The Benefits of Printed Pallet Wrapping 

Printed pallet wrap does cost a lot more than typical stock pallets, but the cool thing about this is that you can make this custom and it’s really fun.

The printed wrap is great for one thing though that you can’t get with regular pallet wrapping. That of course is branding. Wrapped pallets with the logo that displays it whenever you go somewhere with this will definitely showcase better things to others.

Here are a few benefits of printed pallet wrapping, and also what you’re going to get out of this. While the price tends to be more than the stock film you might use, the benefits can be worth it. 

The Benefits 

When you have a logo sent out on the pallets, this can reach different customers before it even hits the destination.

When you arrive, the pallet is going to stay wrapped up until it’s unloaded and stocked on shelves. It’ll expose others to the brand, and usually, people will see it. when you have storage that’s wrapped outside, or in busy areas, you can get these printed displays and show it to others.

This is nice too, and it looks better. It’s also an affordable way to advertise the brand as well. it doesn’t also have to be just pallets either. 

You can use this type of wrapping for a variety of different situations. For instance, promoting brands at sports events, concerts, gatherings within the community, and a whole lot more is the best way to do this.

Wrapping pallets will be stored and potentially viewed by customers, and printed pallet wrap is the best option to show this off. 

The logo is a great way for you to stand out, and that’s why a lot of people enjoy this. 

Color and Film type 

This can be put on a five-inch bundling firm, up to 20 inches at most. This is great for a variety of wrap products, including long tubing, pipes, and the like.

Usually, the rolls for this are 18 inches, and they can be on black, clear, or white sorts of film. The standard rolls for this usually are up to 20 inches wide in a lot of these.

The wrap needs minimally a 63 gauge type of thickness so that the printing can be thrown on there.  Usually, you can get this in either 63 or 809 gauge typically. The heavier is better for those pallets that have edges and corners that are sharp and the edges may jar you.

The capabilities 

There are a lot of capabilities with this, but if you’re going to get this, make sure that it’s at a high resolution. You want to make sure that it looks good, so get proof before you greenlight anything. That way, you can look for any types of limitations that come with this. Because of the film and the ink, sometimes it’s hard to get the colors that fade on there correctly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that shadows present on the logo might be hard to render, so keep that in mind.  Whenever you have logo artwork submitted, the company can print it and help you with this.

One of the biggest things to remember is that at most, four colors can be put on there. If you put more than four colors, the printing job won’t show everything.

Remember as well, that if you’re trying to save money, you should limit the colors.  You should try to make it so that the colors part of the logo is accounted for to help reduce colors.