Cool Ideas for Mailer Boxes

Do you like to send out mailer boxes? They are a great way to get things to customers, but you might wonder whether or not there are different ways to customize these. The answer is yes, and here, we’ll go over the best ways to customize these mailer boxes so that they stand out.

Get Some Dividers

Dividers, or trays that are made of plastic are great for separating items. This is good for selling products that come in sets, or different types of similar products. Separating all of these is great because it creates a divine unboxing experience for those who want to use it, and it also shows that you care about the way that the items come to them, thereby boosting the public repute of the business. 

Get Some Artwork 

It doesn’t have to come in a boring white mailer box! Printed artwork on the box is a great way for it to look better. If you want, you can add logos and other designs using colors for the brand, making it look pleasing and pretty.

It also is great too if you encourage unboxing and videos, as they can show the package off, and they’ll feel excited for the inside contents that are in there.


Stickers that are printed are something that businesses love. They’re not just feasible financially, they’re great for improving the way that you close boxes.

You can get mailer boxes that are blank, and then add some custom stickers. It’s also cheaper than getting custom boxes for these products, and also, it’s a fraction of even just printing artwork on there.

It’s a good way for smaller businesses who don’t have the means to really get the expensive stuff to show off to customers and get them excited for what’s to come.

Print Inside

Another thing that you can do, is make the inside just as exciting as the outside of this. This is great for adding some kind of individuality to this, and you’ll be able to print the details of the contact, any other social media handles, and also some instructions that are on the inner part of the box lid, to make it look even better too.

Colored Boxes for Mailers 

If you’re looking to stand out, but don’t want to just use white mailer boxes, get them custom. You can choose one specific color, and you can then get them in brand colors to make them unique and attractive. 

For small businesses that are starting out, this is a great way to get the other customers that come to you excited as they are a great way to boost the business and sales that are there too.

It’s important that if you do get these, you also don’t get too crazy with this. That’s because they can be a great way for you to stand out, but remember, you don’t want to put the entire marketing budget into this. Get a little bit, and from there, boost the different factors that make them unique, and that as well can help you look even better.

When choosing the stand out, as a small business, you want to consider using these types of custom mailer boxes. They’re cheap, convenient, and they look good. But how do you make them look different?

These are but a few ideas, but if you start with them, you’ll be able to boost your presence, and really make it shine in the process too. Consider using one, or many of these different ways to standout, and you’ll be able to improve your ownability and wellness, and also get more people not only excited for what you have to offer, but also get them on board for a great unboxing experience that you can enjoy, and one that definitely delivers on all fronts, for your own personal needs as well. 

All about Shrink Film 

If you’re someone who wants to make sure that the product goes from point A to point B in one piece, you’re not alone. You want to utilize shrink film whenever you can.  Heat is a part of this, and it can offer the proper tools to ensure that everything is proofed from the elements, tampering, and even water as well, adding more confidence in the product that consumers love, offering a protective film that keeps everything safe.

It’s durable, valuable, and useful for this, and a lot of companies are looking to use this more and more.  Here, you’ll get an overview on shrink film, and a little bit about what’ll happen when you use this type of product in your business, and the benefits of such as well. 

The science of Shrinking 

Shrink wrapping has its own material that’s a polymer and is utilized for packaging. The goal of it is to have heat that’s applied directly to where the film is, either through using a tunnel that puts out heat, or the heat gun, and then, it shrinks there, offering a durable, clear, and a good barrier that often protects the product.

The way that this works is basically on a molecular level, they are then entwined with the packaging that’s there, creating an alignment within the packaging. When heat gets applied to this, those weird intertwining’s change, and from there get straightened together into the correct direction, where they end up creating a better orientation, which is different from the mold that they’re in, or the random types of patterns that are there.

When this cools, the different traits of this get set, so that it stays stretched until the energy gets applied, shrinking back to the form originally. 

This allows it to stretch until it’s put in the correct form.

The Versatility 

This is available within different kinds of types, including different thickness, different charities, different kinds of shrink ratios, and the strengths, which are done alone, or together with another piece, in order to create the ideal product protection. They’re usually much broader, in order to offer the specifics for the sealing, the optics, the slip, the toughness, the force, temperature, and finally, the memory of this as well. 

There are different types of measurements that come with this too.

The first, is the shrink energy, which is measured in the PSI units, and it’s the force that’s used to offer a film that’s exerted over the types of products that are there.

For those people who do the multipacks that must be contaminated, without creating damage to this, you need to understand the right shrink force helps you, especially for adjustments of this. if this is higher, and you’re packaging something that’s heavy, but doesn’t need much force applied to this, then it won’t be a problem.

If you’re putting smaller items together such as paper and the like, this is something that does matter. The polyvinyl chloride or PVC films usually have lower shrink force. New versions offer more reduced numbers of this too, especially when the shrink force is applied to this as well. 

The shrink orientation is another part of this, because they’re either bi-axially, or oriented preferentially. Usually, bi-axially ones shrink in both of these directions. This can offer different benefits, including, utilizing far less film, preventing the distortion of products, and so much more.

There is a lot to know about shrink film, but the fact that you can use this for anything and it works makes it a fun product to help anyone and offers a unique product experience. 

How to Optimize the Smart Packaging That you have 

If you’re someone who does use packaging a lot, you might not have the right strategies in place. Smart packaging is something that’s great for shifting the focus of your packaging to goods that are inbound. As more and more packaging becomes smart, you want to be able to tell stories that customers want to see when they get the package.

Smart packaging is something that provides more and more opportunities for product protection, and also is great for supply chain concerns too. What are some of the best ways to optimize this though? Read on to find out! 

What is It? 

Smart packaging is basically containers and the packaging SKUs that partner up with 3PL fulfillment options. They basically handle the packaging, the containers, and other technologies.

This usually is “smart” due to the tracking that’s there. The goods that are monitored will record the temperature and other readings throughout the moves, and then, they get uploaded, and you can ensure that everything’s at the ideal temperature, so that they don’t’ spoil.

A lot of modern packaging uses this, interacting with this to get the information together, synching this in order to view your alerts for different options, in the event that something goes awry.  The temperatures and other sensors oftentimes create warnings for those, especially if in the event the van is hot, humid, or even too cold, allowing you to protect the items being shipped, and avoiding the shrinkage during transit as well. 

Begin with the current packaging 

The best smart packaging strategy for you to use is to work with the current packaging and look at the costs and the needs of what you have for orders that are outbound. 

Every single package addition does increase the size and the weight. The smaller the items that you ship, the more likely you’ll want a sensor, a tag, or something that will help to ensure the proper speeds and costs.

Smart packaging offers a chance for the goods to arrive from point A to Point B in a safe manner, and you’ll be able to properly incorporate all of these and reduce the amount of filler and the like to use, in order to offer the best delivery.

There are usually not a ton of changes, and a lot of times, the containers that hold a ton of products and units can usually switch out these small and cheaper items in order to put the sensor in there. larger products are a bigger issue, and this can add a lot more to various orders. 

Sometimes, this makes this oversized, but it’s not a big deal. You just have to work with different and current strategies and try to make it optimized for the carriers to handle more weight.

Refresh This 

You should definitely try to refresh the packaging. Using sensors and other technology means that there will be better tools for this. You can look at what the different companies need in order to get the data, and how to get this out there. 

You might want to implement better Wi-Fi or add the RFID gate to where the loading dock is, in order to ensure the details are in place, and you can alert for signs.

You shouldn’t just have checklists and various data, you should also work on risk assessments, and then clear the paths, offering better support for resolving different issues, pulling out products, and maintaining the reputation that’s there. build a plan to implement these things and change your management strategy so that this is followed. For those sending out the smart packaging to their customers, make this super clear, and you can also build the ideal system. 

Optimizing Packaging Design 

When you’re able to make sure that the package design is optimized, you’re improving the way the packaging works. When you have the right packaging design, it can make the world of a difference. It can be the difference between a product getting there in one piece, or completely destroyed. It also plays a major role in the costs that are there, and you don’t want to have refunds either.

With so much there, it’s important that you also use the packaging that fits the needs. When you invest in design that’s good, either for function or aesthetics, it’ll increase the profitability and the business success. When you have a good packaging design, it will further enhance the experience of the customer. From packaging that’s simple to open to even visuals that look and seem good, you’ll be able to show off a packaging that’s enjoyable to many people, and it offers a chance for there to be potential repeat sales too!  How can you optimize this?  Well, here are a few ways to do this.

The package construction 

While the aesthetics are important on the outside, construction is another part of this. Packaging that shows what you have in there and ensures that the construction is enough to get to the warehouse and customer safely is vital. You should design the packaging for this type of experience from the inside, and then go outside. This starts, with the correct materials, and then, the product protection for this. 

Then, you want to look at the box outside including the shape, the size, and the strength that’s there too. You want to also make sure that the packaging inside is the first thing, and then, the outside, so that you have this rated for the proper rate. Also, make sure that you choose the box that’s the right shape. 

The Durability 

Another part of this is durability. When you start to look at the protection of products, you’ve got to next look at the durability. Those boxes that are corrugated are some of the most common types and are then optimized and further tested so that you can get them to meet the guidelines. For instance, the Mullen Bursting Test, or the Edge Crush Test are those that guarantee that they’re able to withstand the correct pressure and the strength for stacking. The custom boxes that are corrugated also can withstand a lot of the impacts that need to be tested for, as some people will slam boxes within the warehouse.

The costs 

Another important thing is that you want to make sure that the cots are another part of it. It’s important that you factor in the shipping costs, and the materials costs. While it’s vital to ensure products get protected, this can get expensive. While you can get super-efficient forms of designs, there are some drivers to the costs, especially the weight and the size of the package, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

The best way to keep the costs down, is to make sure that you invest in the correct packaging, so that there is a buffer that’s there. remember, products that get damaged will cost a whole lot more money, and packaging that’s shoddy will cause bad reviews, which hurts you 

When you’re looking to improve the durability and the way that it looks, you have to optimize these things, but also make sure that there is a precarious balance between the two, so that you’re able to create the ultimate branding and unboxing experience that you can as well.