How you can Make Custom Box Designs to Stand out 

The first impression matters, especially for online retailers to customers.  The packaging, even just a meager cardboard box, does impact the products you offer.When you get a box and design it, you’re able to fully control the process to get the best first impression forward. 

The Process 

If you’re not used to using professional designers, don’t fret.  We offer tons of different ways to create the best customized boxes that represent the products at hand. When you bring ideas to custom box retailers, they handle the rest of this. The design usually involves looking at the following: 

  • The budget.  You can save a lot of money if you use a budget. An early budget also talks about the boxes that you can use and make 
  • The needs that you have. if you have specific products or seasonal items, or maybe you’re looking to make this work in your own unique way, you can eye the different ways a box really shines. This can vary how products are purchased, the size, and also what customers would like to see from you. 
  • The brainstorming process. You can do a lot with the box that you have and you can even consider some of the graphics that you want to include on there. You can also factor in the colors that are appealing to the consumers, what text you want, what you want the interior and the exterior to look like, and so much more.  with a custom box designer, they walk you through the exact process. 
  • Getting what you need for this. Finally, when it’s time, they can get you everything that you need. For you to use custom boxes, you’ll want a logo vector of what’s on the box, the dimensions which are exact, any texts and fonts, and any other specific colors you’d like to have on there. For a lot of people, this step is essential, since once you have all of these, you can get exactly what you need

Why Custom Boxes 

While custom boxes do cost a bit more and you can theoretically also get some brown boxes, there’s a ton of benefits to customized boxes compared to just using plain old boxes. They include the following: 

  • Offer real customer experiences 
  • Are eye-catching 
  • Help products stand out 
  • Help with branding 
  • Offer a lot more incentives such as maybe discounts and other pertinent information
  • Offers an attractive viewpoint that really makes you market the materials that you want, so you can keep customers coming back again and again 
  • Offers you a chance to encourage your customers to unbox and then post on social media, which is basically free publicity. 
  • Makes the product way more attractive 
  • Makes the person who gets this feel like they’re getting a gift 

When customers get a custom box, they’re getting the full experience. From the photos to the test to the images on the exterior, to even what’s on the interior, the whole goal is to offer a lot of excitement to customers about the product at hand. It also lets you do more marketing and branding, and this s something that, once you’ve managed to unbox it, the product is then more desirable and memorable as well, especially for people who are new customers. 

Custom boxes change the game, so if you’re not using this already, you should definitely do so.  if you’re looking to give the premier experience to customers, then go custom. Get some great designs off from the springboard and from the design phase to box. 

Why you should Recycle those Boxes 

If you’re someone who only uses a garbage can, you’re not alone. There are plenty that don’t know about recycling, the benefits of the planet, and why we need to recycle. It helps keep these items around for longer and reduces the amount of garbage hat’s there. The more trash there is, the worse it’ll be for the future which is why recycling is something that you should do. There are tons of great ways to recycle, and here, we’ll provide not even the games, but also other activities that help you recycle boxes

Games to Try with Recycling 

There are a ton of different games that you can try. The first n our list is called welcome to recycle city that’s directly from the EPA and it comes with different activities, games, and amazing facts that tell you about recycling. We also have a soil composing type of activity that shows how fertile the soil is if you decide to recycle things rather than putting it in the garbage can.  This is something that helps you grow and give you more food. 

We also have another game from the EPA that comes with different ways to help you learn to sort, which is good for those who struggle with recycling, and sorting. Our planet protectors club will help you protect the different aspects of the planet, and it has some great activities and games that you can try. 

Our yucky worm world shows how gross the world would be if we don’t start taking care of this right away. It’s pretty gross, but it gets the point across about why you need to recycle now. We have more videos as well that help you learn about recycling, along with games, and ways for you to make trash real treasure, and it’s something that shows just how great and rewarding, along with fun, that recycling is. 

Facts to Learn 

We also come swath different facts that’ll help you and others learn about recycling. First, we’ve got a page for recycling which tells you cool facts that involve recycling, and also will help test how much you know in some fun, interactive quizzes. We also have a game called Hey! Don’t Throw This Out and it tells you why you shouldn’t throw it out and also wat you can do. 

If you’re looking to really team up and get people to start doing their part, not just at home but at school and other places, The Green Squad is it, and it’s basically a squad that showcases how much the school is doing, various interactive tours, and it also gets you and others to feel excited to do a whole lot more. We also have a program for you to get onto the team of making sure that you’re not wasting.  It’s called Kids Recycle and lets you create a school that doesn’t have any waste, and also shows what you can do to make this possible in your own school. 

Finally, if you feel like you need to see Ohers in action, or whole families that’ll show you how to recycle, we’ve got Green Planet 4 Kids. But, they also have a fun of cool comics and other unique items, and the family is definitely not what you’ll believe at first. With the planet needing more people to recycle than ever before, these activities help you do this, and it’s great for helping you get the most out of your recycling process, and helps you create a planet that’s not only greener, but happier as well too.