Shop for Your Favorite Snack While You Still Can

This year has been a wild ride for many different reasons. 2020 has given us lots of fear and scares all across the nation and especially when it comes to getting your favorite items in.  The COVID-19 Pandemic left our economy in shambles in some areas and getting food for a time was limited and restricted by law all across the nation.  It is all possibly about to kick off again, so if you have a favorite snack that you want to make sure you have for another year, you may want to hop in the car follow your local regulations and pick up a bundle of your favorite candy boxes right now.

If you had not noticed the 2020 election just took place and it is all on the stall.  The possibilities of a peaceful transition to either Trump or Biden is most likely less likely for the public than you would think.  Don’t worry, the government will transition just fine, but the civil unrest that we saw all throughout the year is most likely going to pick up even worse and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns will likely continue and even get worse.  That is why for the last few months I have been preparing to live off of what I have for a good long time.  There are some items that simply disappeared from shelves for months due to the previous lockdowns and a trucker strike is now taking place.  If this all happens again, make sure you have all the goods and foods that you need. 

My family has a few things that we would like to have in stock for the next year and some of them are not even that important.  I know that having a year’s worth of my favorite candy boxes is not a major priority, but if it helps keep the peace in your family during hard times then it now becomes essential.  It could be as simple as having Snickers in the house for a year.  That could be the difference between despair and happily surviving.  I know it sounds silly but we all need to do what we must in order to live a good life.  There is no reason to be worried or paranoid, but if you are able to store up extra food items in order to be safe and happy and it lowers your anxiety then I think it is indeed very important to do.

It really is incredible to see how our economy can be shut down overnight by legislators who have been proven to be presenting lies and falshoods all across the nation.  That is why I think it sounds silly to stock up, but lies can cause huge shortages and have already destroyed billions of dollars of food and livestock this year due to the dissemination of false information by our government and news outlets. So even if we are not in much of an emergency we could be thrown into an economic stop, where just in time delivery no longer happens and it is simply better to have more prepared than not. 

We have even seen locations due to the unrest in the United States where shipping stopped for months because of lawlessness.  It is sad that it happened, but it is better not have it affect us again if it does again!