Fashion and Food Marketing 

When you’re marketing food, you probably don’t think about fashion. But this is a n alliance that’s yielded some amazing results, and it’s combined two of the most popular Italian excellences out there.  This is a multisensory form for packaging with different samples that are framed for the food experience.

One example of this is the Grisbi. This is a unique packaging that was found by Matile Vincenzi, which launched a limited type of Grisbi biscuit that’s targeted to the counter segment that’s refrigerated, and this is similar to the Kinder and Ferrero items. The different variants that were proposed included hazelnut, lemon, and coconut. The packaging itself did need to faithfully, and from there reflect that freshness within the managed to do so. Through the illustrations and the photography that stimulated the senses and showcases the icy coating within these different packages. 

There was also the wild variant, which was famed by adding a leopard-print insert in a  more animal style to this.  the logo was changed into a more enticing sort of means, creating a poetic license that only very well established brands can pull together.

It also helped highlight the refined vanilla flavor that they wished to highlight. 

This success opened the door to other kinds of ideas. There were different, customizable items that culminated into a much more refined sort of variant of the most famous type of biscuit within Italy. This is elegant, and offers a spiciness to this, and an accent that’s further enhanced through the Passion payoff. The darker purple along with the pinker tones do dominate all of this. This illustration does depict a sophisticated, almost intriguing lace on this Grisbi package.  The main target for this one was female buyers, who are more emotionally, and palatal engaged, and it does create a desire to indulge in the gluttony of these treats. 

This limited edition ended up also having an exceptional sort of packaging design.  They were designed by two professionals.  One difference with this one compared to the previous packaging items, is that there was a vertical box with a model that was dressed in the “like a virgin” Madonna outfit that was put on the cover.  While it was not the first initial time that fashion embraced food, it stood out.  Another example of this was the packaging used for Magnum Algida, which used Dolce and Gabbana to work together.  It was an amazing package, with graphics that dominated this.  that, combined with the typical Sicilian carts added to this, it became a modern essential. Topping it off with the gold finishing and a vintage accent, this offered a must-have for those who liked history, and fashion together. 

Barilla is another one that uses this.  They did a bunch of experiments, and have tried to create iconic, interesting packaging. One is the pink pasta box that’s used to celebrate the GCDS, which is a streetwear that is LGBT supportive.  This is unusual for the realm of food packaging, but it does stand out, and the packaging does scream from any sort of supermarket shelf. 

Then there was Fendi, which was a fashion house that created an invitation for their latest catwalk through working with Rummo pasta in a more branded means. This was a synergistic meeting that beat the expectations of the critics. It was an initiative that offered mutual benefit to others, especially in terms of newsworthiness, and equity that’s there too.

So yes, fashion and food do go together, and there are many examples in this alone that showcase the fun that comes with these unique products.