Why Cheap Moving Boxes are the Best

Nobody says that they want to spend a lot of money on cardboard boxes. Or if they do they are probably lying. We generally use cardboard boxes one time and then we are done with them. Sometimes, if they hold up well, we can save some of them and use them for a side project in the future, or to send your cousin her old jean jacket that you borrowed at your other cousin’s rehearsal dinner.

Cardboard boxes are ideal for short term, and this is why we choose them for moving. On top of that, this is why we choose cheap moving boxes (keyword being cheap). Have you ever heard of anyone packing all of their house up in plastic bins? I didn’t think so. You would wind up with about a hundred totes after everything was moved in and then what would you do with them?

Cheap Moving Boxes Maybe build a house out of plastic totes or something. Have you ever heard of anyone packing all of their house up into garbage bags? Absolutely not! That’s even more ludicrous than the opposite extreme. Nobody with any type of life experience would put their dishes and appliances in plastic bags and heft them around. You might as well just move all those bags right into the trash, because that is about what the stuff will be worth after the entire process.

No. The answer to all of this is cheap moving boxes. And the answer to cheap moving boxes is PackagingSupplies.com. Remember what I said about packing dishes in plastic bags? I’ve got one better. Dish packs. These are cardboard partitions that go inside boxes to keep the glassware from killing each other on the journey. I’ve used these before, and they are amazing.

As much as I loved the dish packs I loved the lamp boxes even more. Somehow moving lamps is an enormous pain. They aren’t very sturdy, they are awkward, and of course they are fragile. My ultimate favorite, though, in the family of cheap moving boxes, is the picture frame box. I have had way too much stress occur over whether or not my paintings were sleeping peacefully enough between the guest bedroom pillows, or wrapped up in a sleeping bag. I always imagine a sore spot being rubbed right through. Thanks to the the picture frame boxes, all of that anxiety goes away. There’s enough from the rest of the process, am I right?

Plastic Packaging Bags: A Win/Win

When it comes to packaging and shipping, it would behoove us not to forget about plastic packaging bags. These might seem like an inconsequential byproduct, but without them there wouldn’t be so much a point of packaging or shipping what we are trying to work with. For instance, those coffee beans you’ve invested your life savings into growing, you wouldn’t just throw a handful of beans in a box and send them on their way.

Can you imagine buying some supposed home-grown, one-of-a-kind, best-coffee-beans-in-the-world but they are just floating around in a box? No way! You would absolutely want to put them in a coffee bag. I suppose you’ve never thought of coffee bags as plastic packaging bags before, but they really are. At PackagingSupplies.com you can buy them in half-pound or one pound sizes, and in brown or white.

Packaging Bags

If you don’t think you need them because you aren’t mailing anything, think again. If you have a local coffee shop, you are still going to be selling those beans. I highly doubt you would want to be putting them in little sandwich baggies. I don’t think anyone would buy a specialized product like coffee beans if the proprietor didn’t take their product seriously enough to even package them appropriately. Or at least I wouldn’t. I’d buy a home-made rice krispies treat in a plastic baggie. Not so much some coffee beans.

How about the very opposite end of the spectrum: electronics. That is about as opposite as you can get from coffee beans, right? You need very specific plastic packaging bags for electronics. Once again, the throwing-in-a-box analogy: you don’t just throw circuit boards in a box and send them on their way. There would be no point in spending the money on shipping. You might as well just throw your money right into the trash can. You will absolutely want static shielding bags.

PackagingSupplies.com sells them open-ended, or ziploc style. These are a very cool addition to the family plastic packaging bags. Somehow, these bags are designed to not produce static electricity. Static electricity can easily damage sensitive material. At PackagingSupplies.com you can get the static shielding plastic packaging bags in really little (3 X 5) or in pretty big (14 X 18). That’s small enough for a watch, and big enough for a lap top.

I encourage you to invest in those seemingly inconsequential byproducts, so that your product can be treated the way it is meant to be treated, and can be sold the way it is meant to be sold. It’s a win/win.



Packaging Tape

I was recently talking about how packaging tape is more than just packaging tape. First I mentioned how “packaging tape” is just a general term. I followed it up by explaining how technically all tape can be used for packaging, but each kind of tape was created with a specific use in mind. Last time I used gaffers tape as my example. I said, “Take gaffers tape, for instance”. It is a premium grade, cloth tape, used to secure electric cords on stage floors, and it cannot be substituted with duct tape.

02Both gaffers tape and duct tape could technically be referred to as packaging tape, but you cannot use duct tape in the place of gaffers tape because gaffers tape was made specifically for stages and/or show booths. If you use duct tape a sticky trail of residue will lead right to you. You know how when you duct tape the center consul closed, but then the duct tape winds up coming off eventually and there is a perfect patch of gum left that your arm sticks to every time you drive? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. It totally sucks. Gaffers tape could solve that problem for you. Or a new center consul. But I’m thinking that gaffers tape would be cheaper.

At the risk of lingering, again, on gaffers tape: consider aluminum tape! And no, I’m not pulling your leg. By now we know that aluminum pops up just about everywhere. It can be used to protect the sides of our houses; when molded into the correct form it can hold perfectly carbonated nectars from the heavens, and it is even being used to line wallets to stop hackers from reading the magnetic strips of our debit and credit cards. And yes, it’s even a tape! Most commonly, it is used to seal the seams and joints of metal ducting. We even used it on the aircraft we worked on in the military. We called it one-hundred-mile-per-hour tape because it was supposed to withstand some crazy type of resistance.

First of all, if you look for one-hundred-mile-per-hour tape on Amazon they will show you heavy duty duct tape, so one of us got it wrong. Second, whatever the meaning behind the nickname, it was a gross exaggeration, therefore it was perfect for a military nickname. All the same, we wound up with a roll of aluminum tape when we moved back home, and we used it around the edges of the window units when our main air conditioner went out. Not only does it mold well, it could withstand the humidity from outstand, and it didn’t begin to curl at the edges or peel away until the kids started messing with it (“Oooh, shiny!”). And yeah, I guess you could probably use it for packaging tape too.

Shipping Boxes Wholesale: Where It’s At

One of the things I appreciate most about buying shipping boxes wholesale is that I don’t have to worry about running out of boxes in the middle of the packing process. I have moved houses and states, and yes, even countries, multiple times, and I start getting cotton-mouth and heavy-breathing when my boxes start getting low. Somehow we never leave ourselves enough time to get done what we need to get done.

Shipping Boxes WholesaleMost of that is because it’s just plain inconvenient to pack up your house! I mean, you still have to live there and function every single minute up until you actually officially move out. So we don’t really think we are as far behind as we are until, well…we are! I hate that feeling. I mean, it just really sucks. Somehow it always makes my bones hurt, and it makes me feel like giving up. It makes me feel like the amazing adventure that is about to come, that I am actually living through, is just plain ruining my life.

I remember those times of stashing boxes for weeks in advance, for asking all of my friends to save any boxes (as a side note, shoe boxes and coffee maker boxes never really do any good. Can you imagine packing a whole house in super small boxes? Talk about nightmare!). Finally, when everyone was completely wrung dry, I would start buying them. At the Uhaul store I was absolutely appalled to see their prices. You would think that they would offer shipping boxes wholesale…not so much. Even in my desperate state I left with zero boxes, and that is not a good feeling for the mover. I wound up finding decent prices and decent sizes at Lowes.

The problem, though, was that I wound up going back multiple times, and spent about twenty bucks. Don’t think that’s a big deal? If I had just taken myself to PackagingSupplies.com (if I had even known about it), I could have gotten an entire bundle of twenty-five for the same price. I even went to Wal-Mart and bought a few extra plastic totes! I could have avoided all of that stress (So. Much. Stress.)

just by being ahead of the game and ordering the shipping boxes wholesale from PackagingSupplies.com. Now that’s where it’s at! Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it. I triple dog dare you.

The Ch- Ch- Ching in Cheap Cardboard Boxes

You heard me. There is actually some ch- ch- ching in cheap cardboard boxes. And by ch- ch- ching I hope that you understand I’m talking about money. Okay, so unless you are actually selling the boxes you won’t be making money, but by buying boxes at the best price you will be saving money (which is a disguised way of making it, if you ask me). The more we can save on something the more cash we can free up to save on something else to free up to save on something to free up… You get my point. And if you don’t need the cash that you save to buy something else to save on, you can just stick those sweet, delicious nuggets in your savings account and make it nice and fat for those days when you aren’t going to feel like earning more revenue. So, you see, saving money really is making money after all.

cardboard-boxes-gold-coastI mention all of this because you can start by saving with some cheap cardboard boxes. Please don’t misunderstand: I didn’t say crappy cardboard boxes, I said cheap cardboard boxes. At PackagingSupplies.com they actually offer products of amazing quality at amazing prices. This is a company that knows all about competitive marketing and sales. I mean, where else can you buy a bundle of fifty boxes for less than twenty bucks? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

How is this even possible? Well, obviously somewhere along the line PackagingSupplies.com is saving their own money, and passing on the good fortune and opportunity to the rest of us; which is in turn making them more money while providing us with a superior product at inferior prices. It really is the circle of finance. The more money you have, the more money you have! And you can actually start down this path for yourself by saving with cheap cardboard boxes, which is just a friendly way of saying ‘shipping and packaging supplies at wholesale prices’.

Do the math. Order some cheap cardboard boxes from PackagingSupplies.com. Calculate how much you saved compared to where else you could have gotten them, or where you usually get them. Then keep doing that, and before you know it, you will have wound up paying for an entire order just from the savings alone. So, in all actuality, you will have wound up making money by placing an order. Subway, you suggest? How about we settle for a group hug and keep growing that stash. That’s right, don’t be shy, bring it in.