Custom Packaging’s Future 

More and more companies are looking to ship to customers directly, and that means that the product packaging is even more important, since it lets you put effort into this in order to market it, and it helps improve the experience of the customers. The appeal of the product that’s new, the deliveries and speed, the engaging and shopping of items, and even the unboxing experience is vital for those who want real custom packaging. 

The history 

It actually first started in 1817 in England. That was because cartons for shipping were actually a big part of it, and they stuck around till the 1900s, and stayed around for a bit. The containers that were used for this all contained a lot of different products that come along with this, and it also helped to create a design that’s fundamental and really worked. 

There are so many custom boxes, used for a variety of purposes, and is now used to transport items directly to other people, and custom sizing has exploded, because customers want to make sure that they give the product in a way that benefits those who use it, and also won’t damage the goods. 

The cool thing about this is that you can also get different sizes, weights, and you don’t even have to worry about it messing up. Pus, within the last 10 years or so, the new boom has happened: recycled packaging, and is something that plenty of people who are interested in getting the most out of their packaging experience have started to look at in terms of the best way to ensure that they get the most that they can out of their product. 

Eco friendly: the Newest trends 

One of the biggest, most emerging trends in custom packaging is eco friendly options. With more and more people worried about the plastic waste than ever before, it’s imperative that you look for eco-friendly, affordable packaging. 

A lot of people will pay for products that are sustainable, and some will even pay premium prices for greener packaging. It’s important to make sure that if you do this, you also don’t be wasteful with this either. If you’re a company that’s been using plastics, you may want to substitute it for a bioplastic, since it’s more friendly for the world. You can even get other alternatives too, including milk proteins, and fungi that’s biodegradable. 

AR Promotions 

AR is becoming more and more popular, including QR codes that take customers to a website, social media, or a bit about the product. They’re simple to put on boxes, and also reduce how much paper waste that’s used for instructional items and other inserts you may put in there. It’s also economical, since you can update everything online without changing the code. There are certain ways to use AR, including: 

  • Telling customers how to put packaging together 
  • Offer nutritional information for food products 
  • Offer interactive content so customers can engage with this, either through a contest or a game.

Go for Convenience 

Finally, in recent years, people want something that’s convenient. There are a few ways to do this. First an foremost, try to order everything online, and have customers a chance to get anything online whenever they can. Your customer service matters, and you should make sure that the service as efficient as can be. Finally, if nothing else, as a business, always make sur that you offer packaging that’s high-quality, durable, and is really good to secure and protect the goods that are in there from getting ruined. 

Custom Branded Poly Mailers with Tissue Paper 

If you’re looking to stand out in the branding world, you’ll want to make sure that you have something new to the table.  You’ll want to as well reinforce the branding of the company, and you can do this by wrapping custom tissue paper in a poly bag. This is a winning formula, and this is something that you’ll want to consider as well. 

The benefits of this 

If you’re someone who is curious about changing your packaging, a poly mailer bag is a great way to improve your business, and stand out from the competition. The positive results from this is something that can save you a lot on the costs of shipping and manufacturing in a lot of cases. The first benefit of this is that polybags weigh much less than regular boxes, and the savings may be small, but they add up as time goes on, depending on the company product volume and what you ship. You can also add bubble lining to make it better for more fragile items. 

The costs of this does vary based on the vendor, but there is a lower cost for every unit to make and then get these poly bags too, and when you add in the prices for branding that’s custom, the price for this is much less than boxes. 

The big impact of this is a lot more indirect, but it can improve the repute of a company and how green they are. There are a lot of greener ways to ship items, and this is a much smaller carbon footprint. Not to mention, it also is more efficient, since it’s smaller, so you don’t have to worry about the consumption of fossil fuels, and emissions that help to drive the climate change and global warming. 

Custom printing for this 

A cool thing about this, s that you can add custom printing, and the beauty of this, is the possibilities of this. 

You can add the website, the name of the company and logo, and even offer some message that’s special to the people who buy. You can even incorporate the QR code that’ll get them to the landing page, offering them a discount, different social media options including contests, campaigns, and so much more. 

It’s a great way to wow people, and custom poly bags are a great thing, and custom printing in general is quite easy tow orc with. 

Why custom tissue Paper 

If you desire to make the branding even more pronounced and better, you want to print the tissue paper that you’re sending out to customers. You can create different synergies from the branding that’s carried out of the poly bag, onto the tissue paper around the outside. If the branding of the bag is a lot more complex, the tissue paper can be a simple pattern with the logo of the company on this. 

The beauty of custom-branded tissue paper is that there are a lot of benefits on what you’d like to convey. Not to mention, because of how lightweight it is, there’s almost no impact from the weight and the costs of shipping, so the beauty of this, is that it’s something that doesn’t impact the weight, but it adds another great branding item to this. 

Consider this combo for your custom packaging needs, and see for yourself just what else this brings t the table, in order to create the perfect branding combo that’s great not just for customers, but also for those wo enjoy the way you’re able to create some great branding. 

Is it Time to Move to Recyclable Packaging 

Should you change over to recycled materials? Here, we’ll discuss whether or not it’s good for you to do. Is this the solution that you’ve been looking for? Before you pull the trigger on packaging, remember there are a few things that you should ask before you decide, to make sure to look at whether or not the packaging is worth it or not. 

Is it Sustainable 

With more and more laws being put into place to push for recycling, it’s something that’s successful for a lot of people, and it improves the rates of recycling while also reducing the amount of landfill waste is left around. 

This is something that’s viable for the long-term, and it ca be a part of the solution to the problem globally. But also, it’s important to understand that while it’s good, it’s not effective for everything, and you need to make sure that you also look at the demand for resources which are natural in order to create this. 

The benefits 

Recycling is something that helps to maximize the use of something that already exists, and it gives something that’s already been used another possible chance, since this is something that can be beneficial. That means that the packaging world can benefit from a lot of this, especially if you want to make sure that it’s from partly or totally recycled items. It also does conserve a lot of the resources that are there. It’s less harmful to our environment to recycle rather than to continuously produce these materials, which means less tress to be cut, and less habits that are there disturbed, and of course, fewer pollution from this as well. 

It also reduces the landfill waste, which is a major problem. Because the trash gets left there it is either burned, buried, or just left there, and it pollutes our world. Recycling reduces the waste and all of that by extending the amount of materials that are used, and the repurpose items that would otherwise be tossed out. 

It’s also quite easy to do. There are more and more ways now than ever before to recycle, and it’s something that a lot of consumers are using, and a bit of them are versed in it already, so it’s much more viable. Customers also like sustainability, so you can use it as a marketing tactic. 


While there are some benefits, there are a few drawbacks that come with this, since it can play a part in how much your company and their budget can handle something such as this. First and foremost, not everybody recycles, so it may not be worth it. It’s important to look at the consumer base, see if there is a possibility of it happening, and also to see if this plays a big part in it.  You can encourage them, but not everyone will follow through. 

It also is something that isn’t permanent, and it’s something that can be hard for a few thing’s paper is recycled, but it does degrade. While you can recycle a lot, it does only have so many times before it will decompose.  It is something to consider. 

Finally, it can be difficult.  Recycling plastic is very costly in some places, so it’s important to make sure that you look at whether or not it’s even possible. If it’s mixed plastic, it may not be exportable. There is also the fact that not every type of plastic is recyclable, so it’s vital to know if this is imperative or will impact how you recycle too. 

Flow Wrappers or Over wrappers 

If you find yourself debating between flow wrapping or overwrapping, you’re not alone. There was a lot less options, especially when it wsa just polypropylene, cellophane, or other flexible packaging. It was something that was always…so simple. yet now, there are different flow wrapping to try, and you may not be sure what to do. 

We’ve compiled a means for you to look at all of the different ways of looking at it, and also, how you can decide whether you want to get flow wrappers, over wrappers, and also help you make the ideal decision that’s possible. 

Flow Wrapping 

Flow wrapping seems intimidating, simply because it’s complicated, requires specific equipment, and it may not work for you. But it’s a very straightforward process, and it’s something that’s properly wrangled as well. With this, you have to just do three little tasks: 

  • Fill a bag with the items 
  • Seal it 
  • Send it out 

The packaging does offer consistency and protection, with good aesthetics as well. Flow wrapping oftentimes usually has polypropylene packaging which comes with this. This is oftentimes used for affiliate marketing, samples of product, coupons, different mailers, ice cream bars, candy, ice pops, baked goods, and small industrial items or medical devices. 

The devices that are there come in various horizontal forms, seal and fill units, and different variants, and some also believe that they do offer servo motors as well. This also is something that may best fit the needs, depending on the product that’s there and the volume of what’s needed. 


This is a bit more dynamic, as it can be a wrap cylinder that works with containers and cubic products, including boxes. This is used for wrapping different bundles, collation, and other aspects of this. It’s something that’s wrapped as they go down the conveyer belts that are there. They utilize cellophane and other kinds of films. The applications of this include boxed options including health and beauty items, produce, and tobacco. Overwraps also fit inside luxury packaging, and cosmetics too. This is something that’s largely dictated by different products, and also the volume of the items that’ll be repackaged. 

What’s Best for you? 

If you’re looking to figure out which one is best for you, the best way to figure this out is to answer some questions. If you’re going to pack tobacco products, then you’ll want to go with an overwrapped. For candy, then a flow wrapper is best for the needs. 

If it’s produce, then you want to get an overwrapper to help with this one. If it’s magazines or something tha’ts made of paper, then a flow wrapper will offer your best needs. Finally, if boxes are the name of the game, and you want to fully wrap those, then yes, you can use an overwrapper to offer the best machinery that’s possible for your needs, offering a truly amazing, remarkable experience that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

For a lot of people, getting overwrapping is a great way to boost your machinery, and also help you to get the best results that you can out of this. 

If you need something new to help you get your wrapping to the level that you want, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you talk to a packaging facility, and to make sure that, if you’re someone who is dealing with that, that you figure out what’s best for your needs, and from there, choose the packaging that’s right for you, and to help you get the results you want with your packaging.