Christmas Candy Boxes for Your Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….for eating yummy treats and goodies! Christmas time is an acceptable time for you to binge out and have all types of sweet treats. Since you’re so busy devouring the goodies yourself, you may forget that sweets also make for great gifts! This is the perfect time to pick out a beautifully decorated candy box that you can gift a loved one. A top gift to think about this year is a personally designed, decorative box that holds any type of candy you can think of. Here are the recommended types of boxes that usually work the best as gifts.

Box 1: Pure Chocolate

Everyone has a chocolate lover in their life. While most people assume that women love chocolate the most, a high majority of men also say that they prefer to receive and eat chocolate if they have to choose a candy. So you really cannot go wrong when getting a chocolate box for someone, as they are sure to like it! When thinking about a box to put together, usually assortments work best.


Put together a mix of dark, white, and milk chocolate. If you want to go even more crazy, a huge hit is the sea salt and caramel chocolate, mint chocolate, or even some peppermint bark for the holidays! These types of candy boxes are easy to ship too, since it’s cold out, the chocolate should not melt like it would in the summer so you can rest easy knowing that the sweets will make it there in one piece!


Box 2: Christmas Candy

This box is for that Christmas lover in your life, you know, the one who loves a candy cane in their hot chocolate and who love munching on some peppermint bark next to the floor while listening to a Christmas carol. The fun part about this type of box is that you can be creative and express yourself as you put this together. Before starting, go look for other types of Christmas candy and see what unique types are out there!

Hershey kisses are a really popular candy this time of the year and Hershey even make a peppermint bark kiss that you can add in. Or you can find some reindeer shaped animal crackers or elf dots to make this box a true Christmas special. The fun part about these candy boxes too is that you can decorate the outside with red and white or snowflakes and christmas trees and make the box look beautiful.

This article probably put you in the mood to grab a handful of Christmas Mm&s, but the hope is that you can start thinking of how to turn a candy obsession into a beautiful box that will be the talk of your Christmas morning this year.


Distributing Your Baked Goods

If you like to bake around the holidays, you’re not alone. Whether or not you sell your products through a bakery or just like to bake for your family events is irrelevant in the world of baking. Baking just makes sense to some people. It’s fun to plan it out. To prep your kitchen. To create things from absolute scratch that turn into scrumptious and beautiful pieces of food. To eat your delicious creations.

Baking is especially fun for some because it doesn’t go the same way so many other styles of cooking do. There’s grilling, the “art of men” that’s a lot easier than most forms of cooking. Stovetop cooking is another beast with oils, gas burners, skillets, and pots. And then there’s baking things in the oven itself. While throwing together a casserole or meatloaf is typically for dinner, baking confectionaries, cookies, cakes, and other things is quite a different thing altogether. It takes patience. It takes creativity. It takes skill. It takes the know how that a lot of people lack simply because they don’t want to put effort into learning a trade such as this.

So, we’ve established that you like to bake, right? Well, what do you usually house your end products in once they’re done? Tupperware containers are common, of course. Sometimes cardboard donut boxes do the trick very well. But if you’re sending out many different types of cookies and candies, perhaps you should consider candy boxes for your baked goods.

These boxes come partitioned so that your different sweets can be separated from one another, all while staying in place and not shifting around. They’re the perfect type of container for things like chocolates, small cookies, mini cupcakes, and other bite-sized treats.

In addition, a lot come with a film in the middle of the top of the box to see the treats inside. This is always a bonus, especially if you run a bakery. Other people’s curiosity will get the best of them as they peak into someone else’s box, causing them to check out your bakery.

If you’re tired of asking your family members and friends for your tupperware containers back after months of waiting for them to return your belongings, try getting some disposable candy boxes that you’ll never have to ask to be returned again. It’s a win for you. It’s a win for your confectionary recipients. And it’s quite cheap in getting a lot in bulk.

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Project…

When February rolls around, we certainly see no shortage of Candy Boxes on the shelves! Here’s the deal with those retail candy boxes: anybody can go to the store and buy one. A true gift from the heart will always have the element that can only be produced through a labor of love. So hands off those retail hearts! We’re going to show you how to fashion a homemade one in four steps.

For this project, you will require a few things. A box or tin of a desirable shape, confetti (or construction paper and scissors), small cupcake wrappers, candy (or other types of treats) and maybe some paint. The more romantic the colors and theme, the better. White is a good neutral color to choose for your miniature cupcake papers if you’re not sure what the color of the outside of your box or tin will be yet.

So you need your heart first. You are going to require either a box or old tin. A heart shape container is not required however fashioning your gift after a heart is typically desired for this project. If you only have metal tins instead of boxes you should still be fine. Spray paints of various kinds can be used to alter the appearance of the tin. You could try painting the outside of the tin pink and white. Red and white are two colors that also work well for this application. These are the two color schemes most commonly seen with the retail sold heart boxes.

Next, you are going to take around a handful of confetti. Store bought or homemade is fine. Spoiler Alert: homemade confetti is cut up construction paper! The more colorful the better! If you can secure confetti that matches your box, even better! This confetti is going to be placed at the bottom of the box/tin. It provides a liner as well as decoration for your object of affection to enjoy.

Take a stack of miniature cupcake liners (the kind for baking) and place them over top of the confetti that you spread out in the box/tin. These liners are going to be what holds our candies. Put as many as will comfortably fill the surface area of the confetti bed without crowding.

When you place treats into the papers, they can be wrapped or unwrapped. Keeping them wrapped will add an element of surprise. Unwrapping them first will destroy any lingering “retail” motif that you are looking to kill off with this homemade gift! This choice is strictly a matter of personal preference. Baked goods or homemade candies that were never even wrapped could be used in this container. The sky (and your imagination) is literally the limit with this project.

After you finish the box, you can tape it shut and sprinkle some additional confetti on top for an artistic effect. Chances are your loved one will appreciate this homemade box full of sweet treasures far more than a simple store bought one.

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Showing Off Candy To Any Client

Few things are more delicious than candy. Candy makes the perfect gift. A box of chocolates is the perfect way to surprise and delight any client. Companies everywhere are looking for the ideal way to show off their product. They want candy boxes that are great to look and help keep the product safe when it is shipped. They also want boxes that will produce a sense of great happiness when it is opened. In order to do this, it’s necessary to pay careful attention to the details of the packaging. Every company also wants to make sure the chocolates they sell arrive in great condition just ready to eat.

Foil Lined Boxes

Foil is a great choice when it comes to packaging candy. Foil protects the chocolate inside from various types of weather conditions. It also makes it easy to store the chocolate and prevent it from getting spoiled in the refrigerator. Foil is an attractive material that looks great. The company can pick out from many colors and styles. A classic black is ideal to show off the details of the chocolate once the box is opened. Other colors such as gold and silver also bring the bling and make the chocolate look even better.

Hexagonal Plastic Boxes

Shape is another important consideration when selling and sending chocolate to a new location. People love looking at unusual shapes that catch the eye. They like boxes that make a statement. Placing a hexagonal box on the table for people to sample the items inside brings attention and makes people appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into creating such boxes. This type of shape is also very easy to store as it will stack neatly when placed in transit. This makes the product inside less likely to shift when it is moved and more likely that delicate toppings will stay in place.

Polka Dots

Those who are looking for something that’s playful and fun should consider polka dots. This says happy the second the person sees them. Polka dots are great for wrapping candy and giving in on Valentine’s Day. The dots can be set in the shape of little hears for even more whimsy and pleasing detail.

Metal Boxes

Metal boxes have long been used to store and give chocolates of all kinds. Metal is sturdy and will keep its shape over a long period of time. A metal box is also a box that can be used as a keepsake after the chocolates have been eaten. They can be then used to store other items such as pencils and sewing notions. Every time someone looks at the box, they’ll be reminded of the gift they got and the chocolates they enjoyed.

Embossed Boxes

Boxes that have been embossed make an ideal storage option for upscale chocolates. The embossing provides a tactile sensation that people can appreciate and enjoy as they eat the chocolates. The embossed boxes can also be used to display the chocolates in the window and online. They are an excellent way to indicate the name of the company in a truly memorable way. People tend to remember such details well when they’re shopping. Doing so allows the company to easily differentiate itself from other chocolate sellers.

Throwing The Perfect Party With Candy

So you are throwing a party, whether it be a birthday party, bridal shower, or even a wedding, why not have a candy station? Candy stations are becoming a hit across the country because not only are they delicious, but you can set up your candy station into a beautiful design to compliment your party. So, why not make your party a little extra sweet by throwing a little sugar in there?

Candy stations really got their start from two women, Rosie O’ Neill, and Linda Howard. These two ladies are considered to be the “Queens of Candy”. Together, they are the perfect match to come up with the perfect candy station for any event you may be putting together.

You may be wondering what you need to do to have the perfect candy station, in this article we will discuss advice from both Linda and Rosie on how to throw together the perfect candy station. So, what are some must haves? Well, you definitely need to have different shapes and sizes of glass jars to put your candy into. In these jars, you should mix many different textures and colors. You want to have a variety to draw everyone’s eyes to your display. Mixing in metallic pieces is another good way to draw the eye in. Also, throw some confetti out on your tables!

Don’t think that is enough to draw the eye? Want to make it even more eye-catching? Throw anything out there that you think is fun! Find things that implement the party you are throwing and use them around your station to help decorate and really draw attention. Streamers, balloons, glitter, all of these are great to use!

Rosie and Linda have also given some expert tips to make sure your candy station is extra successful. They say to start your display empty, decorate it up, and then add the candy that you need. Fill a bag with the candy you need for your party and then pour it directly into your jars, this helps keep the candy together. Goodie bags is another tip they have! Everyone loves a goodie bag and I mean what are you going to do with all of that leftover candy anyway? Send it home with your guests!

So, how much candy are you going to need per guest? That all depends on the guests! How much do they like sweets? Rosie and Linda recommend that you use about a quarter pound of candy per guest. You can use more or less, but more is always better. Don’t forget, you can always send the extras home with your guests in a goodie bag or even a nice candy box. Candy boxes are another good thing to keep in mind! You could use these as a gift for the bride and groom if you are throwing a bridal shower or wedding. They would make the perfect gift.

So, last but not least, what kind of candy should you use and what kind should you avoid? You should always avoid mints and licorice, they are very strong and don’t mix well with other candies. Also, avoid nuts and candies with nuts in them, you never know if someone has an allergy. You should mix together smooth chocolates with things like gummies and chewy candies. A good variety of flavors and colors.

Candy stations are becoming a growing trend among event throwers and now I am sure you can see why! They are a great idea for any party! I mean, who doesn’t love candy?