Wardrobe Boxes

Spring is always the busy season for buying and selling a home. People have been inside all winter and they are just too excited to get out. They plan on planting a garden, hosting barbeques, and just enjoying a new yard. They want to buy in early spring so they have time to work on their new yard before summer. There is also the benefit of buying in the spring to be able to do any repairs or renovations on the outside of the home. Not to mention the move will be in much nicer weather. No one wants to move and haul all of their belongings with snow on the ground. That’s why it is best to haul your cardboard boxes for moving in the spring.

You have to pick the right type of cardboard boxes, though. No one wants to be moving a box of heavy things and then the box bust on them. It is best to go with sturdy, durable boxes when it comes to moving heavy things. Packing your things into boxes you know won’t break is the responsible thing to do. It is also great to use the appropriate boxes for what you are packing in them. Yes, there are multitude of different boxes to choose from when it comes to moving.

The greatest box for moving that I didn’t even know existed is a wardrobe box. For so many times that I have moved I have had to just throw all of my clothes into a box. Even when I would try and fold them as neatly as I could, the clothes would still be wrinkled by the time I got to the new place and started to unpack everything (because let’s be honest, the clothes will sit in the boxes for a few days). This specific type of box is taller than regular boxes. It also has a bar across the top that your hanger goes right on! That way, your clothes are hanging up on your own hangers the entirety of the move. So even when I get a little lazy and wait a week to finally unpack my clothes, they will still be sitting nice and next to the closet just waiting for me.

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be terrible. Make sure you are set to move during a nice day. Also make sure you are using the best boxes you can to make the move as smooth as possible.

Preparing Your Decorating for the Winter Holidays

Let me tell you how I start my Christmas decorating. You may be surprised when I tell you many times I start decorating for next Christmas before this Christmas is even over. I always have my eyes open for neat ideas, for clearance sales and for tweaking this year’s decorating ideas (by reusing my plan in a slightly different way or even a totally different way.)

So when you are out and about Christmas shopping, attending those Christmas parties and generally running errands don’t forget to keep your eyes open for neat ideas to implement into your own Christmas decorating. Bust out the cardboard boxes and get to work!

One year I drove past a house at night that had so many unusual things light up with Christmas lights that it gave me the idea to light up my boys basketball whoop for a two fold reason. One reason, because no one else was lighting up basketball whoops and two, because my boys’ team was doing extremely well and ended up making it to the State Finals. I use ten to fifteen stands of 100 green lights and simply ran the strand around the pole, then drooped the lights over the basketball rim. I even wrapped lights around a ball and sat it in the grass as if the ball had just rolled off once the boys finished playing. It was so neat and one of my fondest memories of an unusual idea turning out extremely well.

Tweaking ideas from past years is also a great way to decorate. I love tweaking my ideas because I’m bound and determined to not ever decorate the same way twice.  Oh I know, many people have had the exact same tree, sitting in the exact same spot, decorated with the exact same 25 ornaments for years and years. That is just not me! And by no means am I disrespecting anyone that wouldn’t consider deviating from duplicating the same tree year after year.

But that’s definitely not my style! I have so many ideas running through my head that I don’t believe I will ever use up all my ideas. So whether it’s simply putting the tree in a different spot than last year, or decorating the small tree the way the big tree was last year, I’m always able to find ways to improve upon what was done in the past. And when January comes around, all the trees go back in my cardboard boxes.

Using Box Cutting Tools

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, you probably have a lot of candy boxes laying around your house ready to be recycled and broken down. One thing a lot of people love using for their cardboard is box cutters. And these seem simple to use at first glance, but so many people use them irresponsibly and end up cutting themselves.

The problem with using boxcutters is that it’s easy to hurt yourself pretty badly if you’ve never used one or are using it as if it’s not a harmful device. Whether you’re in a hurry or don’t know how to use one, just know you need to slow down and use them carefully. Let’s dig into a few things you can keep in mind.

Look at the blade whenever using it.

We know you need to keep an eye on the candy boxes when cutting them, but seriously, don’t look away from the blade. It’s not about where you’re going to be cutting, since cutting into cardboard boxes isn’t ever a precise and perfect thing you need to worry about messing up. There’s always more cardboard to cut if you really mess up. But if you mess up and cut your fingers, you could seriously harm yourself.

Keep it pointed away from yourself.

And that means making sure no one is near you when you’re about to cut something. This is what you’ll hear most often from anyone teaching you to cut, because you don’t want to stab yourself by cutting towards your body. And as often as this is said, you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t do this right. It’s more than 50%, I can guarantee you that.

Keep your box cutter stored in a specific place.

This is because you want to make sure your blade is covered and locked when not in use. Even if it’s fully retracted, it can still come loose on accident. You just want to make sure that you, or someone else, don’t end up cutting your fingers or worse.

Similarly, don’t try to catch a box cutter if it’s ever falling from the table or something you were just using. This is a good way to get cut. And we get it, it’s natural instinct to reach for something that fell because you don’t want it to break. But whether the blade was in or not, don’t try to catch it or else there will be a lot of blood to clean up.

Chores and Responsibility

Any time I think of the chores that need done around my own household, my mind wanders back to a time when I was young, had no true responsibilities or jobs, and only had to do a few chores a week for my parents. Sometimes I get caught up in wishing that was my life again because of the freedom and lack of care in the world. But then I realize I wouldn’t truly have the “freedom” I now have to do anything I’d like whenever I like.

Still, it’s a point in my life worth missing with how little I had to do. School was easy. My home life was great. And I had a lot of free time to do whatever I wanted. I sometimes wish I still could explore my options in my free time now, but things are a little more rigid when you’re an adult.

Chores, though, gave me character. And there were a few in particular that I think instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility in me more than other chores ever could have. Those chores? Well, read on.

Picking up the house.

This was likely the most common chore I carried out and one that the house needed the most on a daily basis. I got pretty good about carrying a few cardboard boxes around the house with me to pick up loose items and clothes. This helped me to save trips walking from one room to the other putting things in their rightful places. Of course, if you wanted to use something else besides cardboard boxes, plastic totes would suffice. We just didn’t happen to have any.


What better way to give a teen responsibility than trusting them to run power equipment? Obviously this is something that I was taught to be extra careful with, even if it was a riding mower. We never had hills on our property, so it was as safe as could be when mowing. Still, it sort of made me feel more like an adult every time I cut the lawn.

Washing dishes.

Working as a dishwasher when I was 16 kind of ruined doing dishes at home as a chore when I was younger, if only because I felt like my life was consumed with dishes. So, I learned the art of compromise and would often trade my brother chores in order to get out of washing dishes. That typically meant I would end up sweeping the house, but if it meant not doing dishes, I was all for it.

Does Anyone Truly Like Wrapping Gifts?

Wrapping gifts is one of those tasks that everyone sort of knows how to do, yet only a few truly enjoy the process. I mean, even if you went around and asked everyone you knew if they enjoyed wrapping gifts, the majority may say they like it, but their answer is always tied to liking it because they like giving gifts. Conflating the two usually means they wouldn’t just go out of their way to wrap gifts for fun unless there was a gift inside, meaning that enjoying the process is typically dependent on giving the gift.

And trust me, I’m one of those people who will flat out tell you that I’m not a fan of wrapping gifts. In fact, my partner and I decided this year for the holidays that we would just go out on a mini shopping adventure together and get things we thought the home needed. And I put emphasis on the word need here, because we’re trying to cut back on our expenses of gifts and things that are considered extra.

Still, I understand that I’ll still be wrapping some gifts that we got for my parents and her parents this year. And so, the dreaded process still looms.

I have noticed, though, that wrapping things is so much easier when you’ve got quality packaging supplies. If you choose to skimp on the materials, however, you’ll be met with a poor attempt at wrapping simply because the tape doesn’t stick well or your scissors weren’t sharp enough to make a straight cut.

So, if I had any advice to impart on you about wrapping gifts, it’s to go out and get some top notch packaging supplies. It may seem like a decent amount of money spent only on wrapping, which can be discouraging, but if you think about how you’ll get years of use out of your supplies, the expenses almost seem negligible.

Make sure to get things you know you’ll use, though. If you end up picking out different colored sharpies and fancy scissors that cut a certain pattern, reevaluate if you’ll actually use them. There’s no point in having much else outside of strong, adhesive packaging tape, a solid black magic marker, sharp and reliable scissors, and the best boxes around. (Of course, the boxes can be grabbed up for free depending on where you look. Just be sure to say no to weak, old boxes that look like they’re falling apart.)