Don’t Move with the Wrong Setup Again

If you are on the house hunt then this article is for you.  My family has done a lot of moving over the years and we have also helped many friends and family members move over the years too.  With the housing boom going on with interest rates super low and the housing market selling like crazy I want to give some advice on moving.  Moving is a big deal and moving days can really have an impact on how you feel about your new home as well.  I have been surprised at how having a good moving setup or moving crew can change an entire experience.  The feel of moving into a new home is just as important as doing it, but it is really how you do it that makes an impact on this. 

So what do I mean by moving with the wrong setup?  I mean that you need to start with the best vehicle for the purpose.  Many people instantly call everyone they know who has a truck in hopes that they can guilt or convince them to help you out.  This really is what most Americans do and it is the basic task for new homeowners.  They think that they must do this and that having a truck is the only answer for moving.  I am here to tell you that trucks make really bad moving vehicles.  I don’t like lifting furniture up that high to get it in the bed.  I also don’t like tossing cheap moving boxes over the side of the bed when these trucks can be up to five feet high on the bed walls.  I have seen so much damage happen to people, items, and yes trucks while moving.  Lots of people end up causing more damage all around getting things into trucks than any other vehicle.  It takes more physical strength and endurance to workload items into a truck and I think its the worse thing you can do.

The next setup people use it to buy a Uhaul or rent a large truck with a walk-in bed.  Now If these trucks have a long ramp then I would say they are pretty good.  But some do not and you have to lift all the items up again just like a pickup truck.  Yet again this is only slightly better than a pickup truck because it is at least covered from the elements. This helps you not get your cheap moving boxes wet and all the things ruined inside of them.  So this option I will put as number two in the scheme of things.

The best option I like is a walk-in trailer.  This is simply because it is low and people can use a cart or a hand cart to wheel furniture and packages in.  The ability to wheel items in, has saved many injuries and many broken or damaged items from occurring.  I have seen people have great moving experiences with a low walled trailer.  They can pull it with a minivan and it allowed people to simply have a fast and nonpainful move.  The truth is that I have seen people smile when they moved with a trailer versus the stress that comes with a truck.  Lower stress means a better move and a happier time for everyone around.