The Right Packaging Supplies for Products 

You might have a brand new product, and you want to get this out to other people. You might want to make it the bet that it can be. But there is a problem. You don’t know the ideal packaging for these products. Maybe you’re a company that’s established and dealt with this before, but the product might have other requirements that the other items didn’t.

You also may be a startup, and have no clue what the best types of product packaging are out there, and what to use.

Here, we’ll go over the best type of packaging materials to choose, and how you can choose this.

Why it’s Important. 

When you’re choosing materials for packaging, there’s a lot of things that you should consider. It’s more than just one packaging material and working with it. some materials are not correct for certain products.

If you do choose the wrong one, you’re wasting materials, and there is a chance that machinery and money might be wasted, and sometimes, there are safety concerns that eventually do lead to this.

If you’re starting to think about it, you need to choose items, and then, choose the ideal material for the products that are there. 

Rigid Vs. Flexible 

There are two different product types that a lot of businesses go for: rigid and flexible.

Rigid is the packaging that you can’t bend or force out of the current type of way that it is.  These usually are quite solid, and they offer support for the products that are there. they’re known for the strength that they have, preventing damage and breaking in most cases.  This is usually the glass jars, the boxes that are corrugated, and bottles made of hard plastic.

On the flipside, you’ve got flexible packaging, which is basically any sort of packaging material that can be changed in most cases. While flexible is usually malleable and bendable, especially when you look at the rigid packaging, they also are used to wrap around the products there. clamshells, blister packs, shrink and stretch film, even poly bags and roll bags are examples of this too.

There are also the benefits of them being less costly for shipments and very lightweight too. The flexible packaging that’s there also uses far less material, so it’s much more eco friendly too.  They also come with a lower amount of carbon footprints, especially when compared to paper, glass, cardboard, even metal too.

This is super popular, and it’s grown to new heights over the last decade, and it continues to get even higher and higher, due to the fact that it’s more eco friendly compared to the others.

Different Flexible Packaging Supplies 

There are a ton of great flexible packaging supplies that are there. you might wonder if there are different options based on the materials that are there. you might wonder what type of flexible packaging is there for you.  

There are different types of ones to choose from. 

They are: 

  • Shrink film: used to help wrap products such as games, DVDs, books, and other options 
  • Flexible pouches, usually are a pouch from plastic, and usually has an enclosure or foil that’s there 
  • Blister packs, which are basically packaging which creates what’s called a “blister” in order to house the item 
  • Clamshells: they are two plastic types of shells that come together and open up, while also closing, typically used for takeout 

The best way to choose this, is to look at your packaging needs, and from there, make the decision for yourself. 

Using Chinese Food Boxes for Packaging 

Chinese food boxes are great for packaging. A lot of companies are offering different ways to make these appealing, and different printing that appeals to all sorts of customers. Many leading companies in packaging offer different shapes, sizes, and colors on these. The boxes usually get shipped so that they don’t need any assembly that’s professional in order to use this.  they’re durable, are sturdy, and are made in ways to make the food that much more delightful. This is something that also is good for improving the flavors of this too.

What to Know before ordering 

Chinese food boxes are used mostly for Chinese delicacies, and they came originally with colorful displays on their boxes, and they also have different traditional cultural additives to this. This is also a reason why people are interested in getting these, as the materials for this are sturdy, and they will not break with time, instead they stick around for a bit. The thickness that comes from this ranges from 280 to 500 GSM, on average. This can make it good for heavier items, and those that are light too. 

That’s why a lot of people look to use this for Chinese food, and they also have been used to better the reputation of a brand.

The boxes are also very convenient due to the handles, making it easier for customers to go from one location to the next. The handles on this are also made from the same materials that the boxes are made with so it’s durable and very sturdy. 

When you’re customizing that handle, you also need to look at the item’s weight, and also without it possibly breaking. That packaging is also a major factor as well to look at when making Chinese food containers. In many instances, some consumers may want boxes that they can use to add more products to. So for businesses to satisfy these customers, there are different packaging sizes used for that reason. The box is also made in ways to make this very unique to the product, and the brand identity, and it’s also a way for you to identify each of those Chinese food boxes.

These Benefits 

These benefits are made from material that’s premium and cardboard, and it’s easy for the specialists to crate designs that are captivating. The attractive and bright colors are also utilized for food packaging and the boxes to help capture the attention of the buyers.  This material is what allows for the food to stay this way for a bit, with the material helping to keep these food items from spoilage and the like.

This packaging is also built with some handles to help customers carry all of this from one location to the next. They also are used to offer more awareness about what the business is, and those foods.  You can add other important information such as the logo of the business, their address, and other vital things to this. rather than spending a lot of money with advertisements, this packaging is great for boosting that company presence that you have.

Printing and Customizing 

Finally, you can add unique printing to this.  UV, matte, glossy finishes, different coatings, embossing, and even foiling that’s gold and silver offer different unique ways to make the Chinese food box shine.

If you’re looking to make your food packaging stand out that much more, consider making customized Chinese food boxes. They’re simple, effective, and very nice to use, and they are food packaging that can enhance your overall experience with this as well. 

Laminate Vs. Varnish 

When you’re planning custom materials and labels, you may get asked if you want a varnish or laminated topcoat, and here, we’ll go over this.

What a Topcoat Does 

The product labels that you have come with a variety of label layers, and it’s something that you’ll want to keep in mind. Usually, your face stock, or the label image, is not the top layer.  This is because it’ll help with protecting the label, and also enhances this performance.

There is a layer that’s above this, and it does impact the lifespan and the look of the labels there. This top portion is called the topcoat, and it offers proper protection against both damage and scuffing. It does also impact the way that the label looks as well. 

The two most common are laminate and varnish. Now, do you need this? Well, it’s not mandatory, but there is a protection there. without your topcoat, the ink will rub off this, or it’ll get scratched on the face stock. It also won’t be protected from liquids, moisture, or even oils that might be there too.

Varnish topcoats 

This is a type of coating that’s on a silicone-based sort of liquid. It’s used for labels that are indoor usage, and they’re not super resistant to the presence of moisture, and it offers only minimal amounts of protection when you’re trying to protect this from scuffing, or even smudging too.

Varnish is usually used in a gloss, satin, or matte finish. There are some common usages for this. There is the flood coat that goes over the entire label. There is the spot varnish, which is used to offer specific contrast for these surfaces too. Then, there are dimensional varnish layers, offering that 3-D dimensional effect that comes with this.

What about Laminate 

This is a type of film that’s made with polyester that offers a barrier of plastic, which is one that’s used to protect everything. They offer more texture and sheen to your label. This offers a protection that’s robust when you’re protecting from scuffing, smudging, oil, moisture and the exposure of UV rays that are here too.

Many laminates are made for specific types of applications. They come in gloss and matte, and there is also the thermal transfer, along with secondary types of printing, which is known to be serialization.

Now, you do need to choose these in a couple of different ways, based on the needs that you have.

For starters, if you need something that’s going to be used in temperatures that are extreme, or in the outdoors, you’ll want to make sure that the topcoat is made with this. Typically, lamination is better for this.

But, if you’re going to be using this for ecommerce labels, you’re better off with just using a varnish sort of topcoat, as this can definitely be cheaper in the long haul.

Finally, you’ll want to also look at the lifespan of the label. How long do you need this to exist? For the labels that are applied to plastic and glass jars, or boxes that are corrugated, varnish is going to suffice.

If you need something that is used for longer kinds of packaging, or making it almost permanent, then lamination I’ll be the best way to help boost the appearance of this, and it usually lasts as long as the product. That means, industrial and automotive industries should just use lamination.

Both are good topcoats, but they do have different needs, and you should focus on the needs that you have, before choosing the correct product. 

All About Packaging Design 

While we hear a lot about the products, we don’t hear a lot about packaging. One element of this that people don’t talk much about, is packaging design.  What is it exactly? Well, we see it in practically everything that we have. from boxes for foods we eat, for the phones we use, even for clothing, it all comes down to the design of the packaging.

This can also look either really good, or really bad, and whether you’re a pro designer, or someone who is new to this, you can change the way that the packaging looks, making this even better than before. 

Designing Packaging 

The designing of packaging for these products tends to be a bit more complex than just throwing stickers onto boxes made of cardboard. You need to first figure out the packaging medium to choose from. Do you want rigid boxes, or do you want cardboard boxes that are custom printed.

The medium is very overlooked, but once you’ve figured it out, you can also determine the other parts of this. These are the graphic design and the packaging, the physical packaging and the design of such, and finally, the design and marketing of the product that’s there. Remember, all of these get designed differently, so understanding these points is important. 

Graphic design 

This is basically the graphics and other information that attracts the attention of different customers, offering product information. The graphics of the packaging usually take the design of the brand, along with the motives, and then displays this directly onto the box. Getting a graphic designer that’s professional is a great way to ensure that the process is done correctly. 

The physical packaging 

This is something else that you must consider, especially when you’re designing for packaging.

You can have a big, elaborate box, but the thing is, it may not offer security to the product inside.

While you may want to make custom packaging that’s “out there” for people to like, it also needs some sort of purpose, and it needs to ensure that the security of the packaging is in place.

The limitations of the manufacturing also needs to be focused on too.

You need to also consider whether or not someone can even do this. you might have an amazing idea, and when you look at the designs that are offered, you should look for something that works, and outshines the competitors..

The best thing to do, is to use packaging that fits the foundation of the industry, but then further works to innovate.

Also, consider the following: 

  • The printing types 
  • The materials for the needs that you have
  • How heavy and durable the packaging is.
  • Hot stamping, embossing, UV finishes, and other add-ons that you can get. 

Design and marketing 

Finally, you need to make a box or packaging that is good for marketing reasons. Sometimes, people overlook this one, but you want something that’s good for form reasons, structural reasons, material design, even the imagery and colors that make it good to market on. 

This is good because it allows you to appeal to a buyer’s persona, promotes this, and finally, communicates the identity of the brand.

Designing a packaging that fits all of these criteria that works well for many people is great, because when you design it well, you’ll be able to not only improve the marketing, but also improve the means that people are able to create the proper connection with such and make it even better, and it’ll create the marketing that you want.