What’s in a Name: Cardboard

Often if you’re told to picture a general thing, the image you conjure up in your own mind differs wildly from the next person’s imagination. This is common simply because the thing that you were told to picture isn’t one extremely specific concept but rather has multiple variations or can be interpreted differently depending on someone’s culture or experiences.

Think about it for a minute, though. If I told you to imagine a house, you may think of a grand, two-story farmhouse with 5000 square feet if you grew up in a wealthier family located just outside of small farmtown. On the other hand, you may think of a small 1500 square foot house abutting other small similar houses, each with fenced in front yards and toys scattered about, if you grew up in a family with lower income located in the city.

Basically, a lot of the concepts out there differ so much from one person to the next because of our experiences and what we have come to know. If I say to picture a mug, you may think of something which we drink coffee and tea out of or you may picture a beer mug if you’re from a different culture.

One of those things that most people picture the same, however, is cardboard boxes. For the most part, we think of a rectangular brown box composed of corrugated cardboard. There’s not much else that springs to mind when you hear that term.

But did you know that these sorts of boxes can range from round to long and cylindrical to highly specialized for specific purposes? One of those boxes in particular is candy boxes. The last thing you’d think of when I say the word cardboard boxes is a box made for packaging candy, right?

Well, if you’re a baker or own your own confectionary business, candy boxes actually may spring to mind when you hear cardboard box.

This entire article goes to show that there are so many different things out there that one word doesn’t encapsulate what an entire population perceives as that word in particular. It all boils down to your own experiences, culture, and preferences.

And since there are a variety of items and concepts that fit into more general terms like “cardboard boxes” or “houses” or “mug,” it’s no surprise that different people would imagine different things when first hearing these terms.

Surprising Sugary Drinks

When it comes to dental health, so often we hear to stay away from candies. Why is it that candy of all things seems to be the “big bad guy” of the dental world? Well, one of the main reasons is how sugary they are. The more sugar you consume, the more likely that sugar is to take hold on your teeth and cause plaque to build up and eat away at your teeth’s enamel.

The thing is, there are other food and drinks out there that have far more sugar than candy boxes contain; you just don’t ever hear about it.

So, we’ve come up with a list of those drinks that are pretty common yet have tons of sugar. Whether you’re trying to stay hydrated playing sports or want to enjoy juice at home, you should definitely keep an eye on drink labels if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

Grape juice.

Tooth decay can often occur because of the various “healthy” fruit juices you may have at home. But were you aware that grape juice contains more sugar than almost any other type of juice? A twelve ounce glass of grape juice contains more than 58 grams of sugar. That’s 2 full ounces of pure sugar in the twelve ounce glass and around 20 grams more than a can of soda.

Vitamin water.

Drinks with “vitamin” in their names aren’t always as healthy as they may advertise. While they may be packed with specific vitamins, be sure to check the label for what all is within. So before you grab yourself a vitamin water, you should know that a regular twenty ounce bottle has 31 grams of sugar. For comparison, a regular size candy bar has around 27 grams.

Assorted Organic Craft Sodas with Cane Sugar


This is another common go-to drink for people who are active in sports and exercising. Unfortunately, it may not be the best choice for post-exercise rehydration. While it can vary between flavors, a typical twenty ounce bottle of Gatorade averages 34 grams of sugar. Wow.

We want you to be able to enjoy some sugary treats just as much as you want it. Just make sure to brush your teeth after meals, after plowing through a few candy boxes, and after drinking sugary drinks to keep your teeth and dental gear in great shape. It’s the things you’re least suspecting that will creep up on your oral health.

Custom Packaging Tape to the Rescue

t’s gotten to the point where I keep multiple varieties of custom packaging tape in my vehicle at all times. There have just been too many times when I’ve needed a quick fix, and it was the electrical tape that slipped under the driver’s seat, or the barricade tape left over from a Halloween prank, that came to the rescue. Like the one time I was dropping my daughter off for her first day of junior high, and one of her backpack straps broke clean off. Besides my consternation at the fact that a brand new backpack was kaput on day one, my daughter began to panic at how seventh grade was starting out.

Custom Packaging Tape

You probably know what I’m going to say next. If it’s, “And then I whipped out some custom packaging tape…”, you would be correct. My cousin had given my son a bunch of half-used aisle marking tape from the last time he’d remarked the floors to his auto shop, and I had quickly confiscated the red roll for my custom packaging tape stash. It’s a good thing I took the red kind, too, because it matched perfectly with my daughter’s One-Direction backpack. For the one and only time I thanked God for all of those bright, pouting lips. I saw that years of listening to all of that crooning, and stumbling across too many awkward doodles, had led up to the purchase of this backpack so that I could use the red tape and become the coolest mom in the entire world.

Custom Packaging Tape

A little bit here, a little bit there, and not only was her backpack fixed but she now had a custom striped design on her straps. As she walked into school with renewed vim and vigor, I overheard someone say to her, “Cool tape job. I should do that to mine…”. That’s right, world; you can’t touch this! That was a pretty amazing day. It was not so much an amazing day when I fell down some stairs and my shirt split down the side seam.

Custom Packaging Tape

It wasn’t the most perfect thing, but if I wouldn’t have had some custom packaging tape at my disposal I would have been forced to expose myself to society, whereas I was able to mend the tear with some strips of adhesive enough to get me home fully clothed. And the thing that really sucks is that was my favorite shirt, too…

Packaging Tape: It’s Time to Stock Up

Have I mentioned that I started catching up on The Walking Dead? Of course I have, mentioned it that is. I’ve been talking about it a lot lately, and how with technology these days these shows and stories are so insanely convincing that you almost begin to wait for breaking news to hijack the TV and tell you that the real zombie apocalypse has finally happened. I feel like, every time, I have to verify that I am not normally a paranoid doomsayer. As a matter of fact, the end of the world is not something I’m particularly worried about at all.

However, I’ve begun to reflect on what would be beneficial to have around in the hypothetical post-apocalypse. You know…just in case. I have come to the conclusion that packaging tape would definitely be in my list of top five. I’m being totally serious. Packaging tape (such as duct tape, aluminum tape, electrical tape, filament tape…) is more or less technologically advanced rope. It can be used to tie someone to a chair. It can be used to secure you to a tree branch so that you can get some sleep without worrying about falling into the gaping mouths and outstretched hands of the cannibals below. (Did someone just say “brains”?)

If the strap on your backpack breaks, not a problem! Make a new one out of duct tape. If your shoe falls apart, no problem! The fan belt? No problem. Need someone to stop talking or crying or screaming or complaining? Any and every tear and hole in your clothes can be repaired with packaging tape. My new and greatest idea is this: armor. Take a tube sock and cut the toes off and another hole so that you can wear it like a glove that goes all the way up to your elbow. Then wrap it a couple times in duct tape. No biter is going to be able to get through that! Do the same thing with your neck and lower legs.

This will be really helpful in reducing anxiety. It would also be helpful if people had better hearing and overall just paid more attention- I certainly would not be the one who manages to get bit by a zombie in a huge wide open field. But if I did I would admit my mistake like a woman, chop off my arm, and seal the end of my nub with packaging tape. It’s clear to see why it’s time to start stocking up, people.

Custom Packaging Tape, the Stocking Stuffer

During one of my recent shopping “trips” on PackagingSupplies.com, I stumbled across one of the best stocking stuffers of all time: custom packaging tape. Of course there are several brands of packaging tape that are custom to certain fields of work and job descriptions (like gaffer’s tape is for stages and booths, and electrical tape is for wires), but then I saw that you can also customize your custom packaging tape.

This is a pretty perfect idea. If you are anything like me, you probably know quite a few goofy people, or you are probably going to be attending some sort of white elephant party in the near future (did I mention that we are about a week away from Christmas right now?). Perhaps one of those goofy people is your teenage son, or your mother-in-law.

Your teenage son might appreciate some tape with his name printed on it, in huge block letters, and your mother-in-law might get a kick out of some tape with a witty saying printed on it, like “oh no you didn’t”. And then, while you are ordering some “oh no you didn’t” for your MIL, you may decide to order an extra roll for yourself, and all of your friends who are mothers, because you got this amazing idea to hand out justice with custom packaging tape. For your kid who keeps leaving dirty dishes all over the house, tape them together with some “oh no you didn’t” and leave them on their bed.

As many times as it takes. For the kids who keep leaving their toothbrushes on the side of the bathroom sink to make a nasty, crusty film, tape those things onto the bathroom mirror with some “oh no you didn’t”. Spread some strips on clothes left lying around, and wait to hear the groan. You could even find yourself taking justice outside of the home.

The car that double parked? When they come back outside they find a giant X of “oh no you didn’t” across their driver side door. It’s not keying, but it would still be satisfying. Or at work you label all of your Tupperware with this aggressive statement and when some sneaky jerk is reaching out their grubby paw to eat that leftover lasagna their brains will read it and they will automatically turn to someone else’s. I’m getting pretty excited just thinking about it. Okay, now don’t steal my idea…