Packing Boxes for Sale as a Business Enterprise

If I ever wanted to go into business I would probably start with one of two ideas: medical uniforms, or packaging and shipping supplies. You see, medical uniforms are always in high demand. You know how you go into the pediatrician’s office and all those cute scrubs just automatically make everyone a little bit happier? They are usually shiny and crisp looking; Sylvester the Cat or mustaches or Pooh Bear, not a stain in sight. These people have to buy those. They have to maintain a standard, you see. They have to look sharp, and friendly, and like they care. What does any of this have to do with packing boxes for sale? Not a whole heck of a lot, when you are looking at them together. But when you are looking at them as two separate, possible business enterprises it starts to make a little bit more sense.

Just like medical uniforms are in constant, high demand, so are packaging and shipping supplies! If I could offer packing boxes for sale in bulk, I think people would really respond to that. How many times, when you are getting ready to move, do you dread having to spend all that money on packaging supplies? If you buy any of it from a local department store you are sure to overspend, and forget about the actual moving stores. They upcharge like crazy! You probably wont wind up leaving yourself enough time to order online, either.

Packing Boxes for Sale

Enter: your local packaging and shipping supply store, with packing boxes for sale, packaging tape, moving blankets, you name it. On your way home from work you can go and pick up a bundle of boxes and set your mind at ease. I could even put together a moving bundle, with different size boxes, and tape, and bubble wrap, and those little divider things for cups and vases and stuff. And tall, skinny boxes for lamps because, let’s face it, moving lamps is a huge pain in the B-U-T-T. The crucial part is making sure that the prices are competitive to what is going on online. I bet moving companies would even start to purchase from a local store, at least in a pinch.

Of course I know that there are already stores that offer packaging and shipping supplies, but those are usually shipping stores, and they won’t offer everything necessary for packing up a whole house, and you certainly couldn’t buy it in large quantities.

So, yeah, I’ve got some thinking to do. The local college has a really great physician’s assistant program, and I could probably get signed on to provide them with their uniforms for the students. Or I could put up a sign that says “packing boxes for sale”.

Large Shipping Boxes At Your Disposal

What does anything have anything to do with large shipping boxes? Well, let me tell you. The answer is: big stuff. That’s right, I said big stuff. Because isn’t it just the truth that when you go the post office they only have boxes sized small, smaller, and smallest? What about the large shipping boxes? You usually have to go dumpster diving for those babies, or put a notice up on Facebook (“Hey, friends, anyone got a big box they don’t need anymore?”). It’s like the USPS thinks that large shipping boxes are overrated. It’s like they want to discourage you from sending anything larger than what they have to offer. I mean, I can’t say that I blame them. Of course if you were in charge of handling those things and moving them around and loading and unloading and shuffling about you would want to make sure that the size was pretty compatible with your energy and strength level. Naturally, “large” wouldn’t fit into that equation.


When it comes to needing to ship something large, you probably want to just start out at a shipping store. The prices are more or less comparable, even cheaper than going directly through a major shipping company. The best part is that when you arrive you have your pick of large shipping boxes. They have all manner of packaging and shipping supplies. Stuff for posters. Bubble wrap and brown paper. Wrapping paper and birthday cards. I try not to go to the post office at all anymore. I always wind up forgetting something and have to postpone the entire errand. If I start out by going to a shipping store I can be sure to have access to anything I may have forgotten. Like tape. I’m always forgetting tape. Or large shipping boxes! If I want to ship some pillows I don’t want to have to scrounge around for some second hand box that makes no sense. I don’t want to have to vacuum seal them either so that they can fit in a smaller sized box.

Of course, you should be prepared that when you are shipping something large the cost is going to reflect. Depending on where you are trying to send something you might even find yourself needing a new pair of pants after you get the total (unfortunately, pants are not something they generally offer at a shipping store).

What do Packaging Supplies Have to do with Game Shows?

If you have read the title to this little bit of content you have automatically and simultaneously asked yourself a question: what do packaging supplies have to do with game shows? Of course normally we would probably say, “Not that much, obviously,” or “I don’t know” or even, “Who cares.” There would probably be that one person who likes to try to have an educated answer for everything and so he would say something like, “Well, figuratively speaking, everything that the game show received in the mail would be directly related to packaging supplies, so you might consider that packaging supplies have a lot to do with game shows, they are just more behind the scenes.”

Well, no one wants to hear that kind of BS.

Wheel of Fortune

The actual and right answer to this question is Wheel of Fortune. That’s right. Just the other day my cousin sent me a screenshot of a Wheel of Fortune puzzle and said, “Ready, Go!” This was obviously to mean that I was to go ahead and try to figure out the puzzle. So I did. I like to think that my brain works quickly, and that it recognizes letters in an instant, and has a bit of a word-solving prowess. The problem is, though, that I try to fill in the blanks automatically and then I am left with these ridiculous phrases continuously trying to be right. It’s like when you are playing Pictionary and the other person keeps saying the exact same thing for your drawing when you’ve shaken your head “no” every single time. If it was magically going to morph into “candle in the wind” I would have said “yes” and then this round would be over…

The more my cousin insisted that I would never guess it but that I would hate myself when I found out, the more determined I became to discover the answer. In the end, the only thing that I could come up with was “apologizing profusely” and that just didn’t add up with the letters on the screen. And it was pretty lame. When I finally swallowed my pride and told her to tell me, she sent me a screen shot of the finished puzzle: packaging supplies. Why would it make me hate myself to not have gotten that? While hating myself was a gross overstatement, to be sure, I was definitely embarrassed. You see, I write about packaging supplies every single week!

Boxes for Moving and Boxes for Staying

I suppose it’s safe to say that there is always one of two elements constantly at work in our lives. The element of moving or the element of staying. We get a new job, or want to be closer to family, or just plain old want to enjoy a different environment, so we are suddenly in the status of moving. Even before we are actually, physically moving we spend the time leading up to it acting as if we are.

Some friends of ours will not be actually leaving their current home and taking up another in Florida until the summer, which is many months from now, but they still say, “We are moving.” And it would be the truth. We fill boxes for moving and then we actually go and when everything is unloaded from the truck it all suddenly transforms into boxes for staying. Suddenly, even though we don’t know anybody, even though we will have to Google maps where the grocery store is for the first couple times, we are staying. We don’t know the ins and outs of our new house yet, but it has become our home, and we are staying.


Boxes for moving become boxes for staying. It’s kind of a little bit like poetry. I guess you could even say that it is poetry; the poetry of life. We start packing the boxes for moving, putting the kids toys in them and our shoes and then there is the gratuitous miscellaneous box at the end that starts getting crowded with a bunch of random crap, because no matter how determined we are to maintain a system there still wind up being stray items at the end.

When we finally get unpacked all those boxes for moving become readily available as boxes for staying. The sport equipment gets packed up in them and gets put on a shelf in the garage, labeled with a black sharpie and you can call yourself organized. Another one with the summer pool toys, and another one with gardening supplies, and you have a system that you can really be proud of. How about winter clothes and summer clothes? You put them in their boxes and rotate them in and out of the attic pertaining to the season and your whole closet space opens up like never before.

What about you… Where are you right now? Are you moving, or are you staying?


The Journey of Corrugated Boxes

Boxes didn’t always used to be corrugated, you know. And maybe you did know or maybe, if you are the type of person who doesn’t know much about boxes, you didn’t. Maybe you don’t even know what corrugated means. Well, that’s what I’m about to tell you. The dictionary describes corrugated as “to bend into alternate furrows or ridges”, or “to wrinkle”. Think ripple chips. But cardboard.

Cardboard started out just like thin sheets. Nowadays we call it poster board. And then some genius came along and decided to try something new. He put a corrugated sheet of poster board intbetween two other flat sheets of poster board, folded it and bent it and wound up with corrugated boxes. Anyone would tell you that it was a pretty genius move, including myself.


Since the day they were born, corrugated boxes have been on quite the journey. They’ve helped people move all over the world. They’ve seen war zone after war zone. They hold memories and keepsakes, staying strong over the years as they sit patiently in attics, never complaining; their only fault is perhaps being too attractive to mice and other varmints.

Without corrugated boxes we could never receive any shipments from Amazon that weigh more than a few ounces. We probably couldn’t receive any shipments at all, because it’s only the corrugated boxes that can withstand the hardy lifestyle and handling of the average delivery experience.


Everything is cheaper now because it comes in corrugated boxes. Suppliers don’t have to pay for heavy duty packaging because there is a better option. From diapers to dishes, appliances and cat litter. The opportunities are endless. I, for one, am super pleased that such a thing exists. Every time we make a purchase that has to do with cardboard we throw the remains of the packaging into the garage for a bonfire. Sometimes the pile grows mighty high, especially around the holidays when there is a lot of mail and gifts coming in.

All members of the family lend a hand and we march the boxes out to the firepit, taking as many trips as necessary. The best part is lighting it all on fire. The blaze sets in almost instantly, roaring across the giant heap, lifting higher and surging outward, producing a glow and warmth that is both magical and comforting. The ashes go wafting upwards, sometimes in large sheets, and we watch them until they disappear.