Shopping for the right corporate gift

Our business has fundamentally changed due to COVID-19 and we have started to move into a brand new area of marketing.  We wanted our clients to know that they really matter and that we are happily here to help them whenever we can.  So we have not only started to give out gifts for our marketing efforts but also move into corporate gifting for other companies as well. This has been a huge change and something that I wanted to share about.  The little nuances that we never thought of ended up saving lots of money for our company and I figured I would talk about it. 

The first area that took us by surprise was the fact that looks really matter.  The whole feel of a gift is based on the package in which it arrives.  It was really no surprise I guess but working on how to actually make a brown cardboard box look good was a process.  It turns out that even if the tape is perfect and the label is strait that it can still look a bit sloppy.  The angles of the corners and even the way they fold ended up making a huge difference in how they looked.  It wa all of these small things that added up to us needing to make changes.  But where do you go to get custom boxes that don’t cost a fortune.  Etsy is the first thing that always comes up on google for the first few pages and then the answer finally came to us.

Finding a good packaging supplies company was the answer to our problems.  It turns out that these companies end up doing the packaging and presentation for all the major big box stores.  They deal with custom work and do them in big batches at really low prices.  Just simple things like cardboard boxes can be purchased in big quantities and with that we were able to get custom work, colors, and looks for the same price as what we were paying for plain jain brown.

So that is really the big kicker for the whole ordeal and that is to get down to the makers of the products you want direct.  Going through middlemen who simply order for you sounds great and you feel like you will save time, but in realty dealing direct with the manufacturer  was really just as easy.  The customer service agents had already delt with all of our issues.  They had some really awesome advice and ask all the questions that we should have.  The amazing take away is that dealing with them was fast, easy, and super informative.  This was how we ended up taking a idea to a full blow section of our company within a few months.

They also were able to take our costs down in other areas as well.  When it came to sending the boxes they turned us on to using sticky labels instead of taping mailing labels on.  It ended up costing less in the long run and saved time on putting the packages together.  It was also a help to find a tape that only took one strip and not 3 to do a box.  The cost on tape went down because of this too.  Find a good online store and get your gifting on!