Inexpensive Packaging Ideas 

Packaging is more than just a means to your end, but it’s actually something valuable.  The most trendiest types of social media strategies include creating packaging that’s sharable, and so many people are doing this because it gives not only proper brand recognition, but good exposure without missing out on the potential customers that are there. 

You want to do something that is creative, and won’t break the bank, and that’s something lots of businesses struggle with. Here, we’ll go over the proper inexpensive ideas for packaging that you should be trying. 

Box with Die Cut 

This is something that’s classic but is one of the most affordable types. You can get something that’s super simple, and it can match the branding style without looking super fake and engineered. Simplicity is something that works well, and you can use straight tuck end structures with printing that’s in full color, and it’s also not as costly as one might believe it is. 

Inside Surprises 

A cool thing that you can also add, is a design on the interior of this that’s printed on, and it’s very cheap too. 

This is becoming a lot more popular since unboxing does thrive on this. 

Patterns to Print 

Patterns are something that people like, and if you use this on minimal designs, it really does shine. 

Printed patterns can be done in a lot of cases at no, or minimal additional costs, and you don’t need a bunch of things to get this look, just a decision, and a little bit to invest it in. 

Digital Options 

Digital is probably one of the best ways to innovate the way packaging is and offer a personalized consumer experience. 

Digital printing is also cheaper, and it offers a better trajectory for packaging along with printing. 

The offset does offer a better output quality too, and it can actually be simple to add to the average corrugated box. 

With more and more digital printing becoming way more popular, you will see that it saves you a lot on ecommerce and corrugated printing, and you’ll also save a lot of money while also getting the items back in a much faster manner, since digital printing is way quicker! 

This also saves you a lot of money too, as you don’t need to get as much for tooling and setup, and a better turn time. 

Sleeves that are Custom 

One cool thing that people like to add is a sleeve around the box, and you can personalize this, even with a minimalistic design, and it oftentimes heightens your unboxing experience, for a fraction of the price point that normal custom boxes will be costing you. 

For companies that are keen on not only being efficient in costs, but also ecofriendly, this is one of the best things. 

They don’t mess up the structural integrity of the box, and customers can either ruse this again, or toss it. Plus, you can opt out of adding more paper and other materials that are usually included in goods that are perishable, and you don’t have to spend as much in order to be creative. 

Foil Stamping 

Finally, consider foil stamping and other options.  Hot foil stamping is way more expensive, but you can get regular, cold foil stamping, embossing, and UV, and it doesn’t cost a ton in terms of the packaging, and the cool thing, is that it offers a creative box without breaking the bank!

These are all great options for fixing your ability to send out your packaging to others in a way that entices them and gets them interested.