create unique and attractive gift boxes. All a person needs is some box materials, simple tools, glue or paste and the most important requirement: creative imagination. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the simple steps described in this article will be very useful to those who are thinking along this line.

Think About the Design of the Box

The very first thing to think about is the design of the box. First impression counts and the first thing that will register in the mind of the recipient of the gift are the shape and look of the gift box, not the items inside it. For people who want to make an impression, they should make candy boxes that are uniquely their own. Old but still usable boxes can be re-purposed as gift boxes. To make it unique, one can cover the box with a fresh gift wrapping. The box will be more relevant to the occasion if the wrapping contains design elements that relates to the event being celebrated.

Determine the Size of the Box

A box could only contain a specific number of candies. In other words, the size of the box will determine the maximum amount of candies that it can contain. Old but still reusable boxes can be used. If old and reusable boxes are not available, one can always go to the local bookshop or store to get the box or number of boxes required.

How to Come Up with the Appropriate Box Size

People can use the Christmas gift boxes in lingerie sizes. They usually come in 8.5” X 11” sizes. Around 2 dozens of candies can fit inside this box size. A person needs to adjust the size of the box according to the total number of candies he or she wants to give to the recipient.

How to Enhance the Look of the Box

Following are the steps in improving the appearance of the box:

  1. Separate the corners of the box carefully.
  2. Wrap the corners with foil wrapping paper.
  3. Cut a piece of paper that will be used to wrap the inside edge and then glue it down.
  4. Fold the corners again as they were before and glue them down firmly.
  5. Hide the corner flaps under the foil wrapping.
  6. Glue a piece of white printer paper on the inside bottom of the box
  7. To prevent the candies from sliding around inside the box, glue the bottom of the candy wrappers in their respective places on the white printer paper that is glued at the bottom of the box.

5 Great Tips for Packing up Your Electronics Properly

Moving day can be a complete disaster if you do not know how to pack all of your items properly in advance. Since there are different guidelines and rules for packing special items like electronics, it is important that you find out what they are first, and then following the recommendations closely. Having said that, here are 6 tips that should be used in homes and office moves too, especially if you do not want any unexpected surprises.

Tip #1 – Before considering placing your electronics like computers in cardboard boxes, it is essential that you make backups of all your electronic files. To anticipate problems that can be encountered, you must be prepared for any situation. So, one of the best things that you can do is make at least 2 separate copies. For instance, you can back up your computer files by transferring the data to a USB or an external storage drive as a resource. Whatever the situation or the preference, 2 copies can help to provide you with peace of mind.

Tip #2 – Take a Picture of all of the cables involved along with each of the corresponding cables
In case you have a lot of electronics to transport from old location to the new location, you must prepare a well laid out plan prior to moving them to cardboard boxes. If you don’t, the aftermath of moving day can be a very frustrating experience for everyone involved. Especially, since cable and connectors come in a lot of different colors with similar technologies that may be difficult to distinguish one from another.

Tip #3 – Bag up all of the accessories to your electronics

Just like lots of cables and connectors can be cumbersome to keep organized throughout the move, there is a host of other accessories that must be kept together. For instance, computers and other electronics have a variety of different extras as well. From ink cartridges to batteries, all of which will need to be removed from the electronics and backed up in separate bags with labels. Therefore, when you get to the new location, you will know exactly where all of your accessories should go. It is also important to note that this process may take a little extra time, but it is well worth in the long run. Specifically, since these items will be easy to put together if you already have the labeling and instructions you need on each.

Tip #4 – Pack Electronics in their Original Boxes
Most people may not know the importance of keeping the original boxes until they have to pack things up for moving day. Therefore, for those of you who still have the original packaging with foam protectors, these are ideal for saving time and extra identifications.

Tip #5 – No Original Boxes – Secure the Right types of Assemble Packaging
While the original boxes for packaging is preferred, it may not be available when it is really needed. So, if you want to use another alternative that will still make it easy, you should make sure that you have secured boxes, foams, anti-wrap bubbles and other identifying tools that will help to make things much easier. People should also make sure that they have a huge supply so that no one runs out while things are still in progress.


Moving Day Tips

Going to college is a dream and a milestone for almost every teenager. It brings about many life-changing freedoms and responsibilities. Throughout your collegiate career, you will discover many things about yourself and the world around you. Incoming freshmen must be guided accordingly to maximize their experience and keep their mistakes to a minimum. College starts on moving day and these tips will help you get through the culture shock with minimal effort or stress.

The nerves usually set in the day you start school. Moving day amplifies these feelings by 1000. This is many students first time living on their own. Many students choose to attend school far away from home to experience their collegiate career in a new environment. Moving to attend college presents its own share of challenges for students since many of them are dealing with the nuances of moving (along with the other nuances of adult life) for the first time.

Most first-year students move into dormitories. These are communal student housing designed to gradually ease freshmen into a life of independence. Dorms will often come furnished with items that do not come with a typical apartment. These items usually include beds, desks, and dressers. Dorms will often have multiple students living within the same confines as roommates. Roommates will often bring many items of their own as well to contribute to the living space. You will see more cardboard boxes on moving day then you will at any subsequent point in your life! Some students opt to live on their own in typical apartments. Apartments come equip with far fewer amenities but often include necessities like air conditioners, refrigerators, and stoves.

If you’re moving into a dorm make sure to check the website to see what amenities the dorm will have. Take the time to talk to your roommates about what they’re bringing. This will save you time and effort and allow for an opportunity to bond with your new roommates. Also look up your dorm’s policies and make sure that they allow everything you plan on bringing with you.

If you’re moving into an apartment ensure your daily commute to class isn’t strenuous. There’s nothing worse than having to leave home an hour early just so you can make it to class on time! Try your best to move around other students or young professionals and sync up your schedules. Making it through this transition is much easier when done with like-minded individuals. Lastly set a budget for living expenses that includes utilities, groceries, and other necessities.

Upon moving to campus make sure you have a plan of action. Many people will be moving around and it is easy to get lost in the business of moving day. Make sure you take care of the essentials first, then move in the rest. You must make use of the cart! Most dorms have a large wheeled cart that you can utilize to move your luggage and cardboard boxes. When you are done lend a land to the other students moving in, or at least get out of the way so they can move in as swiftly as you did. Congrats! You survived moving day.

Creating An Impression With Unique Candy Boxes

The packaging of candy can be an important part of a gift presentation, and an elegant look can show the receiver that you actually put some time and effort into choosing something unique for them. Here is a list of some of the more trendy ideas that can help add that flare to the candy packaging that will make it an excellent gift for any type of situation.

Box Templates and Bands

– Various companies offer cany boxes in the form of templates of a handcrafted form. They are a great way to hold some of the receiver’s favorites, and they can double as decorations for holidays like Christmas. The bands are an excellent addition that can be used to personalize and keep everything looking at a level of gourmet style.

Faux Bois Packaging

– A “faux bois” effect means false wood, and if you are wrapping some bark that has a similar look, then it can be wrapped in cellophane in order to show off the texture. The tags have a similar look that can be completed with a ribbon.

Brittle Bags with Gift Labels

– Brittle bags are a great way to have everything looking like it could be bought directly at a store while still providing the homemade effect. Cellophane bags can hold everything fresh and provide visual appeal while having a fold-over label that closes everything securely.

Brittle Boxes and Labels

– Round chip-wood brittle boxes look great from all angles, and there are gift labels that can be placed on the lids in order to personalize it all with a handwritten designation. Various messages such as “Enjoy” or “Made with Love” let the receiver know that you care.

Ribbon Holiday Gift Boxes

– There are numerous templates out there that help you to make some holiday gift boxes for the occasion. They can be adjusted to any size so that they will serve the purpose whatever the contents might be. They are elegant with a nice looking ribbon.

Clip Art Gift Labels

– Ballotin boxes are cardboard boxes that many find excellent for packaging chocolates and such. They are decorative with broad flaps, and clip art gift labels help the giver to provide a sweet message at the same time.

Flavor Stamps

– One traditional look that is sure to impress is an envelope that has flavor stamps in place of where normal postage might be placed. These help to give a great look while letting the recipient know what they have, and button-enclosure envelopes are some great ones to try these out on.

Jars With A Candy-shop Look

– The candy-shop look can be had with jelly, spaghetti sauce, and pickle jars that can be saved and used for that purpose. Or an alternative is to get some hand-crafted ones so that they can be utilized for other work in the kitchen after the candy is gone.

Treat Boxes With Glittered Santa

– Rounding out this list of ideas for candy boxes and containers is the glittered santa handicraft. A combination of paint, glitter, and clip art makes for a good look, and then the belly can hold whatever you like so that the recipient can enjoy.