Cool Ideas for Mailer Boxes

Do you like to send out mailer boxes? They are a great way to get things to customers, but you might wonder whether or not there are different ways to customize these. The answer is yes, and here, we’ll go over the best ways to customize these mailer boxes so that they stand out.

Get Some Dividers

Dividers, or trays that are made of plastic are great for separating items. This is good for selling products that come in sets, or different types of similar products. Separating all of these is great because it creates a divine unboxing experience for those who want to use it, and it also shows that you care about the way that the items come to them, thereby boosting the public repute of the business. 

Get Some Artwork 

It doesn’t have to come in a boring white mailer box! Printed artwork on the box is a great way for it to look better. If you want, you can add logos and other designs using colors for the brand, making it look pleasing and pretty.

It also is great too if you encourage unboxing and videos, as they can show the package off, and they’ll feel excited for the inside contents that are in there.


Stickers that are printed are something that businesses love. They’re not just feasible financially, they’re great for improving the way that you close boxes.

You can get mailer boxes that are blank, and then add some custom stickers. It’s also cheaper than getting custom boxes for these products, and also, it’s a fraction of even just printing artwork on there.

It’s a good way for smaller businesses who don’t have the means to really get the expensive stuff to show off to customers and get them excited for what’s to come.

Print Inside

Another thing that you can do, is make the inside just as exciting as the outside of this. This is great for adding some kind of individuality to this, and you’ll be able to print the details of the contact, any other social media handles, and also some instructions that are on the inner part of the box lid, to make it look even better too.

Colored Boxes for Mailers 

If you’re looking to stand out, but don’t want to just use white mailer boxes, get them custom. You can choose one specific color, and you can then get them in brand colors to make them unique and attractive. 

For small businesses that are starting out, this is a great way to get the other customers that come to you excited as they are a great way to boost the business and sales that are there too.

It’s important that if you do get these, you also don’t get too crazy with this. That’s because they can be a great way for you to stand out, but remember, you don’t want to put the entire marketing budget into this. Get a little bit, and from there, boost the different factors that make them unique, and that as well can help you look even better.

When choosing the stand out, as a small business, you want to consider using these types of custom mailer boxes. They’re cheap, convenient, and they look good. But how do you make them look different?

These are but a few ideas, but if you start with them, you’ll be able to boost your presence, and really make it shine in the process too. Consider using one, or many of these different ways to standout, and you’ll be able to improve your ownability and wellness, and also get more people not only excited for what you have to offer, but also get them on board for a great unboxing experience that you can enjoy, and one that definitely delivers on all fronts, for your own personal needs as well.