The Top Three Things to be Most Thankful for This Thanksgiving

There are a great many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Most people are very thankful for their family and friends. This seems to be the normal thing to do. Seeing as how we are a packing company, we are putting a whole new spin on the idea of being grateful.

The top three inventions We Have to be thankful for

1) Vacuum packing is the first one. This packaging is used mostly with chicken and other kinds of poultry. This type of packaging will remove the oxygen, thereby extending the life of the item. This works out well for all types of frozen foods.

Before the item is sent out, a nozzle is inserted inside the package. This nozzle removes the air and the item is good to go. Butterball is a big believer in this type of packaging. A rep from the company says that their frozen turkeys and other meats can last for more than two years due to vacuum packaging.

You can also extend the life of Thanksgiving leftovers. Take the leftovers and put them in their freezer. Your food will last for a long time. This is one big reason to be thankful. Hungry for some turkey a few weeks after the big feats? Take the package out. Thaw and heat it up. You are good to go.

2) Canning is the second biggest way to go. Millions of homeowners have gotten involved with canning. Most of us take the items from the can and throw the can away. This is very wasteful. Studies have shown that canned food can last over 100 years or more.

Say you decide to can some green beans. Come back to it 100 years later, it is still free from bacteria and other toxins. Canning is one of the more underrated ways of preserving foods for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Take fruits and vegetables for example. Most of them go out of date by November. These canned items can last well beyond this time frame. Many of them work well in stews, casseroles, and pies.

3) Flash freezing is something that many do not know about. Though it is unknown by many, it still makes the list for the top 3 things to be most thankful for. There are some who are not keen on the idea of fresh fruits and vegetables. They prefer the frozen items. The only thing that gets in the way are the ice crystals. Ice crystals can change the taste and texture of your food, even after Thanksgiving is long gone.

It started back in the 1920’s. It is a freezing process that freezes the item faster, but at a lower temperature than traditional freezing. The better way to do this is to use liquid nitrogen.

This process helps to reduce the number of ice crystals that form. This way the taste of your food will not change before, during and after your Thanksgiving meal. Have you ever noticed how some foods form these crystals after they have been sitting in the freezer for a while? This process changes all this. Your food will still have the same appeal and the extended shelf life.

How To Find, Compare, & Hire The Best Movers Near You

Moving is often a wearisome endeavor. It takes time, energy, effort, and a whole lot of money. This is all the more escalated when you don’t have the proper help, or you underestimate the job itself and don’t hire the proper help you need to realistically carry out the moving process. Now, you’re probably telling yourself that moving companies are far too expensive and surely it isn’t worth paying a company to do something you think you can honestly yourself. Well, you could do it yourself. But, how stressed and overworked you honestly want to be? If the answer is you don’t want to be stressed, than this article is for you. In this article we will do our best to help you decide if weather or not a moving company is the right decision for you and your family.

The first thing you need to look at when trying to decide if you should hire movers is how far you are actually moving. If the answer is just across town, then no, you probably don’t need to hire any sort of moving service. And could save the money and use it elsewhere. On the other hand, if you’re moving several cities or states away, then hiring a reputable moving company may just be a must, especially if you’re going to be shipping a lot valuables and expensive items across the country. Really what it’s going to come down to is if whether or not you truly can manage the task of moving you, your family, and all your valuables across a great distance without any professional help.

If you do end up coming to the conclusion that you need movers, then the next phase is to actually find movers near you. Now, this can be tricky within itself. This is because while there are a lot of great moving companies out there, there are also a lot of scam artists. So, this is where you need to do your research and find a reputable moving company that can be trusted and is reliable. The best place to start in finding decent moving company is to get recommendations from people that you trust. Ask friends, coworkers, and colleagues if any of them know of a great moving company. Also you can check customer reviews online. These will be unbiased opinions of different types of moving companies that will give you a good indicator of whether or not one can be trusted.

Once you have narrowed your list down, now you need to focus on price. You need to make sure that when hiring a moving company that they gave you the full details of the move in black and white and have a set price. If they are refusing to give you a set price, or are hesitant then this could be cause for concern. Make sure that before you sign any contract everything is completely spelled out, and there is no hidden fees or costs that will incur along the way. Also, it’s important to discuss if they will be providing your packaging supplies, or if you need to provide your own packaging supplies. Sometimes moving companies will want you to use a certain type of packaging supplies, depending on the item, so make sure this is discussed in full detail long before they come to pick up your items.

Once you have narrowed your search down and have chosen your moving company, now is the time to make sure you give yourself plenty of time and schedule everything out in advance. The worst thing you could do is schedule a moving date with your moving company, and then switch that day at the last minute. This can incur all sorts of fees and costs that you definitely don’t want to have to pay. So, have a plan and know exactly what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. If you can follow these things, you will be able to make you and your family’s move a breeze. Happy moving!


How To Properly Ship A Large Area Rug

If you are looking at shipping a large area rug then there are probably some tips of the trade that you might find useful in order to safely guarantee your rug reaches its destination. For instance, one of the first things you may want to do prior to shipment is give the rug a thorough and deep cleaning. Just make sure the rug is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Once your rug is clean and dry, you’ll want to make sure that it is folded as tightly as it can go. One way to ensure its tightness is by first folding it in half or in thirds and then rolling it up. This not only makes it tighter, but also easier to handle.

With that in mind, there are some area rugs that should not be folded. For instance, if you hear a cracking noise as soon as you begin to fold up your rug, you need to stop. The creases that are created by the folds could be permanent or extremely difficult to remove. Which could devalue your rug and certainly detract from its appearance. If you are not 100% sure whether or not a rug could be folded, you can consult with a rug specialist or a trusted freight shipping company that is familiar with these technical nuances and have all the shipping supplies needed.

After you have either folded the rug or rolled up the rug, it’s time to time off to tie it off with heavy-duty twine, box-sealing tape, stretch banding film, or other appropriate styles of packing supplies. It’s important to note that you probably won’t want to allow any of these packing supplies to come into direct content with the surface of the rug. So, before securing the rug, wrap the carpet in a bag or moving blanket.

When choosing what to wrap the carpet in, keep in mind there are several options. For instance, if you choose a polyethylene bag you will want to select an opaque colors such as black rather than transparent. Opaque bags help protect against UV rays and will protect the rug from sun exposure. Just make sure that there are no additives or coatings in the bag that will transfer to your carpet. Sheeting is also a good alternative to a plastic bag, and could be considered a better choice than a moving blanket because it provides more moisture resistance. Regardless of what you wrap your blanket in; just make sure your rug can breathe. Wrapping your carpet airtight can cause it to sweat. Which can create discoloration, warping, or a breeding ground for moths. You can help reduce the risk of moth damage by placing moth crystals on the rug before wrapping it.

Once your rug is packed and ready to go, you now need to choose a shipping option. Parcel shipping services are a good option when the area rug is smaller. Provided that it does not exceed weight or girth limits. However, the most cost-effective option is to ship your area rug with a less-than-truckload freight company. These companies specialize in transportation of smaller shipments consisting of various types of products. Often times these companies have a lot of experience with items such as rugs and other common household furniture.

Shipping a rug can be safe, easy, and hassle free. Just follow the tips we gave you, and we guarantee that your rug will get to its destination without a scratch.



Top 5 Myths About Air Freight Shipping

When it comes to shipping, weather its for a business or a move, it can be a daunting experience. Do you rent a truck? Use a moving company? Go through a shipping supplies company? Send it by boat? A plane? Superman? Plus, then you have the factor of cost, and we all know it can get expensive. So the, what’s a good choice? How do you make an informed decision on weather or not one-way is better than another? Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what the right answer is, but we can shed light on one particular method and help you make a more informed decision. So, let’s talk about Air Freight Shipping.

Air Freight Shipping isn’t necessarily the most used option, but it is a good one. It tends to be fast, reliable, and safe when trying to ship a more valuable item. However, a few myths have developed over the years, and we’re here to help se the record straight.

Myth #1: Anything Can Be Shipped By Air

This is actually not true. The size of the plane will dictate its weight and size requirement. So, larger items, such as large pieces of furniture may be too big or heavy to ship by air. And then of course you have those items that pose a threat to yourself and others. I.e. gases, flammable products, explosives, toxic and biochemical items, etc.

Myth #2: Valuable Items Should Be Shipped Only By Air

While this myth has some merit, it’s in fact fiction. Yes, shipping supplies or valuable items by air tends to be safer due to high levels of security at airports. However, shipping valuable items comes down to an issue of insurance rather than shipping method. If you chose to ship by air, make sure you go with a company that offers a coverage policy that will insure your item in the rare chance that something were to happen.

Myth #3: The Heavier The Item, The More Expensive it is to Ship

This myth is definitely not true. Yes, on some level this seems to be logical. But, what dispels this myth is the fact that airplanes tend to “cube out” before they “weigh out”. Meaning your lighter, but bigger box can actually be more expensive to ship than your little heavy crate. The takeaway? Make sure when you ship by air you pack your items in the smallest possible package.

Myth #4: Items Shipped By Air Will Not Be Opened

Again, not true. Due to a crack down in airport security, bags and packages will be chosen at random by security to be opened up and inspected. So, how should this play a role in your decision process? If you choose air freight shipping make sure you use a carrier that will provide the proper packaging to ensure your items are replaced safely, were they to be opened.

Myth #5: Air Shipping Is The Only Way To Meet Your Deadline

Once more, this is actually fiction. Yes, air shipping normally does tend to be the fastest way to get your packages where they need to go on time. However, there are factors, such as bad weather, that can shut down an airport and keep your package from leaving. Yes, ground delays can happen as well, but they tend to be shorter in duration than air delays. With that being said, shipping supplies by air is on average the fastest way, but we can’t say it’s the only way for your packages to meet a deadline.

Hopefully this article has shed a little more light for you on the air freight world. This shipping option is just one of several that could help you achieve your shipping goals and needs. The key is to understand the different options so you can best make an informed decision on what’s right for you.

The Best Way to Ship Your Camping Gear

You wouldn’t think that camping gear is a popular thing to ship, but it actually is.  It sounds a little counter-intuitive, right?  Sending camping gear on ahead to the campsite?  Turns out that it makes sense for a lot of people to do this.  There are hiking and biking trails that stretch across most of the United States, and no one is going to be able to carry all of their gear for that entire time.

This is when the hikers and bikers send boxes to themselves at certain checkpoints along the way.  Or maybe, quite simply, you want to go camping in the mountains of California but you live in the suburbs of Ohio.  You are obviously going to take a flight to Cali, but you are just as obviously not going to be lugging all that gear along with you.  So you ship it!  Before you start buying random shipping supplies and throwing your camping gear in boxes, read these helpful tips and hints:

Choosing the Best Carrier

Usually airline shipping has incredibly high rates, and you won’t be able to send certain items that you might find crucial for camping (things like matches and hatchets).  Parcel shipping through the regular postal service makes sense for packages weighing less than a hundred pounds, but it starts to get a little complicated when you take into consideration the sizes of things.

Are you shipping a large tent or a camping stove?  Due to size restrictions you’re going to have to send things in separate parcels, which means that you are going to be spending more on shipping supplies, and also that your stuff runs the risk of getting separated.  LTL shipping carriers are generally the best option.  Look for one that specializes in shipping awkward items, that they will ship prohibited items, and that they have a nationwide network.

Preparing Your Gear

When purchasing your shipping supplies, choose heavy duty cardboard boxes, lots of bubble wrap, and heavy duty sealing tape.  Wrap each item in bubble wrap and put them in shipping boxes meant for up to twenty to thirty pounds.  Label each box on the outside with the final destination.  As for restricted items, double check with the carrier as to how they will want those packaged.  If possible, wrap and box all of the large items as well.  You may want to consider putting all of the smaller packages into a large box, or even on a pallet if your carrier is outfitted for that.