Designing Custom Stickers 

Stickers are great for boring boxes, turning it into an amazing, valuable aspect. This is definitely better for your budget, as it will help with enhancing the different boxes that you have. It’s cheaper than embossing and stamping, and it requires almost no effort, and you can incorporate this into practically all kinds of packaging. 

This is also one of the best tools for marketing, simply because it not only gets to the customer in a way that’s better, but also, it tells you a lot about the brand. With more and more people sharing packaging to social media, the stickers are a great way to let people know about the brand. Stickers are great for improving creativity and getting those juices flowing. 

Go for Creative Shapes 

The size, color, and shape of stickers play a major part in the identification of the brand. This is also something that plays a role in the sticker size and shapes. It’s easy to go with circular or square types, but sometimes, you can get away with shapes that are crazy, and really catch the eye of the customer. 

For example, stickers in the shape of arrows, maybe triangles, and the like offer new, fresh looks. It tells people who they are, the logo, and it also is a great way to let people know who you are. It makes the unboxing experience better too. 

Identify Products with These 

If you’re someone who likes different products, designing these and the like, you may want to go with possibly custom stickers that go along with this. It allows you to keep your box in the right shape and enables true customization according to the stickers and the product that are there too. 

Some companies may put these on packaging that’s simple, and the cool thing about it is you can use it to seal it, offer its flavors, and also tell them about the brand. 

Stick it to Everything

The thing about stickers is that they literally work for everything. You can actually decorate plain boxes to your liking.  It is something that offers different packaging options to customers. Some companies may use plain, boring colors for their boxes, but this is a backdrop that allows you to possibly create a unique experience with this. This does take a bit longer to put together, but if you want to offset your printing costs, or have someone design it, this is the way to do it. 

Bundle it Up! 

If you do have a chance to go for better and more creative designs, or have the budget, there is always sticker bundling. 

If the packaging does require this to be put in bundles, try it with the stickers. 

It showcases the creative and artistic talent that you have and shows that it’s fun. The cool thing about this as well, is that you can use this as a unique marketing and unboxing experience. Do keep in mind that if you do this, make sure that everything lines up correctly on this. 

This is something that doesn’t work for all brands, but if you’re interested in creative, unique ways to improve your packaging, this is it. Now that you know the different ways to make your packaging stick out with stickers, look at the different ways you can “stick” this all together, and try to design the packaging that you have. 

Stickers rock, and here, we showed just a few of the fun ways to make stickers really shine and some of the fun ways you can use stickers to promote your brand as well. 

Branding 101

Branding is a huge part of standing out as a business towards consumers. With the correct branding, you’re able to create a look, along with a feel that makes it easy for customers to associate, and then identify with the correct brand. This may involve packaging, the logos, and the like. 

Why Product Branding 

Product branding is a big part of enhancing the customer’s experience. Branding also gives a person who looks at your brand, the visual cues that are necessary to see you in a sea of your competitors, offering better customer connection. Think about the current retail world: it’s very competitive, with more companies investing in the branding to help show the difference, and offer a way to provide real, authentic relationships with the customers that you have.

Because of the brand’s impact, it’s vital to invest, take the time, and create the ideal brand story, purpose, and the mission there. 

Branding as well can offer a strategy that offers a way for you to provide the research needed so that it meets the needs and the demands of your customers. It also offers a better product value, and customers are able to create the right connection through values and morals with this. Think about it: we’re always taught not to judge books by their covers, and when you look at products, customers want something that really does entice their needs, and provides them with what they want to see. 

The elements 

There are different elements that your branding can offer for a lot of people. 

These include: 

  • The logo 
  • The colors 
  • The font 
  • The taglines 
  • The design of the packaging 
  • The messaging 

Remember, not one of them takes precedence over the other, and you should remember that. 

The goal of this is to make something that’s consistent, distinct, and also cohesive. 

When you’re able to give both of these the measure that you want to, companies have a chance to create a brand that provides real customer connection. It also is vital for a lot of brands to understand the difference between the branding of a company, and the branding of products that are out there. 

Businesses will usually have branding elements that aren’t totally transferable directly into products. 

But when you’re creating the branding for products, you need to make sure that you also keep the company’s flair and design with the branding of the products. The product branding should always compliment your corporate branding. 

Some companies will look to make the branding different from the corporate branding, and you still are able to connect both of these. Companies usually have different elements and themes that go along with this in order to ensure that you have the right product branding and marketing. The end goal and the strategy that goes with the product when it enters the market is what you’re going for here. 

Brand Research 

You need to make sure that when you are going to possibly work to ensure that it fits the right strategy. 

In order to create the correct branding, you need to do research. This involves targeting, understanding what you need, and also offering a way to provide distinct ways to identify a product, and also, it helps ensure that it shows that the audience is connected to your brand, rather than just the product. 

If you’re known in certain markets, your branding needs to fit this, since it will help. Branding is vital for a company’s success, and you’ll definitely benefit from using this with your own personal ability to really build the business that you want to with your content. 

Ecommerce Vs. Retail Packaging 

A lot of people assume that all packaging that’s done is all the same, and that there’s no specific differences to each. Most packaging falls under two types of packaging, ecommerce and retail packaging, both with the function and appearances. It’s vital to know the difference, especially when choosing the packaging that’s best for the businesses at hand. 

Ecommerce Packaging 

This involves packaging solutions that are designed in order to help with shipping products from people in one location to the next. Ecommerce is basically exterior kinds of packaging. The packaging is focused more on the form that you have and the function over it instead of just looking good. 

That isn’t to say it’s ugly, but security does take precedence, so that the products are transported in a safe manner, so that the contents are safe throughout all of this. The goal of this is to keep everything in a firm, safe type of atmosphere that’s weather resistant whenever it’s needed. The secondary type of goal that’s used in this packaging, is to improve the awareness of the brand, and through the usages of slogans and logos on the boxes, tape, and mailers, this helps. 

When products get redirected to customers directly, the first thing is the ecommerce packaging, with the first and mainly only form of the packaging that’s there. it lets you have the experience that benefits them, and you can buy custom packaging in order to improve sales too and build brand awareness. 

When you’re buying custom packaging, you need to make sure that the product is protected, and it looks good. You also want to make sure there is no waste, and the shipping is nice and secure. 

Remember, the goal of this is much more about the type of packaging that secures, and less about the aesthetics of this. 

Retail Packaging 

This is basically the interior of the packaging, and it’s basically the last barrier between the customer and the product that’s sold. This is the one that you see in the sores, and it’s what entices people to buy something. While sometimes this is omitted during product transport, retail packaging is used in a variety of situations. 

It’s weather-resistant, heavy-duty, and it’s equipped for transportation in the long haul. It also lets you implement different designs that are delicate within the packaging. Unlike the ecommerce one, the goal of this is to be aesthetically pleasing for customers and brands, in order to promote the brand awareness that you want from this. 

If you’re curious about what you need for retail packaging, the goal of this is to make it look good so customers can recognize it, and also in ways that stand out to the buyers at hand. You may be displaying this in certain areas, and if you’re doing that, your goal with this is to show a product that’s correct so that when customers get this and open it, they realize that it’s the same thing that they ordered. You also want to make sure the description of the product is accurate, and any important information for them is visible. 

For lots of people, these two things are practically one in the same when choosing packaging. But knowing the difference is vital for both, as it can help you with better understanding what it is that you need to put into a cot to really make them shine in the realm of packaging. It also helps highlight some vital parts of what makes it better for the customers, so that if there is anything missing, you can add it to the future packaging you have. 

Adhesive Labels for Shipping 

For a lot of people, shipping, inventory management, and the like rely on one thing: labels which properly identify and tell customers and employees of all kinds what is in there.You can actually buy different kinds, color-coding them in order to help with stock rotation, keeping the workers all informed and up to date on this. A lot of safety is also made better by utilizing the proper tags on this. 

As your shipments leave, you need to make sure that you give the correct messages. From the moment it leaves with the information on the destination, and also the labels that tell you where it may go, and if there are any special necessities for this. All shoppers have different kinds of needs, but tags and labels are there to help the shipping and warehousing departments in a lot of business areas. Shippers and the startups that are out there with new changes and needs do benefit from the proper information for packaging, and with the right consultation, they get the right requirements for this. 

Labels for Stock Rotation 

A lot of times, if you’re looking to keep your stock and the shipments flowing without any problems, you need to have the correct solutions for this. 

Blank labels or pre-printed labels are definitely something that’s good for identifying the stock that’s there. You can use different stickers for warehouse workers to identify the products, where they’re located, and if you’re able to see where stock that’s slow, or not properly rotating is happening, you can make sure that the labels get properly affixed too. 

Even prior to the goods becoming entries for inventory, they get counted, checked in, and then received by certain clerks. The pre-printed labels help to ensure that accountability is there, and some stock is properly tagged as counted or inspected by someone before they’re even allowed to be considered stock. 

Some facilities for storage take this further, offering tracking ways to ensure that the labels are going to the correct destinations, and are printed in a clear manner. 

When the labels are better than numbering, this helps to ensure that there isn’t any possible guessing when you’re rotating the inventory. You just have to put it out, rotate it, and then go from there. It’s really that simple. 

For a lot of different applications, there are now different labels that you can buy based on different ways to organize that help to smoothly and easily handle all of this, without the further information being placed on them. any fluorescent colors that are there are all there, sold in different colored sheets, and you can also get sets with higher volumes, and goods that get mounted to dispensers, each of which offer certain labels, are totally adjustable, and they accommodate a lot of the core sorts of diameters and widths. 

They send messages 

Finally, the labels that are there are used to send different messages to different departments that are getting the freight that’s received. This is also further mandated when you get a lot of the safety factors out. The sticky labels are great to notify the different companies about shipments, any lists for packaging, and different requirements for handling. 

The department of transportation even has labels that ensure that they get to the right location, and if anything is hazardous, flammable, they are identified through the use of this. Also, mentioning that something is fragile is good too. Labels help a lot, and here, we gave you a few reasons to consider labels for your packaging needs as well too. 

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging 

When you’re packaging the right products for your brand, there are a lot of different aspects. There are actually different types of packaging, which fall into primary, secondary, and tertiary, all of which are important for a business. Here, we’ll go over all of these, what they are, the purposes, and when to use this kind of packaging. 

The Primary Packaging 

Primary is used for preservation and protection, offering containment, and also to let customers know of what’s within these packages. This is usually the packaging that has a direct contact with your customer. They usually involve multiple aspects. For instance, for those who have beer products, the main packaging is the cap and bottle, along with the label that’s on the product. 


Secondary is usually what shows off the branding, along with the other logistics that are in there. this also protects products, fully collating the units into one giant package. The secondary packaging utilizes different kinds of products, including the following: 

  • Displays 
  • Retail-ready packages 
  • Boxes for containment
  • Shelf-ready packages 
  • Countertop units 
  • Packaging for gifts 

The secondary packaging is usually on corrugated or cardboard, and it’s printed to show off the branding in creative, useful ways. 


This is used to handle, protect, and then transport the multiple sale units. This is the type of packaging that is rarely seen by the people who buy the items, and it includes the packaging used for transits, mailers, or even boxes to help ensure that the packaging leaves the business and then goes to a consumer in one type of piece. The branding is usually seen on some of the tertiary packaging, but usually the consumer will not see it.  However, it’s not totally necessary. 

Things to Consider with Packaging 

There are a few things that’ll help with choosing the right kinds of packaging that you need. The first thing is what’s important within the packaging. Is it imperative to offer protection for the products? Do you want to ensure that the branding is there? Do you want to make sure that it’s recycled? These are all essential points, especially when choosing packaging. 

You should also look at the packaging value. Do you want to spend a lot of money to make sure that it looks good? Or are you focused more on the practicality? Do you want to have a bi, fancy logo on this. There are also delivery and transport costs that also should be impacted by this too. There is some packaging that weighs much more than some of the others and may take up a lot more space. It can cost a bit more in the expenses used for delivery, and you should also factor this in when you choose the right kind of packaging. 

Finally, the other most important part is your branding. Branding is what people will see, and it’s what they’ll remember you by. 

You should make sure that every chance you get, you take advantage of showing off the branding, and making sure that the branding is consistent all throughout the business. Look at where the logos will go, and then, make sure that the logos are nice and clear. 

The other important thing is to think about colors. Branding and packaging uses colors and making sure that the packaging hits right with the correct colors is a must for businesses. 

When you’re choosing your packaging, you want to make sure that you include all of these, and have all of these factors in place, especially when choosing packaging that works for you.