16 Ways to Make Packing Quite Doable

Whether you pack your bags a week in advance or 3 hours before your flight leaves, we all could use some tips on making the packing process just a tad simpler. Below we compiled 16 ways to increase the simplicity and efficiency of packing; hopefully this can reduce some stress.

#1 Make a packing checklist.
By using a packing list you can be assured you won’t have the sulking feeling of “Oh no” as the plane is taking off and you see someone else pull out their iPad, that looks just like the one you forgot on the couch at home, from their carry on.

#2 Make sure you actually review said checklist.
Make sure the list is actually followed and extremely important items are in bold or highlighted such as identification.

#3 Learn policies regarding baggage fees.
You’ve budgeted down to the half penny and realize you have now accumulated an additional $50 worth of baggage fees because your bag is apparently one inch too long. Find out all baggage policies to avoid this easy to dodge headache.

#4 Roll all clothing.
By rolling your clothes you minimize tons of space that would go unused if using the traditional folding method.

#5 Reduce what you actually think you need by half.
Typically we try to prepare for the what if situations that might occur. This looks like bringing 6 pairs of socks for a 2 day trip just in case a pair or two gets wet. Just reduce it all by half.

#6 Use dividers or packing cubes to aid in utilizing all bag space.
These cubes are life savers. Or even small Cardboard Boxes can be helpful as well.

#7 Realize all essentials and a one spare outfit need remain with you via carry on luggage.
Sometimes luggage gets lost, pack in your carry on everything that you absolutely need so it is with you the entire trip.

#8 Pack some spare plastic bags or Ziplock bags to used items and clothing.
Want to keep potential smelly or dirty items away from the clean? Make sure to bring extra small store bags or the like to preserve your items.

#9 Contain liquids and items that could spill in their own separate compartment from clothes.
I would hate to have my liquids spill out on the only pair of dress pants I brought for the entire trip; when in doubt, separate them out.

#10 Wear bulkiest items on the plane.
If it is possible that coat that would normally take up half your suitcase is best in hand or worn.

#11 Get settled mentally with possibly purchasing travel sized soaps and deodorants at your destination.
Unnecessary weight or potential trashed cash, mini is the way to go.

#12 Wrapping or separating out clothes via tissue paper to reduce wrinkles.
Minimal friction between clothing reduces risk of wrinkles.

#13 Keep your clothes from acquiring the odors from distant lands via dryer sheets.

#14 Warmth is in the layer not in larger items packed.
Small items you can layer together are better than bulky items.

#15 “Just in case” is a myth.
Enjoy a shopping trip, extra stuffed suitcases aren’t necessary since accidents aren’t often

#16 Leave your luggage some wiggle room.
Leave room for the souvenir family snow globe.

Simple and Credible Gift Boxes Ideas for Any Occasion

How creative are you? When it comes to gift boxes, there should be no limit to your creativity. You have permission to puzzle your loved ones with that little genius in you. Anyone can create Candy Boxes from almost anything, as long as you are willing to think ‘outside the box.’ You bought a pair of new shoes? Congratulations! You have a potential gift box at your disposal.

Here are awesome tips to help you design boxes at home. The ideas below are inspired by simplicity regarding materials, design, and the cost. In fact, you won’t have to break the bank to create one. So, here we go.

1. Easy paper box kid’s origami.

It is the easiest paper box origami patterns you can ever get. You will learn the pattern in just matter of minutes, thanks to its simplicity. After making your first box, I’ll not be surprised to find you making boxes everywhere.
Another origami box idea is a rectangular origami box. It is similar paper box mentioned above but bears a rectangular shape. You should try it. You’ll be thrilled.
• Origami stacking cat boxes
Check these out. They are such an adorable gift boxes bearing cats face designs.
• There is something that makes origami boxes the best; you can use any material to design it. Imagine a gift box made out of fabrics such a hessian! You don’t have to read, just get down to doing it yourself, I bet, you’ll be amazed.
• There are also some printable heart-shaped boxes. All you have to do is print, pin them to the box and decorate them with heart’s content.

2. Recycled BIY Gift box ideas

Gift boxes are disposed of almost immediately. For this reason, gift boxes can be made from recycled materials. Mason jars, egg cartons, and even shoe boxes can be great place to start your hunt for next cute Candy Boxes.
• DIY Cookie Jars are so awesome to have. They look beautiful, and they are easy to design. If you are thinking of gifting a friend a ‘Cookie in a jar’ or Shopkins toys, this is the pest gift box.
• Newspaper easy do-it-yourself gift boxes – easy and fast to make. You’ll be done in a matter of minutes, and the result is fabulous.
• Treasure box – ever seen a treasure box? Well, you can design one and stuck some treasures inside. It will be fun. To inspire you, there are two versions namely, pirate treasure box which is an adorable decoupage treasure box and stacked matchbox drawers. The latter makes a great place to put small gifts, but you can make s mini sewing kit out of it.
• Plastic bottle apple – you can make them in less than five minutes. So simple yet so beautiful for lunchtime treats or teacher’s gift.
• Milk carton baskets – some are not boxes but who cares. They can make a great way to present a gift.
• Humble shoe box – when you add some decoupage and top it with a fabric flower, you will be amazed. You can use to home a ‘doll in a box’ gift set or fill it with stationery and other craft materials.

3. Gift boxes made from TP Rolls

There are so many TP Rolls gift box ideas.
• Pyramid TP Roll boxes – made by stapling each end of a TP Roll in the opposite directions. Then decorate it with stickers and you are done.
• Pillbox look – done by painting or wrapping TP Roll in a paper and then squishing down its sides. Once done, you can decorate it to fit any occasion such as:
i. TP Roll cats are good for Halloween Gift box
ii. Minions decorated TP Roll – best suited for Father’s Day
iii. Unpainted bunnies – take minutes to create. Best for Easter Gift Box ideas.
iv. Pyramid TP Roll gift box – perfect for Halloween Party favors.
v. TP Roll BATS – best fit for Halloween. Adding strings and some papers to its bottom makes it great Halloween Party Guest.

I hope you’ve been inspired. Go and be creative and get the party started.