Flow Wrappers or Over wrappers 

If you find yourself debating between flow wrapping or overwrapping, you’re not alone. There was a lot less options, especially when it wsa just polypropylene, cellophane, or other flexible packaging. It was something that was always…so simple. yet now, there are different flow wrapping to try, and you may not be sure what to do. 

We’ve compiled a means for you to look at all of the different ways of looking at it, and also, how you can decide whether you want to get flow wrappers, over wrappers, and also help you make the ideal decision that’s possible. 

Flow Wrapping 

Flow wrapping seems intimidating, simply because it’s complicated, requires specific equipment, and it may not work for you. But it’s a very straightforward process, and it’s something that’s properly wrangled as well. With this, you have to just do three little tasks: 

  • Fill a bag with the items 
  • Seal it 
  • Send it out 

The packaging does offer consistency and protection, with good aesthetics as well. Flow wrapping oftentimes usually has polypropylene packaging which comes with this. This is oftentimes used for affiliate marketing, samples of product, coupons, different mailers, ice cream bars, candy, ice pops, baked goods, and small industrial items or medical devices. 

The devices that are there come in various horizontal forms, seal and fill units, and different variants, and some also believe that they do offer servo motors as well. This also is something that may best fit the needs, depending on the product that’s there and the volume of what’s needed. 


This is a bit more dynamic, as it can be a wrap cylinder that works with containers and cubic products, including boxes. This is used for wrapping different bundles, collation, and other aspects of this. It’s something that’s wrapped as they go down the conveyer belts that are there. They utilize cellophane and other kinds of films. The applications of this include boxed options including health and beauty items, produce, and tobacco. Overwraps also fit inside luxury packaging, and cosmetics too. This is something that’s largely dictated by different products, and also the volume of the items that’ll be repackaged. 

What’s Best for you? 

If you’re looking to figure out which one is best for you, the best way to figure this out is to answer some questions. If you’re going to pack tobacco products, then you’ll want to go with an overwrapped. For candy, then a flow wrapper is best for the needs. 

If it’s produce, then you want to get an overwrapper to help with this one. If it’s magazines or something tha’ts made of paper, then a flow wrapper will offer your best needs. Finally, if boxes are the name of the game, and you want to fully wrap those, then yes, you can use an overwrapper to offer the best machinery that’s possible for your needs, offering a truly amazing, remarkable experience that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

For a lot of people, getting overwrapping is a great way to boost your machinery, and also help you to get the best results that you can out of this. 

If you need something new to help you get your wrapping to the level that you want, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you talk to a packaging facility, and to make sure that, if you’re someone who is dealing with that, that you figure out what’s best for your needs, and from there, choose the packaging that’s right for you, and to help you get the results you want with your packaging. 

Why you should Recycle those Boxes 

If you’re someone who only uses a garbage can, you’re not alone. There are plenty that don’t know about recycling, the benefits of the planet, and why we need to recycle. It helps keep these items around for longer and reduces the amount of garbage hat’s there. The more trash there is, the worse it’ll be for the future which is why recycling is something that you should do. There are tons of great ways to recycle, and here, we’ll provide not even the games, but also other activities that help you recycle boxes

Games to Try with Recycling 

There are a ton of different games that you can try. The first n our list is called welcome to recycle city that’s directly from the EPA and it comes with different activities, games, and amazing facts that tell you about recycling. We also have a soil composing type of activity that shows how fertile the soil is if you decide to recycle things rather than putting it in the garbage can.  This is something that helps you grow and give you more food. 

We also have another game from the EPA that comes with different ways to help you learn to sort, which is good for those who struggle with recycling, and sorting. Our planet protectors club will help you protect the different aspects of the planet, and it has some great activities and games that you can try. 

Our yucky worm world shows how gross the world would be if we don’t start taking care of this right away. It’s pretty gross, but it gets the point across about why you need to recycle now. We have more videos as well that help you learn about recycling, along with games, and ways for you to make trash real treasure, and it’s something that shows just how great and rewarding, along with fun, that recycling is. 

Facts to Learn 

We also come swath different facts that’ll help you and others learn about recycling. First, we’ve got a page for recycling which tells you cool facts that involve recycling, and also will help test how much you know in some fun, interactive quizzes. We also have a game called Hey! Don’t Throw This Out and it tells you why you shouldn’t throw it out and also wat you can do. 

If you’re looking to really team up and get people to start doing their part, not just at home but at school and other places, The Green Squad is it, and it’s basically a squad that showcases how much the school is doing, various interactive tours, and it also gets you and others to feel excited to do a whole lot more. We also have a program for you to get onto the team of making sure that you’re not wasting.  It’s called Kids Recycle and lets you create a school that doesn’t have any waste, and also shows what you can do to make this possible in your own school. 

Finally, if you feel like you need to see Ohers in action, or whole families that’ll show you how to recycle, we’ve got Green Planet 4 Kids. But, they also have a fun of cool comics and other unique items, and the family is definitely not what you’ll believe at first. With the planet needing more people to recycle than ever before, these activities help you do this, and it’s great for helping you get the most out of your recycling process, and helps you create a planet that’s not only greener, but happier as well too.