Customized Packaging: The Key to Small Business Growth 

Small businesses can grow in different ways. They may try new products that think outside the box, or have a unique, captivated audience. But what is something that will help your small business really stand out in the grand scheme of things? 

Small, customized packaging is one of the best ways. Here, we’ll discuss the power of customized forms of packaging, and why your business needs this now. 

Why Custom Packaging 

Custom packaging is great for small businesses. 

There are a few advantages that we’ll go over below: 

  • The brand gets recognized with this. your logo, brand colors, and even little mottos and slogans tell others that it’s you, and customers start to associate that product with you. It’s a great way to improve brand identity, recall, and choose you over others. 
  • It’s good for differentiation, especially since this offers uniqueness, creativity, and sparks interest towards others while also communicating in individuality and quality, so that customers flock to the products that you have. 
  • It boosts the customer experience due to the power of unboxing. It creates a unique bit of excitement, and when customers get these orders, it allows them to show off what they think about the brand and overall satisfaction. 
  • Deal for marketing too.  It’s great to communicate the story and brand values, in order to cross-promote and upsell this. it’s an extension of who you are, allowing you to connect with this audience and boost the overall effectiveness that comes with your marketing. 

When packaging does leave facilities, it offers a chance for customers to engage on a deeper, better level, and you’ll be able to boost the revenue, in order to make it stand out. 

So how do I make custom packaging 

In order to really create the best customized packaging that you can, you’ll want to design it effectively before you begin. 

First, you want to assess the brand and values, and then, you’ll want to choose the right colors, font, and graphics too, in order to form that ideal foundation of packaging that hits what the audience wants. 

You also want to collaborate with various designers, in order to ensure that the brand and packaging looks good and conveys the identity of the brand while sending the message in the way that you want to. It does create a great, memorable experience of unboxing for these customers. 

For the brand assessment, you want to make sure that the personality of the brand, the values, and the target audience are considered. Also look at the message you’re looking to convey with this packaging.  These need to all be aligned with the brand directly. 

If you’re not an expert in graphic design, you might want to talk to a packaging company, as they will help you with creating visually appealing packaging that’s functional for your brand. 

Finally, when you’re done with this, you want to prototype it. whether it’s having a sample sent, through a 3D prototype, or something else, you want to do this at the stage so that you can evaluate the functionality of this design, the durability, and also these aesthetics before you commit to a major order that will cost a bit more money. 

When choosing your packaging as a business, consider all of these. Designing customized packaging takes time, but you’ll be able to, through this, create the ideal product experience for you, and offer your customers what you want. 

Try it today, and you’ll see the difference that this makes for you as a small business. 

The Advantages of Large Poly Mailers for Shipping 

When shipping out items, one thing that’s used more often than not, are large poly mailers. They’re a basis for ecommerce types of shipping, and they can be just what one needs. In fact, they’re some of the best for shipping items. Why is that? Well, we’ve got the answers right here, just waiting for you! 

Advantages of a Large Poly Mailer—Durability 

When you’re shipping stuff, having durability will save you. That’s because poly mailers are like superheroes, and are designed to withstand the transit rigors, so you’ll be able to ensure that the cargo arrives just as they should. 

The reasons why it’s reliable include: 

  • They have tear and puncture resistance, so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking in and stealing your stuff. 
  • They’re resistant to water, so even if the package is left in the rain, the water will roll down and protect the items. 
  • Small but strong: these things are light, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to break down. in a way, they’re like a featherweight boxer, where they’re light but have a punch to them! 

Easier on Costs 

Now, let’s look at the cost effective nature of poly mailers, and why they’re ideal for getting the best bang for one’s buck.  They’re definitely a win on many ends, including your wallet. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • They’re light in weight, so the shipping fees are far less, so it’s beneficial if you’re looking to save on wholesale shipping supplies 
  • They take up far less space, so they’re ideal for vehicular delivery, and efficient in shipping, saving costs 
  • They are great if you’re looking to buy in bulk, reducing these costs so you’ve got whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

Branding and Customization 

Remember, in the ecommerce world, branding is going to be your best friend.  They’re essentially what tells the world about you, and without them, you’re not going to be as successful. 

Poly mailers are the ideal canvas for spreading the art that you have, and really, it’s the best way to make it fun and exciting. 

Some of the ways that branding and customization will shine include: 

  • They boost the branding visibility, so every package that you get delivered is basically a giant billboard for showcasing the brand. 
  • It’s professional, and it can be a good way to look professional and value the experience of a customer. 
  • With a lot of logos, taglines, and colors that are vibrant, poly mailers are customized for the ethos and aesthetic of the brand. It isn’t just packaging, but rather a statement. 

Compared to Traditional Packaging Mailers 

You may wonder whether or not you should use regular brown paper packaging or a poly mailer. 

Well, here’s a few things to consider. 

Brown paper types of packaging have the following benefits to them: 

  • They look aesthetically pleasing, since there’s a rustic nature to it.  while not professional, it works 
  • It’s durable so it won’t tear as easily as others and is protected against water 
  • It’s eco friendly due to being biodegradable, so if you’re an eco-conscious brand, then you’ll want this 

Poly mailers in contrast have the following benefits: 

  • They’re modern and professional, offering a sleek and contemporary look 
  • It’s resistant to tearing, water, and puncture, so it’s protected 
  • It’s efficient in space, so it’s lightweight and compact, saving a lot on shipping costs 

While brown bags do have charm, poly mailers do things a little better in some ways. 

The Benefits of Cardboard Boxes in Packs 

Did you know that now there are more ways to get boxes than ever before. With cardboard box packs, there are some benefits that you can get from this.

Many businesses are faced with rampant challenges, and you want to make sure that you get all of the supplies that you need. Here, we’ll go over the benefits of cardboard boxes in packs, and why small businesses thrive with this. 

They’re Cost Effective 

Since a lot of smaller sizes of packs are affordable, they’re ideal for businesses in order to keep one’s cost down. 

They are much cheaper than buying a bunch of big boxes, as these packs do exactly what’s delivered, providing you with everything that you need. 


The problem with larger box packs is well, you  need to store them. While larger businesses might have the space, smaller ones are a different story. 

However, smaller packs for boxes are easier to store and manage, so they’re a far more convenient sort of option for those businesses that have a more limited space. It lets them buy in bulk without having to spend a whole bunch of money on such. 

They’re Flexible 

Ever feel like those bulk packs are just too big? You’re not alone. In fact, there are definitely some instances where you might feel like you don’t need a giant pack.With these smaller pack sizes, you only need to buy exactly what you need. You’re not overbuying boxes. This is good for businesses looking to be sustainable, because then they don’t have to buy a bunch of different packages.  They also will save money too. Instead of having to shell out more just for a bulk order of boxes, you can get what you need. 

For businesses just looking to start out, this is something that’s great because it gives them a chance to buy exactly what’s needed, without any problems. 

Commitment to Buy 

When you’re looking for box packs, you want someone that’ll definitely be good for you. 

That’s why we are able to commit to providing the ideal packaging experiences as much as you can.  Lot of companies only offer a minimal amount of different packaging but we have so many different options, with some of the best prices on the market.

With our cardboard boxes, we offer big packs sure, but for those that want smaller packs, this is allowed too.  We have a lot of different styles, and sizes to fit your needs. 

For small businesses, finding the right boxes is a challenge. You might not need a bunch right away, but ordering individually does end up costing more than it should. If you find yourself struggling to afford boxes, then you might want to consider this option. 

The same goes for inventory.  The size of one’s space does determine the inventory. That’s why it’s imperative to ensure that you have the right boxes for the job. 

For small businesses that are looking for more affordable and high-quality forms of packaging solutions, you’re in business. Here, we have a variety of different cardboard boxes for a range of products, a lot of void fill solutions, custom tape, and also other types of unique items that’ll benefit you and your business. 

If you’re tired of the same old boxes and need something that’s specific to fit the needs that you have, we are in luck.  We’ll give you everything that you need and provide you with the ideal solutions to help with your business. 

You’ll be in luck, and you’ll definitely want to improve on this, through the use of our unique products.