Fashion and Food Marketing 

When you’re marketing food, you probably don’t think about fashion. But this is a n alliance that’s yielded some amazing results, and it’s combined two of the most popular Italian excellences out there.  This is a multisensory form for packaging with different samples that are framed for the food experience.

One example of this is the Grisbi. This is a unique packaging that was found by Matile Vincenzi, which launched a limited type of Grisbi biscuit that’s targeted to the counter segment that’s refrigerated, and this is similar to the Kinder and Ferrero items. The different variants that were proposed included hazelnut, lemon, and coconut. The packaging itself did need to faithfully, and from there reflect that freshness within the managed to do so. Through the illustrations and the photography that stimulated the senses and showcases the icy coating within these different packages. 

There was also the wild variant, which was famed by adding a leopard-print insert in a  more animal style to this.  the logo was changed into a more enticing sort of means, creating a poetic license that only very well established brands can pull together.

It also helped highlight the refined vanilla flavor that they wished to highlight. 

This success opened the door to other kinds of ideas. There were different, customizable items that culminated into a much more refined sort of variant of the most famous type of biscuit within Italy. This is elegant, and offers a spiciness to this, and an accent that’s further enhanced through the Passion payoff. The darker purple along with the pinker tones do dominate all of this. This illustration does depict a sophisticated, almost intriguing lace on this Grisbi package.  The main target for this one was female buyers, who are more emotionally, and palatal engaged, and it does create a desire to indulge in the gluttony of these treats. 

This limited edition ended up also having an exceptional sort of packaging design.  They were designed by two professionals.  One difference with this one compared to the previous packaging items, is that there was a vertical box with a model that was dressed in the “like a virgin” Madonna outfit that was put on the cover.  While it was not the first initial time that fashion embraced food, it stood out.  Another example of this was the packaging used for Magnum Algida, which used Dolce and Gabbana to work together.  It was an amazing package, with graphics that dominated this.  that, combined with the typical Sicilian carts added to this, it became a modern essential. Topping it off with the gold finishing and a vintage accent, this offered a must-have for those who liked history, and fashion together. 

Barilla is another one that uses this.  They did a bunch of experiments, and have tried to create iconic, interesting packaging. One is the pink pasta box that’s used to celebrate the GCDS, which is a streetwear that is LGBT supportive.  This is unusual for the realm of food packaging, but it does stand out, and the packaging does scream from any sort of supermarket shelf. 

Then there was Fendi, which was a fashion house that created an invitation for their latest catwalk through working with Rummo pasta in a more branded means. This was a synergistic meeting that beat the expectations of the critics. It was an initiative that offered mutual benefit to others, especially in terms of newsworthiness, and equity that’s there too.

So yes, fashion and food do go together, and there are many examples in this alone that showcase the fun that comes with these unique products. 

Recycling Holiday Packaging 

Holiday sales are supposed to keep going up, and while you have some great gifts, you also will need to figure out how to get rid of the waste and recycle it too. Recycling is great for reducing the pollution, keeping the resources and energy levels lower, and also prevents the landfills from filling with more trash. Most trash is actually in the form of packaging materials, and we actually get rid of our weight in the form of packaging every month or so. that’s why it’s important to make sure that you do recycle, since that of course, can save you a ton of pounds, especially after the holiday season. How can businesses encourage recycling though? What can they do to make this easier for the person to get excited about? Let’s find out. 

Get Customers to recycle

Most people have a recycling bin, but the thing is, it rarely gets used.  Most of the time, they have to bring this to a different place just to recycle it.  It’s important as well to note that you cannot recycle anything that’s contaminated, so you have to clean this, and it’s important to make sure that the quality is good. 

What can you toss into the recycling bin though? Some of the options include. 

  • Boxes when you break them down 
  • Packing slips, cards, and envelopes
  • Paper inserts and other paper dunnage 
  • Tissue paper 
  • Wrapping paper that isn’t metallic 

If you’re looking to recycle certain things, you may have to bring it to a drop-off location, especially if it’s a packaged delivery. 

Some of these include: 

-poly or bubble mailers 

Air pillows or  bubble wrap when deflated 

Reusing Stuff? 

There are certain things that you can reuse. If you send the orders in a box that’s branded, you may want to make it so that they keep it, instead of throwing this into the trash. Keeping the packaging a and reusing it is also good. 

You can use packing peanuts, the bubble wrapping, and other supplies as well for future shipping, especially if you plan to pack your own items, and a whole lot more. 

How else to cut down 

There are a few things that you can do as a retailer too in order to get people to cut down on their waiting. 

The first, is trying to use materials that are sustainable. They offer post-consumer kinds of recycled content, and also eco-friendly packaging options even for boxes that are branded, so that you can actually talk the talk about being sustainable, which is something a lot of companies struggle with achieving. 

The second thing is trying to make it so that buying in bulk is better. Rather than just ordering everything in more than one box, have them order it, and put it inside one box. This not only saves them and you money on shipping, you can actually offer discounts in bulk, and by using the right box, you can also reduce the materials that are used for packaging. 

Finally, you want to try to make sure that you’re not going to extreme places with all of this and using too many resources. For those that deliver their own items, make sure to use different calculators to help with making sure that you optimize the traveling that you do, and also make sure to make deliveries happen, and try to avoid the redeliveries.  You should also try to avoid making the carbon footprint any larger. 

Try to minimize the returns as well, so that you don’t have to go out to get it. 

Is it Time to Move to Recyclable Packaging 

Should you change over to recycled materials? Here, we’ll discuss whether or not it’s good for you to do. Is this the solution that you’ve been looking for? Before you pull the trigger on packaging, remember there are a few things that you should ask before you decide, to make sure to look at whether or not the packaging is worth it or not. 

Is it Sustainable 

With more and more laws being put into place to push for recycling, it’s something that’s successful for a lot of people, and it improves the rates of recycling while also reducing the amount of landfill waste is left around. 

This is something that’s viable for the long-term, and it ca be a part of the solution to the problem globally. But also, it’s important to understand that while it’s good, it’s not effective for everything, and you need to make sure that you also look at the demand for resources which are natural in order to create this. 

The benefits 

Recycling is something that helps to maximize the use of something that already exists, and it gives something that’s already been used another possible chance, since this is something that can be beneficial. That means that the packaging world can benefit from a lot of this, especially if you want to make sure that it’s from partly or totally recycled items. It also does conserve a lot of the resources that are there. It’s less harmful to our environment to recycle rather than to continuously produce these materials, which means less tress to be cut, and less habits that are there disturbed, and of course, fewer pollution from this as well. 

It also reduces the landfill waste, which is a major problem. Because the trash gets left there it is either burned, buried, or just left there, and it pollutes our world. Recycling reduces the waste and all of that by extending the amount of materials that are used, and the repurpose items that would otherwise be tossed out. 

It’s also quite easy to do. There are more and more ways now than ever before to recycle, and it’s something that a lot of consumers are using, and a bit of them are versed in it already, so it’s much more viable. Customers also like sustainability, so you can use it as a marketing tactic. 


While there are some benefits, there are a few drawbacks that come with this, since it can play a part in how much your company and their budget can handle something such as this. First and foremost, not everybody recycles, so it may not be worth it. It’s important to look at the consumer base, see if there is a possibility of it happening, and also to see if this plays a big part in it.  You can encourage them, but not everyone will follow through. 

It also is something that isn’t permanent, and it’s something that can be hard for a few thing’s paper is recycled, but it does degrade. While you can recycle a lot, it does only have so many times before it will decompose.  It is something to consider. 

Finally, it can be difficult.  Recycling plastic is very costly in some places, so it’s important to make sure that you look at whether or not it’s even possible. If it’s mixed plastic, it may not be exportable. There is also the fact that not every type of plastic is recyclable, so it’s vital to know if this is imperative or will impact how you recycle too. 

History of Postal Service

We have a lot of people to thank for the transport of our mail, but the USPS is the reason why most people are using it. But what is the origin of the postal service within the US? Well, it did help with subsidizing the way that mail was transported, and it actually helped with the delivery of the mail. Even when the people were skeptical of this, especially due to new inventions, this is a way to help with increasing the speed of mail as well. 

Mail delivery went from the horse, and then to stagecoach, to steamboat across certain locations, then by railroad across the land, and finally, by cars and airplanes, and they made sure to eventually span all of this to various continents.  The post office did start this through the purchasing of some stagecoaches to get the mail transported to the correct areas, encouraging this as well to create the proper comfort and safety for those who carried the mail. They also would use steamboats and trails to possibly get the mail in between towns that didn’t have roads. 

Speaking of the steamboats, the steam engine in 1831 eventually were denounced, so instead of using this, they made railroads, and by 1836, the first contract with the railroads for the postal service was something that people were starting to look at. 

Then of course, there was the automobile, where it was starting to be used, since by 1896, people knew Abou the automobile, and then by 1902, in Buffalo, they had the first contract for mail carrying, with a plan to move to different areas. 

Then of course, between 1901 and 1914, there were those that were upset with the frauds and higher rates for everything, so the post office was then asked and got approval from congress to have vehicles that would carry their mail to and from each location, which is of course, the early mail trucks. 

The pony Express 

Let’s go back to the first portion of the 19th century, where the US was moving to new areas and getting new territories, with wagons going across different areas, and passengers dealing with disease, ambushes, pestilence, and hunger. Then of course, there was the gold rush, which was responsible for a lot of people moving, and it also was when the post office got their first contract to carry mail with the steamships all the way to California.  With ail traveling to New York, ten to Panama, and then later to San Francisco, it was something that was quite long, taking much longer than a month in some cases. 

William H. Russel, created an express mail route to make the journey to California a whole lot faster.  His first action was to create the Central Overland California Company called the Pikes Peak Express Company. With the partners, they created various stations that would relay this, and they would use different horses to help with these weather conditions. 

The riders would move about 75 to 100 miles to the next relay station, and they would move this much faster. It actually ended up taking about 7 days to go from east to west, delivering Lincoln’s inaugural address. By 1861, it became a private company and worked under contract so that they could have a transcontinental means. 

With free city delivery and the confederate post service as well, mail delivery has been a big part of the US, and with all of these new types of ways to do it, getting mail from one locale t the next has never been easier, for many people.