Tips for Packing your House 

When you’re trying to pack and move, it can be a challenge. However, there are a few things that you can do to make the move easier on everyone involved. 

Stay Ahead 

Get ahead of the timeline and don’t leave packing along with organization till the last minute. Begin early. Once you’ve gotten the appropriate checklist for moving, and adopted a better, more positive mindset, you can get started! 

Sort it Out

When packing, don’t just put the belongings wherever, but instead, try to sort them.  your possessions are waiting for you to properly pack them, and let’s face it, they won’t pack themselves. Decluttering is something you’ve got to do in advance, and not when the removal van is right outside your driveway! Once you’ve started to declutter everything, start to pack this, and then take a second look at everything. 

Try to purge and then cull everything as much as you can. 

It might seem a bit harsh, but if you’ve got so much useless stuff, you might want to just keep everything. However, the truth is, if you want the best results from moving, you’ve got to start to sort them, and get rid of anything that you don’t think will help you. 

Sell it Off or donate It 

Try to sell off or donate everything you don’t want to keep. 

If you think about it, the clutter that you have might end up being something that’s a treasure. The items that sit within a box that take up space and aren’t used aren’t friendly to your mental health, or the environment. These items that are recycled are given another lease on life, which is why you should use them. 

Fix anything that you know is broken. If you have anything that you can sell, put it on eBay, Facebook marketplace, and depending on the types of items, even Etsy might be the better option. 

If you can’t sell it, or just not’ want to sell it, then it’s time for you to donate it. there are local charity places that are good for getting rid of old things. Even pots and pans, or even older towels might be good. 

There are also retailers that wish to find new homes in this manner. 

There are other charities too, including animal charities, that’ll take old blankets and towels for these four-legged friends. If you have different toys that kids have outgrown, then just give them to charities that allow other kids to have them. 

Have boxes

Try to have all of your boxes on hand. Boxes are about to be your bestie, as there are tons of different sizes and shapes. There are even free ones you can get, and it’s easy to get them. 

Brand new ones may be better if you need top quality ones, and some of them are better for protection during transit. There are different box sizes, and also they can be eco friendly and effective enough to last decades.  It’s great too and pairing it with postal tubes for posters is good.  

Pack right 

Finally, pack right. Pack the items that you won’t use every day, or even every month first. For books and the like, put those near the bottom and consider utilizing smaller, multiple boxes to make this easier. Try to keep the lighter stuff packed into bigger boxes, as they offer both wrapping and cushioning. 

If you’re taking anything that requires bolts and washers, keep them handy in a bag for easier access. 

Moving is stressful but with these tips, it can be made even easier. 

The design Principles of Boxes 

When you’re building ecommerce packaging, design is one of the most important things. That’s because, when you design packaging boxes correctly, it’s not just a way to protect these items, but it’s good for marketing too. Here, we’ll go over the basic design principles that you should consider with the boxes and packaging you have. 

Typography, branding, and Colors 

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you get the attention of customers through the packaging that’s there. You want packaging that’s easy for one to assemble, functional, and further resistant to damage during the transit process. Material choices may include corrugated board, and cardboard, adding further strength to these products. 

However, colors play a huge role in this. This is because colors play a large impact on what consumers do, evoking various emotions. For instance, bright and vibrant colors create enthusiasm and excitement, while more muted and softer colors evoke relaxation and calmness. 

Your choice needs to align with the image of brands, and also for the audience targeted. 

The typography of people also plays a role in the design of ecommerce packaging. Fonts for the brand names and the product information should be easy for a person to read, and legible too. It also needs to reflect the personality and values of a brand. For instance, brands may opt out of sophisticated and elegant fonts, while more youthful brands may look for something more fun and whimsical. 

The Structure and Layout. 

There are also design elements to consider when designing the whole structure and layout of these packages. In fact, they’re basically essential. This information needs to be organized in a logical fashion that’s very easy for a person to understand. 

The product features, usage instructions, and benefits need to be prominently displayed.  The packaging also needs enough space for logos, taglines, and slogans in order to help with branding and recognition. You also need to look at the efficiencies in the manner of how the package is created. This includes the built-in retention, a pop-up assembly for faster packaging, peel and seal tape that’s integrated with an early release backing of paper to make packing faster. 

The ultimate goal for ecommerce packaging is to aptly consolidate the packaging and its usage, in order to save your business both money and time as well. 


When you’re choosing packaging design, you need sustainability.  You should work to be eco friendly as much as you can. 

Having some recyclable materials and minimizing the packaging in excess reduces water and improves the impact you have on the environment. Incorporating said practices and using vegetable-based inks and water-based types of adhesives also contributes to greener solutions. 

The packaging design fundamentals do cover a lot of these aspects too, while also remaining loyal to sustainability. When designing this, you want to create packaging that helps with branding and protects the items, while also being eco friendly for customers to enjoy as well. 

Efficiency is Key 

When designing this, you should try to go for efficiency in this, as you want to make sure that your packaging meets the fast-paced types of delivery systems. These integrated features allow one to streamline the design of the packaging, enhancing the user experience in a lot of cases. 

Integrated options such as hot melt high-tac adhesives and other properties ensure that there is a secure seal. The retention wings prevent these boxes from shifting about and provide a consistent unboxing that’s there. A pop-up assembly mechanism also saves time too.Build efficiency when designing and focus on these parts to make your packaging really shine. 

Custom Tape for Boosting Brands 

Custom tape, especially printed tape, is the ideal way to boost the identity of brands, allowing one to stand out from others. With so many different options for one to choose, including design, color, material of the tape, and so much more, it’s the right addition for your packaging needs. 

It allows for you to take one’s branding to the next level, offering the ideal first impression for customers.  You’ll be able to include tons of different options, including the logo, the design, and other phrases in order to let people know about the handling of the package contents. So how does custom tape boost the brand? We’ll go over that right now. 

What it Is 

Custom tape is special tape, allowing for businesses of all kinds to personalize this packaging with branding, designs, and logos.  Unlike regular tape for shipping, which comes in a brown and clear color and doesn’t have any text or design to it, customized tape is a good way to give lasting impressions to others. 

Custom tape is great for choosing the right tape types out there, and the right design colors and options, while also submitting artworks and logos too. Customized tape and the templates are also there to make designing even easier. 

With ten different standard colors there and one color standard to choose from, you’ve got branded tape for you to try.  The cool thing is that they don’t bill you for existing tape printed, and this also works for prints that are fragile, or even those that stop. 

Benefits of Tape 

Customized tape is great for business along with other kinds of industries. It allows for branding of packages, and gives the shipment the ideal professional look, and gives a more positive type of experience. 

There are other benefits too, which we’ll go over here. 

Better Brand Recognition 

In a world that’s ultra-competitive, branded tape is a good way to make the packages easy to see. 

Applying customized tape offers a more lasting impression, and it gives a more visualized reminder of the brand. It improves brand recall as well. 

With a lot of options, you can create the ideal design for your brand, and it can even help with the guidelines for branding. 

Professional Appearances 

You need to make sure that you have a professional and polished look to the packaging that you have. that’s where branded tape comes in, and it showcases the brand, along with the ideal first impression for customers. 

Customizing the tape with the brand name and other design elements does enhance the identity. Sure, tan and white tape is good for if you’re worried about getting something out, but branding tape just looks better, and it can definitely help you stand out, while also offering a professional package. 

It’s Cost Effective Marketing 

Finally, customized tape is more cost effective than other marketing efforts, leaving lasting impressions with your customers.  It turns the most basic of packages into branding advertisements, and allows for you to keep the costs low while talking about it with others. 

Compared to, say, traditional methods of advertising, custom tape is a very effective type of option. It lets you highlight the logo, brand, and a message promoting what you need without even needing to add additional advertising. It’s the best way to create lasting impressions without affecting your budget. 

It’s a good way to attract customers with an aesthetic look, and with so many different options, it’s the way to go. 

Enhance your packaging today and use branded tape.  Your packaging will thank you. 

How to Calculate the Shipping on poly Mailers 

When you’re using poly mailers to ship small items, they’re great for those needs. As a lightweight, versatile, and durable type of mailer, it’s great for shipping everything. Is it an envelope though? How do you calculate the shipping? Well, it is technically an envelope, a special kind, where it’s resistant to water, tearing, and also just looks cooler. It’s great for protection of items, especially if you don’t want them getting ruined like they might inside a regular mailer. 

The different Types of Poly Mailer Options 

When you’re shipping stuff, it isn’t just choosing a random mailer and then going with it.  you want to make sure that you get the correct poly mailer, so that the product reaches where it’s supposed to go safely, and without bursting open. There are a few types to choose from, which we’ll go over here. There are small ones that are good for small jewelry pieces, books, or even just a little card or freebie. They’re compact, so you don’t have to worry about time moving about too much.  There are also larger mailers that are 24×24, which is the biggest size.  You can even ship teddy bears in them! But they’re used usually for bulkier items. 

There are also colored ones, which are good for the aesthetics that are there, and are good for opportunities to brand, and customers will enjoy these colored pieces when they get the mail. 

If you’ve got longer items that don’t fit in a normal box or envelope, then you might want to consider a longer poly mailer. Designed to fit the items that are long, but not bulky, they are good for helping with this.  posters, yoga mats, and the like are great for this. 

Determining the right Size 

Now that you know about the types, let’s talk about how to choose the correct ply mailer. 

First, let’s discuss the choosing of this. it’s more than just randomly choosing one.  You want to make sure that the product fits correctly inside. First, you want to measure the length, width, and height of your product.  You want to add a couple extra inches on the length for the sealer so you don’t have to use tape or worry about it bulging. 

For width, you want to also consider accounting for a few inches there, especially if the product normally doesn’t lay flat. As for height, if it’s bulky, you should always give this some extra room.  Furthermore, always account for padding, invoices, thank-you notes, or other promotional materials. 

Try not to overstuff, because it will tear, and then everything will spill out.  That’ll just open up customer upsets. 

Shipping Poly Mailers 

Here are a few tips to help with shipping out poly mailer products. First, you want to insert this product, so that it sits inside comfortably. Seal this, either with the self-seal or otherwise. self-seal is your best option for protection. Label this with a clear and legible handwritten address, or you can print this if you’re extra lucky. 

Finally, ship this out, so drop this off at a postal service location. There, it will go to the  customer 

You may also want to consider a mail in box, which offers extra comfort and discreteness for shipping, so that the items fit safely and snugly within, without straining your mailers. 

Overall, poly mailers are a great option, and here, we went over some of the great ways to ship these amazing mailers, and to get them to customers all in one piece, without too many problems down the line. 

Can a Bubble mailer Go in the Mailbox? 

Ever stand in front of mailboxes, and see a bubble mailer?  Maybe you’re wondering if it’s okay to put it in there.  this is something people have countlessly ruminate over, so let’s look over these mailers, and answer the important questions. 

Bubble Mailers: the lowdown 

Bubble mailers are basically envelopes with a protective lining made of bubbles. They’re basically a hero in the world of mailing and are used to make sure that the items get to one’s destination in a safe manner.  This is something that’s good for smaller items, especially little trinkets. 

When mailing these, the size will matter, especially if you’re sending something small. You wouldn’t use a huge envelope, right? let’s go into the different bubble mailers of choice. 

First, you’ve got the small bubble mailers, which are good for coins, jewelry, and letters.  They’re compact, so things sit nicely and secure. 

There are also middle-ground ones, which are good for video games, books, and even pieces of clothing. They’re good in space, without being too big. 

Finally, you have the big ones, which are used to send multiple things to people. They’re good for items that don’t need a ton of cushions but offer enough of a protective bubble that’ll really help with this. 

Now that you know a little bit about it, let’s figure out if a bubble mailer can go in the mailbox. 

So can I put it in there? 

You may be heading out to ship it, assuming it’ll just go in the standard mail. You’re sitting there, wondering if it’s right to do this, or just send it through the post office. 

We have the answers here.  you want to make sure that it isn’t too cramped, and the item won’t be hurt when you’re shipping it out, stuffing it in the mailbox. 

Here are a few tips to help you with bubble mailer mailing. 

  • Check the size, comparing the size of the mailbox to the bubble mailer that you have, and if the bubble mailer doesn’t fit in the mailbox, there’s the answer 
  • Don’t try to overstuff, because there is a chance things will get damaged if the mailer is bulging. If in doubt, send it in two different packages, or go to the post office for help. 
  • If you’re in doubt, you can also just send it to the post office 
  • [

Do Eco-friendly choices change these things? 

Obviously, we have eco friendly types of items, such as Kraft bubble mailers, which are good for many to use. 

They offer the following benefits: 

  • They’re made from sustainable materials, with the environment at the forefront, at the height of one’s thoughts without impacting the quality. 
  • They’re durable, so they’re made to protect your stuff 
  • They do have an aesthetic appeal to them, being both stylish and functional 

Now, you might wonder if you can just throw them in the mailbox like you would a regular envelope.  The answer is yes.  Many times they work just like a regular old envelope, so they’re safe to put in the mailbox. 

In the end, bubble mailers are a versatile and protective mailing item, with a range. You can also get sustainable ones, which is a great option for you to enjoy.

Bubble mailers are perfect for many reasons, and most of the time, yes, they do fit in the mailbox, so you don’t have to worry about it being complicated when you ship this, you just put it in there, and then go about your day as a result.