Packing Holiday Ornaments With The Family

The holidays have flown by, and most of us have to go back to work. The children still have another week of Christmas break. Now, before the kids and pets destroy the tree and remaining ornaments and decorations, what is the plan for preserving them? As you think about this, don’t forget the money and time it took to put it up for the holidays. This should prompt you to allow the proper time to put things away properly, while not wasting any of the money spent. I’m going to give you some steps that will help the process go smoothly.

First, don’t forget how much money and time was spent on decorating your home. I know you’re past the holidays, just as most are, but do not try to rush through this recklessly. You want to come out of this as cost efficient as you can. Disassembly and storage are important.

1. Preparation and Supplies
Think about where your decorations will be stored, and how you want to do that. Start by looking through the house for free and efficient ways of storage. You may have egg cartons in the fridge or trash. Old newspapers work well in storing fragile pieces. You can use leftover wrapping paper, the paper from the gift bags received, and leftover boxes from gifts ordered online. The bubble wrap will come in handy also. We all have plastic bags and maybe even the white clothing boxes. All of these items you more than likely have laying around after the holidays. Wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, and tape may be readily available.

2. Proper Packaging
This is time to separate fragile items from reefs and ribbons. What needs more attention than others? Group items together, so there is no confusion. Wrap everything in the proper preventative paper or packaging. Reuse the boxes and cartons the items came in. Electrical items need extra attention.

3. Use Proper Labeling
This is simple, but forgetting it will cause many issues for next year. Label everything accordingly, so you can easily find your items for the next holiday. Be descriptive, and write clearly. You want to be able to find and identify all of the decorations. This assists in not putting fragile items in places of danger to be broken.

4. Make it a Fun Family Activity
Decorating for the holidays is a family activity. Make this one too. It is important to do this to keep the children engaged. This helps to keep items from being broken. Instead of making this a chore, make it fun in any way possible. If children think it is a chore the level of attention will be low. Items get broken this way.

Lastly, you want this activity to go smoothly with minimal breakage. Believe it or not, the ornaments and decorations mean something. These will be memories for the whole family. It is important to show the family no matter the task you take care of your belongings. You remember Christmas’s of your childhood. Your children will do the same. Happy holidays.

The Incredible Christmas Eve Box

The Joys of Christmas Eve Boxes

One of the loveliest traditions for Christmas are the Christmas Eve boxes. This is an exceptional way to begin celebrating the holiday just a little bit early, and a whole lot of fun. The best part is for all the people who are unable to contain their excitement during the night before Christmas, they will not have to endure the usual wait until Christmas morning to start opening their presents. The beautiful Christmas Eve boxes will be ready and waiting for them on Christmas Eve. The fun begins when you choose the box, then fill it with treats and goodies chosen to delight the entire family. This is a unique, special, and custom-tailored gift to give children, and certain to put a smile on their little faces.

Choosing the Right Box

Choosing the right boxes is part of the delight found in making the Christmas Eve Boxes. The ideas are nearly limitless because there are no wrong choices. You can choose stackable gift boxes, and the sizes are just right. Candy boxes are lovely, and will enchant the children. You can go all out and use enamel boxes, trendy plastic boxes, or even use cardboard boxes, and customize them with little decorations, paints, sparkle, glitter, etc. The boxes will be absolutely adorable and so cute. If there are several children, try using different boxes, characters and decorations. Really mix them up and have some fun.

The Sensational Treats

Once all the boxes have been chosen, the real fun begins. The boxes can be filled with anything you desire. Opening little gifts on Christmas Eve will excite the children, and that’s the idea. Fill the Christmas Eve boxes with delicious treats, and fun activities and games. The kids will have their own special form of entertainment while they are waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. The gifts do not have to be expensive or big, just a lot of fun. All children have a favorite candy, and will be incredibly happy to find a few pieces in their Christmas Eve box. The idea is to fill the boxes with something your children will find special. Something that really feels like Christmas. They will look forward to getting their Christmas Eve box every single year.

Excellent Ideas for Filling a Christmas Eve Box

For anyone with any doubts as to what to put in their children’s Christmas Eve box, there are some excellent ideas listed below.

• A cute pair of Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas
• A Christmas DVD the family can enjoy watching on Christmas Eve
• Tasty Christmas chocolates and sweets
• A cookie cutter shaped like a Christmas tree, so you can bake and decorate amazing Christmas cookie together on Christmas Eve
• Candy canes in all different flavors
• Small toys
• A Christmas activity book or coloring book
• A Christmas story book
• Crayons
• A teddy bear
• A Christmas stocking for Father Christmas to hang on the mantel
• A special note from Father Christmas

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The Most Appropriate Way To Pack And Move Heavy Items

Packing for a move is difficult, and requires a lot of labor. This especially applies to heavy items. Tools from the garden and garage are much harder to pack than shoes or clothing. Getting appliances and large pieces of furniture ready to ship is also challenging. This includes items difficult to handle such as a home safe or a grand piano. There are additionally safety concerns for the mover, and this increases the cost. The cost for a long-distance move is based on the amount of weight, due to the extra time required for loading and unloading heavy items.

The problem is you can’t leave all your heavy possessions behind. There are tips to help you when heavy items must be moved. The right packing materials will protect your items, and make them easier to move for the shippers. These supplies will promote safety while helping prevent any injuries or accidents during the moving process. Double-ply, heavy duty cardboard boxes can hold the weight of heavy items. Specialty boxes should be purchased for valuable and delicate items with weight. Wooden crates work well for heavy items with odd shapes such as artwork.

A thick wrapping will decrease the chances of damage. Foam padding, bubble wrap and moving blankets work very well. Larger bubble wrap, foam padding, packing peanuts and corrugated cardboard are preferable. Heavy tape is required for packing, so the boxes are reinforced. Cheap supplies will not provide enough protection for heavy items. Small boxes with heavy duty tape will keep the boxes secure and properly distribute the weight. Any detachable parts should be removed and packed separately. When possible, equipment should be dismantled, with the most vulnerable parts individually and protectively wrapped. Fragile items must be immobilized.

Any space left in the top of the box should be filled with cushioning materials. The boxes should be firm, so they can be stacked easily. When necessary, boxes can be cut to the correct size. One box can also be sealed within another with bubble wrap for extra protection. Your boxes should be labeled with the contents. The boxes containing breakable items should be labeled fragile, no box should exceed fifty pounds, and all boxes should be labeled this side up. The best piece of advice is to always keep your safety, and the safety of the movers in mind. Use caution when moving items with a lot of weight no matter how well you have packed them. Property damage can be avoided if caution is used when heavy items are removed from your old home. The same applies when these items are moved to your new home. Using the correct techniques for lifting and moving heavy boxes and furniture will help to prevent injuries. Once all your heavy items have been properly loaded into the moving vehicle, make certain they are secured well. This will help stop any jostling or shaking during the move.

Hiring moving professionals will save you a lot of effort, time and headaches. They are experts and very experienced regarding moving heavy items. They posses the correct tools, and understand what is necessary to ensure your move is both efficient and safe. The general rule is if any item has a weight exceeding fifty pounds, a professional mover should be the one to pack and move the item.

Finding Free Cardboard Boxes For a Move

It isn’t easy to move. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating to the next neighborhood or if you’re going all the way across the nation. It’s never a simple or quick process. You have to put a lot of time into your move, to say the least. You need to plan diligently beforehand. It’s important to write out detailed lists of all the things you have to do. It’s important to look for a reputable and trusted moving company that can help you. The list of things to do is pretty long.
Collecting moving supplies can be a lot of work, too. People generally need to invest in cardboard boxes for packing purposes. If you’re interested in saving a substantial amount of money, though, you don’t have to set aside a fortune to cover your box needs. That’s because you can usually easily get your hands on boxes without paying a penny, believe it or not. You can swiftly find boxes through a number of different channels. Why ever pay when it’s just not necessary?

Craigslist is the name of a popular website that focuses on classified listings of all varieties. If you browse Craigslist, you may find people offering to give away cardboard boxes free of charge. There’s a good chance you’ll find at least a couple people giving boxes away close to you. These people may be individuals who have just completed their own moving projects.

The Freecycle Network can help people who are in need of free boxes, too. Sign up for your nearest group and alert others to the fact that you’re in need of boxes. You may come across a helpful person who has a few accessible to you.

Liquor shops can come in handy for people who are searching for boxes on the cheap, too. Head to your nearest liquor shop and speak with any employee you see. Find out if he or she can give you any boxes that are equipped with lids. Liquor store boxes can be particularly useful to people who need them for moves. That’s because they’re generally compact and durable. These boxes, as a result, are ideal for possessions such as CDs, DVDs and even books.

Bookstores can be terrific for people who are searching for free boxes. If you’re looking for boxes that can accommodate all of your most beloved books, there’s no finer option than a good, old-fashioned book shop.

Go to the supermarket in your neighborhood to find out if they have any spare boxes available to you. Odds are high that they do. You can call your supermarket beforehand as well. Tell them that you want them to keep their apple boxes around for a little bit. Boxes that contain apples can be terrific for moving and packing convenience.

Stop by local educational institutions. Schools receive frequent deliveries. That’s the reason they generally have so many boxes accessible. Get in touch with janitors who work for a school around you. They may just be able to give you some boxes. It’s a win-win situation, too. If you take boxes from janitors, they won’t have to deal with the time-consuming hassles and stresses of taking them apart and preparing them for upcoming recycling. If you want to save big on your move, free boxes can be a lifesaver.

Tips for making great Gift Boxes

Gift box ideas for all of the holidays can be hard to narrow down, so I am going to share some great and easy tips to make the perfect gift boxes.

One question I’m often asked is “what is a great way to stay stress free during the long holiday season. I can suggest not being outlandish with gifts; don’t feel like you have to give a gift to every person you barely know, but keep it to close family. Some candy boxes for mom, a little something for dad and any siblings. Feel free to tell other relatives of this tradition to allow some of their obligational stress to disappear as well.

I always enjoy the twist of the unexpected needed gift however, and the challenge of picking something they would enjoy. The team HomeGoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls gave me the task to do so while working with them for the Christmas decorating and Entertaining project. When they asked me to share some of my own gift box ideas, I could not resist.

The main challenge was to shop all three of the stores for gifts for a person not on your set gift list. Think of someone who it would be appropriate for, like a new co-worker or neighbor; that is who I choose, as this can be both a Welcome gift and a simple Holiday option as well. HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls all have quick options for gifts, and filling whole gift boxes too.

Tips for Gift Boxes
• Use a simple container, with equally simple accessories for it like the stuffing
• Put the filler/stuffing on both the bottom and top so nothing is lost
• Match your box theme to the gifts inside, such as food and drink that is relative for the holiday; cocoa is a great option
• Feel free to open the gifts from any plastic to put them in more homey trappings
• Mix it up with sweet and savory options, or any opposing tastes
• Add in different options for all, like varieties of chocolate or popcorn; or both! I did one box bursting with flavors like ‘sea salt caramel’ and ‘peanut butter and chocolate’. Anyone could grab a taste they would enjoy
• Make the gift box nice with great and easy labels, like the printable tags off Love the Day. It serves to give it just the professional touch that makes it perfect
• Buy in bulk; make multiple gift boxes, candy boxes, or bags by buying items that come in sets and divvying them up
Find plenty more tips and ideas with the gifts for the home office section and sweet homemade Christmas gifts for a yummy touch.