Common Packaging Materials Companies Use

There are some packaging materials that are more common than others, and here, we’ll go over the most common ones that are out there, so you know what to use, and when to use it. 

Paper Products and Fiberboard 

Fiberboard along with paperboard are commonly used in secondary and paper packaging. Paper is great for other thinner types of packaging, such as labeling, paper bags, some kraft paper, and even butcher paper and food paper.

Paperboard is a bit thicker and is better when compared to normal kinds of paper.  This is used in a lot of primary forms of packaging. For juice and milk cartons, cereal and boxes, and even frozen food, candy, and other types of boxes, this is a great one, as it provides product protection that’s better than paper and fiberboard options.

Fiberboard, otherwise known as fluted fiberboard, is used in a lot of creations for corrugated packaging, including boxes. The fluting fiberboard options offer ridged edges between the two flatter boards, and it creates a higher strength and crush resistance options. The American forest and paper association is definitely something that offers more packaging than anything else, and fluted fiberboard creates this. 

PET and HDPE Packaging 

This is high density polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate packaging. These are more rigid and harder types of plastics. Both of these are great for moisture resistance, and also offer a protective structure that’s more rigid than others.  These are used in jugs and bottles. 

A lot of soda and water bottles get made for this. Oil bottles, cartons of milk, and even bottle caps are made from the HDPE, and this is very rigid in terms of materials. 

Flexible Packaging 

Otherwise known as low density polyethylene or linear low-density polyethylene, flexible packaging is basically what’s used in a lot of secondary, and primary products out there. they’re soft, and usually offer the best puncture resistance out there. 

LDPE is used for a lot of films, bags, and also tubing for the packaging.  They’re usually called tubing, or poly bags, and they come in a variety of different types of thickness, and are used for packaging some foods, treats for dogs, even parts for carts and a whole lot more. LDPE is also used to make what’s called bundling film, and is used for water bottles, or canned food bundling. 

Stretch wrapping is also a type of LDPE, and is commonly used to wrap a bunch of products, and is stretchable, and flexible too


This is used for a lot of different applications out there and is recognized for containers and cans made from this. It’s also good for a lot of cans and containers.

Foil packaging is also a type of aluminum packaging, and is used for foods, medical items, cosmetics, and beverages, along with other types of industries, commonly considered a barrier protector. It protects your products from sunlight, moisture, and other elements, and it’s used with adhesives to preserve these products while they sit on these shelves. 

Jars and Glass 

Finally, jars and glass, a form of glass packaging, happens.  This is something that’s used for drinks both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, and this makes up the brunt of the market.  Cosmetics, personal care items, condiments, and also candles and home décor use this.

It’s totally recyclable, and will be used again and again, and this can be used without losing its value.  it’s one that’s preferred due to the value of this product.  A lot of people also like this because the products offer a more quality look compared to the other plastic products.

Recycling Holiday Packaging 

Holiday sales are supposed to keep going up, and while you have some great gifts, you also will need to figure out how to get rid of the waste and recycle it too. Recycling is great for reducing the pollution, keeping the resources and energy levels lower, and also prevents the landfills from filling with more trash. Most trash is actually in the form of packaging materials, and we actually get rid of our weight in the form of packaging every month or so. that’s why it’s important to make sure that you do recycle, since that of course, can save you a ton of pounds, especially after the holiday season. How can businesses encourage recycling though? What can they do to make this easier for the person to get excited about? Let’s find out. 

Get Customers to recycle

Most people have a recycling bin, but the thing is, it rarely gets used.  Most of the time, they have to bring this to a different place just to recycle it.  It’s important as well to note that you cannot recycle anything that’s contaminated, so you have to clean this, and it’s important to make sure that the quality is good. 

What can you toss into the recycling bin though? Some of the options include. 

  • Boxes when you break them down 
  • Packing slips, cards, and envelopes
  • Paper inserts and other paper dunnage 
  • Tissue paper 
  • Wrapping paper that isn’t metallic 

If you’re looking to recycle certain things, you may have to bring it to a drop-off location, especially if it’s a packaged delivery. 

Some of these include: 

-poly or bubble mailers 

Air pillows or  bubble wrap when deflated 

Reusing Stuff? 

There are certain things that you can reuse. If you send the orders in a box that’s branded, you may want to make it so that they keep it, instead of throwing this into the trash. Keeping the packaging a and reusing it is also good. 

You can use packing peanuts, the bubble wrapping, and other supplies as well for future shipping, especially if you plan to pack your own items, and a whole lot more. 

How else to cut down 

There are a few things that you can do as a retailer too in order to get people to cut down on their waiting. 

The first, is trying to use materials that are sustainable. They offer post-consumer kinds of recycled content, and also eco-friendly packaging options even for boxes that are branded, so that you can actually talk the talk about being sustainable, which is something a lot of companies struggle with achieving. 

The second thing is trying to make it so that buying in bulk is better. Rather than just ordering everything in more than one box, have them order it, and put it inside one box. This not only saves them and you money on shipping, you can actually offer discounts in bulk, and by using the right box, you can also reduce the materials that are used for packaging. 

Finally, you want to try to make sure that you’re not going to extreme places with all of this and using too many resources. For those that deliver their own items, make sure to use different calculators to help with making sure that you optimize the traveling that you do, and also make sure to make deliveries happen, and try to avoid the redeliveries.  You should also try to avoid making the carbon footprint any larger. 

Try to minimize the returns as well, so that you don’t have to go out to get it.