Packaging Stationery Products 

Stationery is something that’s very interesting, because in order to do well with this, you want to make sure that you humanize it. 

Thank-you letters and notes are good, and stationery is something that’s become quite unique for a lot of companies. 

With the pandemic making human interaction a mess, you want to make sure that you let people know that you’re happy to give them something or thanking them for the purchase. 

Here are some stationery packaging designs that are good and will bring smiles to the faces of customers. 


Crisp and clean paper is something that you can’t compete with.

Paper quality along with the messages are a driving force to bring about the best experience that recipients can have.  This gives thought, care, and helps with message crafting. 

Crane is unique because they offer an intimacy that you get from their physical messages, and this is especially true during a very technologically-advanced sort of time. 

They’ve changed the packaging, providing a rigid box that will protect these items, and also looks good on shelves in office stores and spaces.  They also use engravings, along with some secondary colors to provide warmth, along with a minimalistic look.

It is great too, because you can use this, and it’s different from generic paper. 

New Zealand Public Service Association 

The New Zealand PSA is something that’s interesting because it’s stationery that actually targets intriguing cases and provides a cause and means for people to support. 

This packaging and stationery is targeted to discuss the pay gap between genders, a problem in New Zealand and other places. 

They use a white, soft pink, along with a copper that’s used to push out the gender norms which are outdated, further reminding people of the ongoing issue of pay imbalance between women and men. 

Furthermore, they utilize customized inserts in order to show that women get pushed into a mold, one which society creates for them.  This packaging provides awareness to issues, and also allows for empowerment, and push towards better pay. 

Louise Fili Brilliant 

This is a unique type of packaging, especially since it’s for pencils, used for creativity.  They’re made for adults, and it gives them a chance to write and tap into those creative needs that they have. 

They use a printed rigid box, which gives them protection and storage that can’t be beaten. 

This packaging further provides a delightful look, and it gives a more vintage sort of look with different patterns, fonts, colors, and even hints of some shine in order to provide a complement to more metallic sorts of pencils. 

While colored pencils have been something that children use a lot, these are good for adults to harness their creativity, and imagination. 

Handmade Memories 

This is a packaging of stationary that MH Studios has made and is made to bring about the importance of care in messages that are personalized. 

The brand is further signified through different primary colors including cream, lavender, and the like, in order to provide more refined and modest types of composition. The golden logo that’s there adds to the premium experience. 

They use a customized tray and sleeve type of box for this, because it lets users easily access these products from the desks, shelves, and the like, while also offering protection to integrity and quality of each of the contents. 

Further, there’s a ribbon within this, and it allows for a variety of different selections of sheets, so you can get them out without wrinkling them.

The packaging was made to be thought-out, as a memento to make it a unique experience. 

Why Custom Packaging is a Powerful tool 

If you’re someone who is building a brand and needs something that’s the ideal tool for product success, in all kinds of activities.  We talk a lot about the potential and the benefits that custom boxes offer. This is especially true about what’s outside. We’ve also spoken about the benefits of such too, and also the functionalities of this packaging to boost the internal sales, and also the advertising and strategies to bring the success of this.

You might wonder what custom packaging offers, and whether it’s worth it to realize it. Packaging, whether it’s beyond the protection of the product and the transport, has brought forth a new type of communicative role. 

In this market, where there are all kinds of products, all with similar forms and functions, you may wonder what’s different and differentiates the products. That’s something that a lot of people think is simple, but when you talk about products and achieved a functional, technical, and formal type of development, this is one that’s unlikely for one to be customized and changed. You may wonder what you can do.

The answer to this is the box. A lot of the products do need to be put on markets in order to be transported, exposed, and finally protected within packaging that’s suitable. When they launch this, they must show the importance and potential of what each of these get made of, in order to beat out the competitors. The success achieved in this is something that does require more effort, especially in terms of communication, planning and the like. By being creative and original, you’ll be able to be properly noticed and amaze those who are interested. This is what packaging is really entailing these days.

Customized packaging is the ideal that’s used to reach certain goals. Business cards show off the service and the product in ways that are successful, appealing, and good, but good packaging is also a synonym that people know for professional work, and also is one that shows the attention to detail that customers like. This is also one that boosts and builds the loyalty of customers too. 

When you customize the boxes it sends messages where you take care of these products, and the users in much greater detail, and from there, this is something that people see, which can sway the finalized purchase of it. 

How do you make this customized packaging then? 

Well, you need the product, and you’ve got to fill this based on the box dimension, and from there measure products, and items inside the box, and add a couple millimeters of some tolerance. After the sizes get defined, you choose the type of packaging that satisfies the technical, and the aesthetic types of needs. 

How do you do this? Well, you start by looking through the packaging at other examples, and from there, analyzing the technical, along with the structural types and features, and also making sure that the functions and the forms fit the needs. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to really get the full benefit of customized packaging.

Then, once that’s done, you can choose the artwork, and create the ideal design that’s used to convey the message to the different customers that are there. 

There are now new and innovative ways to print this without having a minimum on the orders either. With this service, you’ll be able to build and fully realize each of the different packaging elements that you want to do, and from there, create the ideal, best customized packaging that you can. 

The Best Functional Packaging Out there 

Are you looking for packaging that’s both functional, and looks good? You’re not alone.  You’ve probably never thought of any of these. But here, we’re going to look at some of the best packaging that you need, and that you need to focus on as well. 

First, there is cookie cylindrical packaging. This is something that a lot of people like, simply because it stops you from breaking the last cookie in the container. This is something that’s unique too, but it works.  There are two parts to this, with the first being the eternal part, and then the inside being a removable and internal packaging. One’s created to maintain the product shape, and then the second one is used to improve functionality.  This is great, and you won’t be wasting cookies anymore. 

Then, there is the toothpaste that you can open up with tearing. Never again will you have to waste the rolled up tubes of toothpaste, and instead, you get everything you can possibly need out there. 

There are also labels that are used for other reasons.  Some packaging actually has made a label remover to check the levels of oils, and then, you can insert this directly into bottlenecks. It’s a sort of drip catcher, and it’s probably one that you never thought of either. Some people have used this for oil and vinegar packaging, where a lot of people will try to pour out a certain amount, but it gets everywhere.  More and more people are considering other alternatives as well, as they need to look at whether or not this type of functional packaging can be used. 

Functional packaging is one that can be used, m provided you actually look at the different packaging structures that are there. In order to make this work, you want to create a happy medium between the structure being simple, and also a graphic that looks good. Form and function, if you will. Before you figure out the product concept, you need to study the different methods and features, and finally get some feedback from these users too. In this way, designers can get the limits, potentials, and other factors of the product, providing functional and innovative means to really bring forth success to your packaging. 

There are others too.  For instance, having a container that opens up to a tube with little areas you can open up the package provides a means for you to keep the packaging intact. One way of doing this is blister packaging in a container.  You can maintain the freshness of the product while also providing you with a means to ensure that you’ve got the right packaging in place. 

There are also chocolate boxes that can become a table.  This is one luxury chocolate brand that has started, but you can take the bottoms of this, slide them off, and then there you go, the perfect place for you to display the chocolates. 

Then finally, one that’s become quite the unique touch, is the pizza box with indentations to help you cut the pizza perfectly. The perfect way for you to cut a slice of pizza without it being too much work for you. 

You don’t even need to go that far to see different packaging being used correctly.  Meat for instance, has this, and a cardboard sleeve helps keep this together, while also displaying what cut it is, and a little bit about the meat. 

Overall, packaging needs to have this happy medium, and when you attain this medium, you bring great success to yourself. Make sure not to forget about that and ensure that you’ve got the right aspects in place as you build the packaging you need. 

Packaging for Baby Products 

While the current birth rate is quite low, the attention that the world puts on childhood is still at an all-time high. With the advertisements that target children, other controversies, and the like, more and more parents have become aware of the products, and they want to make sure that they make the correct purchases for their kids. That’s why how you package your baby products plays a vital role in the sale of these. 

Here are some tips for you to make sure that your packaging shines, especially for this hard demographic. 

First, let’s talk about pasta. Dalla costa is one of the main pasta companies that actually creates pasta targeted to children that are interested in devouring all of the foods that they can, but also those not interested in that sort of thing.

This pasta comes in different shapes, colors and the like. They come in letters, transportation, and animal themes. With transparent packaging that makes it appealing, and a label made of cardboard that can be thrown into a toy by those who are artistic, there are multiple uses for this.  This is great, especially for the creative kids out there, and it does inspire the parents to purchase this healthy food for their child. 

Next, we’ve got Drazil, which is a tea for kids. This is a healthy tea that tastes good, but also provides the vitamins and minerals that children need. It’s an herbal tea that’s made via a fruit infusion. It’s hard for us to really resist this, with the fun chameleon on the cover, and illustrations of fruits and the like that are cartoonish, but realistic. It’s an infallible recipe that makes everybody happy. 

Then, let’s look at how Kellogg’s does this.  cereal boxes are usually the ones that kids jump for, and the cookie box is one of the most important.

With over thirty years of marketing, it’s a consolidated visual, and it takes some sort of creativity to create something new, with a fresh message. Well, Kellogg’s does that, and with a graphic that’s black and life, this is one that’s creative for a lot of people to enjoy. A lot of people both young and old like cereals with unique premises, and this is something that, for those who like to package children’s products, are able to shape the preferences and choices that the child has for the products that they love. 

Then of course, there is morning kiss, which is a toothpaste that is made specifically for kids. While children hate brushing their teeth usually, a morning kiss does it better. With a packaging that’s colorful, and an illustration that’s crowded, but also playful, this is one that  children will love. It’s good for convincing children to jump on board and start brushing their teeth. This is more of a fantasy for children, and it’s a good way to market to children in ways that the normal, traditional artwork just won’t cut it for them, and brings a unique flavor to the table. 

Finally, we’ve got bioAllers, which is a medicine for both adults and kids. This is one that’s got a playful sort of take on this.  There are children who are dressed as different animals and the like, and there are even different animals used for each of these uses.  This is a great way to let the medicine bring them excitement, almost transforming them into various characters.

These packaging options are unique and different but are perfect for parents with children who are a little picky and need something fun and unique too. 

Fashion and Food Marketing 

When you’re marketing food, you probably don’t think about fashion. But this is a n alliance that’s yielded some amazing results, and it’s combined two of the most popular Italian excellences out there.  This is a multisensory form for packaging with different samples that are framed for the food experience.

One example of this is the Grisbi. This is a unique packaging that was found by Matile Vincenzi, which launched a limited type of Grisbi biscuit that’s targeted to the counter segment that’s refrigerated, and this is similar to the Kinder and Ferrero items. The different variants that were proposed included hazelnut, lemon, and coconut. The packaging itself did need to faithfully, and from there reflect that freshness within the managed to do so. Through the illustrations and the photography that stimulated the senses and showcases the icy coating within these different packages. 

There was also the wild variant, which was famed by adding a leopard-print insert in a  more animal style to this.  the logo was changed into a more enticing sort of means, creating a poetic license that only very well established brands can pull together.

It also helped highlight the refined vanilla flavor that they wished to highlight. 

This success opened the door to other kinds of ideas. There were different, customizable items that culminated into a much more refined sort of variant of the most famous type of biscuit within Italy. This is elegant, and offers a spiciness to this, and an accent that’s further enhanced through the Passion payoff. The darker purple along with the pinker tones do dominate all of this. This illustration does depict a sophisticated, almost intriguing lace on this Grisbi package.  The main target for this one was female buyers, who are more emotionally, and palatal engaged, and it does create a desire to indulge in the gluttony of these treats. 

This limited edition ended up also having an exceptional sort of packaging design.  They were designed by two professionals.  One difference with this one compared to the previous packaging items, is that there was a vertical box with a model that was dressed in the “like a virgin” Madonna outfit that was put on the cover.  While it was not the first initial time that fashion embraced food, it stood out.  Another example of this was the packaging used for Magnum Algida, which used Dolce and Gabbana to work together.  It was an amazing package, with graphics that dominated this.  that, combined with the typical Sicilian carts added to this, it became a modern essential. Topping it off with the gold finishing and a vintage accent, this offered a must-have for those who liked history, and fashion together. 

Barilla is another one that uses this.  They did a bunch of experiments, and have tried to create iconic, interesting packaging. One is the pink pasta box that’s used to celebrate the GCDS, which is a streetwear that is LGBT supportive.  This is unusual for the realm of food packaging, but it does stand out, and the packaging does scream from any sort of supermarket shelf. 

Then there was Fendi, which was a fashion house that created an invitation for their latest catwalk through working with Rummo pasta in a more branded means. This was a synergistic meeting that beat the expectations of the critics. It was an initiative that offered mutual benefit to others, especially in terms of newsworthiness, and equity that’s there too.

So yes, fashion and food do go together, and there are many examples in this alone that showcase the fun that comes with these unique products.