Three of the Best Printing Methods for Folding Cartons 

When you have folding cartons, you might wonder how to print the information that you want to have. What’s the best way? With lithographic, flexographic, and digital being the options, you may wonder what’s best. Digital of course, is the cheapest, and is good for those with a more limited budget or order. 

Lithographic, known as litho, is a more premium type that does have a very high-quality sort of laminate to the packages. While most expensive, a lot of luxury brands use this for their image. 

Finally, you’re got flexographic, or flexo. This is good for low costs, bulk orders that are simple and economical with the three-color types of printing.  Most of the folding boxes fall into this one. 

We’ll go over both here, and the best times to use this. 

Flexographic printing.

 Flexo is probably one of the most traditional sort of methods for printing. You use a relief plate in order to stamp these designs onto the packages, allowing for a lot of print, without degrading quality.

Flexo is affordable, especially for printing designs onto folding cartons. It also is good for patterning merchandise such as gift wrap and wallpaper. However, if you have a design that’s high definition, it might not be a good option. 

It also includes photos that are high-resolution, and patterns that are intricate. Digital and lithographic are better printing options. 

Digital Printing 

Digital printing is more directly to the surface, eliminating the steps that are needed for more traditional sorts of printing. Companies that’ll sell these branded boxes may use digital printing for meticulous recreation of various digital images. 

Designs are scaled down and up, reformatted before you print. It offers better flexibility, without sacrificing the costs. 

Digital printing actually is growing a lot because it is valuable, and what customers need. 

With tons of opportunities for customization, it’s best for companies that require a quick and easy turnaround, because it will definitely work. It also strands out with more vibrant colors and other photorealistic imaging as well. 

It also is great if you’re pressed for time because the lead times are much shorter. 

Lithographic Printing 

Finally, you’ve got litho printing, which goes as far back as to the Greeks. Most litho is done through carving designs into plates made of aluminum, and a laser with rolling ink that’s gone over the plate surface. 

The ink gets transferred to rubber blankets, which then roll over the surface of these boxes. 

This printing is versatile and is applied to almost every material that’s out there. if you want some good magazine-quality printing on your items, or if you’re a luxury brand that needs to showcase a product, then get the litho.  You can get as many as six colors added to this, and if you’re going with bulk orders, this tends to be cheaper. For more dynamic colors and larger orders, lithographic printing might be ideal for the boxes that you’re trying to print. 

In general, printing does paan different areas, and there are tons of unique ways to use this. If you’re someone who is interested in building better printing for packaging, then you might want to do this. None of these are better than the other, and they all have their uses. However, there’s a lot of different factors that go into this. If you’re a company looking to really stand out, building the ideal printing that you want to have, you’re definitely going to want to look at these. Make the right choice based on your needs. 

The Ways Packaging Gets Damage During Shipment 

When you have an item you want to keep intact, you’ve got to pack it right prior to shipping. Did you know that 11% of items that get to distribution centers are damaged? There’s a few culprits for it, and here, we’ll go over them. 

The void Space Improperly Utilized 

If you have too much void space, that means things will be moved. That means collisions and damage are quite common. You need proper protection for the damage, especially if the box is crushed up or damaged. The solution is bubble wrap, paper wrap, or void fill. This is important too because it protects it. also, opt for correctly sized boxes, so that it doesn’t have so much room the items rattle about. 

Bad Materials for Packaging 

If you don’t have strong outer packaging, the inside will be affected. The packaging can be torn and damaged during the shipping journey. This causes the items to be unprotected and exposed, which results in broken items and damaged corners. 

The solution is to choose the right quality items. Choose those that match the conditions of the product. Consider the weight of the items as well, and whether you’ll need packaging that’s stronger. 

Double walled boxes are your friends, so don’t be afraid to use them. 

Insufficient Labels 

If you have bad labels, you’re essentially messing up the conversation you want the packaging to have with the holders. 

You need to let the people holding it as fragile, or else they might get rough with it. 

You should slap on these fragile labels, and you can also create custom labels to make it as easy to work with as you  can. 

Weather Damage 

Products go through a lot of places to get to where they need to go. Weather, especially during shipment, can damage the material, and the product in there. 

The solution is to make sure that you’ve got good packaging, and a protective wrap along with fill in order to keep a nice barrier for the products inside. 

High-quality tape with strong adhesion also keeps everything nice and safe. 

Tampering of Packages 

During shipment, there is a risk of tampering.  Packages that aren’t correctly sealed do get vulnerable to tampering and theft, along with other damage. 

The solution is, to ensure that the integrity of the box is intact, you seal everything securely with some strong adhesives, and tamper-evident packaging seals. This includes custom tape. 

You may want to use specialty boxes too, such as crash lock boxes. These come with interlocking bases, which provide extra security for the packaging. 

You can also get packaging with side tabs that interlock.  You can add further tape too on top of this in order to ensure that everything is properly handled and taken care of. 

When protecting the products during the shipment process, the boxes are where you begin, and the correct choice for packaging is a key place to start.

Remember, reviews, recommendations and the like have a major impact on the business. The arrival of packages in a safe manner is the key to five-star reviews, and more and more business. 

So treat your packages like rock stars. Wrap them up, and make sure you let them know when they’re going to be fragile parcels.  These choices play a huge role in the overall success of the packaging. When choosing the right packaging formats and the like, this is the way to do this, and it can provide the ultimate in stories to be told by those who get these packages. 

When to Redesign the Packaging for the Product 

Part of a business that’s successful is determining when it’s time for you to make new changes, and also to improve on things. While there are tons of products and designs that do work well for the long haul, there are other things that do need to be changed as you start to modernize.

Keeping your brand fresh and easy to understand by customers is imperative, and you want to ensure that everything complies to the standards of the FDA and other entities. Here are some signs on when you should redesign the packages that are there.

The Sales Slow 

This is something that can be a sign that you need to fix things. The packaging might not be the problem, but if you haven’t done much in terms of changing the packaging, this is something you might want to look at.  It’s because people get bored with the same old, same old, and with the way times change, your sales may slow because of the packaging designs and interest. 

The product Changed 

If you have a product that you’re updating, you’ve got to change the packaging too. This is important for anything that doesn’t fit inside the packaging that it had before, so you’ll want to inform the customers about the new product.  These new changes might be what people want to see, in order to improve their lives, and bolster sales as well.

The Technology has changed 

If the technology has changed in the past, then it’s time for you to actually make some changes as well. 

This is something that businesses have to be mindful of. They don’t want to seem behind in their field, especially with the way others might be presenting themselves. Even if the design doesn’t seem necessary, with new technology, this offers new growth, which is better for everything.

The costs of Production are Rising 

This is another thing to be mindful of. Sometimes, the old way of doing things is not as effective as it was before. If you want to improve the speed of delivery, and boost the satisfaction of customers, you can redesign the packaging, make it good, and get people interested in this. 

Even if the design changes feel simple, this can change the way people view the brand, so it’s worth doing, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd, and save some money too. 

Your audience Has Become Larger 

Finally, you might have a good problem where you’ve got a larger audience. A lot of businesses grow, and they might outgrow their old audience. You may have new audiences too, so you’ve got to do something about this, and give them something that appeals to those needs that are there. 

This is important, because while you don’t want to get rid of the old audience, you’ll want to as well adjust this in order to make it so that they’re appealed to.  This is good too if you want to hit everyone in one fell swoop. 

How can you make your business packaging change to fit the needs of the business? One of the easiest ways is to add custom packaging, whether it be the boxes, the inside or even the other components such as tape and mailers. Being able to offer better packaging that fits the needs, including boxes that fit the size of the items, is vital. Being able to do this is not only good for the audiences who are looking to find new packaging, but for the businesses too who are looking to grow and increase their sales as well. 

How to Increase Brand exposure 

There are a lot of different ways to make your brand stand out, but creativity is at the top of this. Those that are simple, minimal, but bold definitely stand out, but you want to make sure that you have the proper brand exposure customers want, as it creates proper customer retention, which is the ultimate goal for companies. 

A good strategy for brands is to communicate exactly what the brand is, and here, we’ll go over the best ways to improve the brand exposure for a business. 

Go with the good First 

When you’re creating a brand, you want to put the good foot forward.  Talk about what customers like and resonate when it comes to the brand. Using this, you’ll be able to create higher levels of exposure for the brand, and it helps to highlight the good stuff that the brand is all about. You should highlight all that good, positive feedback you’ve been getting from customers. 

Offer value. 

You wnat to make sure that you offer proper value, and it’s something that a lot of people do like, since values help to connect with the markets better, and offer a lot of insight and benefits as well. 

Look at what customers want to interact with as much as they can, and then, provide content that demonstrates all of this. For marketing that’s content driven in order to have an effective measure to this, you can give them something useful and new, as that’s the secret to proper brand exposure. QR codes on packages, or even incentives for customers to buy again are good. 

Create the right brand identity 

This is something that you should have in place, since this will help develop who you are. Create a personality, stick with it, and be consistent. This properly offers humanity for the brand, and also will resonate with your target audience. You want to make sure that you show the different parts of your brand when communicating this, to help them better understand who you are. 

Tell the story 

You want to make sure that you create a good story, something that’s compelling, crisp, and will help with brand exposure. Don’t make it depressing or sad, but just communicate and offer an honest measure of the brand, along with purpose and creativity that’s there too. 

You want to make sure that you tell people about it, and offer humanity, as this is something that gets a lot of exposure super-fast, and it will impact the way people look at the brand. 

Work with Relevant brands 

You can create relationships with brands, especially those that are relatable, but aren’t considered a competitor directly. This is great for those who want to reach audiences that are new, boosting the brand awareness that’s there. 

For instance, if you’re an artist, you can partner with some business that offers home goods, creating a collection hat’s collaborative, and this of course can help boost your brand and business. 

This is a great way to get the word out to others. Plus, with two places promoting the brand, yourself and the other person, this offers a new way to look at brands and understanding them. 

With that said, you’ll want to improve the brand, offer proper brand awareness, and grow as well. You’ll be able to, with this too, create the best brand that you can, and really make it shine. 

This is one of the first steps for brand development and is necessary for a lot of companies to be successful, so don’t neglect any of these steps when creating it.