Cooked based on Candy Boxes

It is almost fall and during this season people end up baking and cooking more than ever in my location.  The ability to to be cooking and enjoying the wonderful smells and the cool weather seem to be a staple in the midwest and this area loves making food a priority during this season.  I can only say that I follow along with this wonderful trend and I have started to get my baking on and love to incorporate my favorite candy boxes in to the mixes. Sometimes I decide what to bake depending on what candy catches my eye. So today I want to go over one of the easiest desserts and how to make it.  This really does depend on personal preference or what your family really likes, but I will give the basic recipe and how to get it during the pandemic of 2020. 

First things first you need to go ahead and get the correct ingredients.  Now many of your ingredients will be based upon your favorite candy and should be substituted for your own preferences.  Now this can be a little more complicated due to the covid-19 pandemic.  There are shortages all around the country and sometimes they are in the strangest things.  Online shopping has been a big surge in our location and many people are now having their groceries delivered. So you may end up just ordering these all online, but I feel that it hurts the shopping experience. This dish actually involves a candy and when it comes to picking it I love going down the aisle and seeing all the candy boxes to choose from. This allows me to pick the candy that I know will make me or my family happy.  It really is an important area and for me on this dish I enjoy a Snicker or Recce candy to go with this dish. 

Once you have a candy get two to four regular bars or a snack pack where they are small and have many is a perfect combination. Then you need to get a few boxes or cake mix.  I prefer getting chocolate but if you love vanilla go ahead and do that one!  From there get a few tubs of cool whip and then you need to get some chocolate or vanilla pudding.  Get two large boxes of pudding and all the ingredients you need are going to be at your beckon call.

Now the next thing you need to do is the bake the cake mix.  You can do it in one large pan or two small ones.  once that is baked let it cool and cut it into 2×2 or 3×3 squares.  This just makes it easy to stack and play with later.  Then mix the jello pudding together and get it ready to go in a large bowl so you can spread it.  Then get one large bowl, generally a popcorn bowl is the size you need.  This is because you will layer the cake in between and stack it.  So then take your candy and cut it into small pieces that you won’t mind eating in a pudding like dish.

Take the cake and make a layer in the bowl, put a layer of pudding and candy and cool whip then do the same thing until the bowl is full.  Then do a final layer of pudding and cool whip and add the candy in larger chunks on top for full visual effect.  Now you have an amazing dish that is quick and very yummy.