Choosing custom corrugated Packaging 

No matter the industry, corrugated packaging and boxes offer that flexibility and the functionality necessary to improve your brand.

The main function of packaging is to protect this from damage. Corrugated boxes are especially good at this, with a robust, sturdy structure that means you’re getting the best protection for products during the transit process.

But with there being far more than meets your eye, there is an allure with the customizability and the versatility of this. customized corrugated packaging means you can change the design, shape, and even the way that the print occurs on the box and package, prompting better brand recognition.

Corrugated Packaging Options. 

Corrugated packaging uses one ripple sheet, known by many as fluting or the corrugated medium, that’s then sandwiched between two flat liner sheets. 

While the basis is relatively the same, there’s a ton of benefits to corrugated packaging, and lots of options. 

They include: 

  • Regular slotted 
  • Overlapped 
  • Half-slotted 
  • One-piece folding boxes 
  • Five panel 
  • Die cut boxes 
  • Patricians 
  • Bin boxes 
  • Gaylord boxes 
  • Corrugated pads and slip sheets 

So yes, there are a lot of things to choose from, and you’ll be grateful that you’ve managed to consider corrugated packaging for your needs. 

Why go Corrugated 

Customized corrugated packaging might seem obvious, but there are specific reasons for choosing this, which we’ll go over here 

The first is durability. There is the edge crush test, which is something that boxes get judged upon. it is dependent on how much they can hold atop one another. Corrugated boxes handle a ton of force before they collapse on each other, especially when compared to other forms of packaging options. 

There is also a better barrier protection that’s there. There’s a cushion for these products during handling and shipping, and they tend to be much stronger even compared to normal boxes. The custom-sized types of corrugated boxes also fit exactly to the dimensions of the items, in order to keep this secure, and better protected from the damage within.

Most standard boxes require some form of padding a protection, in order to help give it that extra bit of push that’s there. so while it is good, the corrugated box just blows this out of the water. 

They are also very customizable, which means that through different adhesives, treatments, and the like, they can even be made resistant to fire. The printing is customizable too, with customized boxes made from corrugated fibers providing that brand boost that will help to advertise the company, and their products too. 

They are also much cheaper. With the right packaging sizes, this is fitted to the product, rather than one that’s too big. It prevents the potential dimensional weight prices that can happen, along with freight costs. Overall, it’s a win all over the place for the savings that you can get.

They are also much easier to handle in a lot of cases than other types of boxes. For one, they’re flexible, so they come in a lot of different forms, and different walls, depending on the products that you have. They can also be folded up and broken down depending on your needs, taking up minimal space around you. They’re also very light, and easy for one to set up as needed. 

Corrugated boxes are a great way to improve one’s business and here, we’re able to show you just why they’re needed, and why they’re the best option for not just your current box needs, but for the future box needs that you might have.