Why Cheap Moving Boxes are the Best

Nobody says that they want to spend a lot of money on cardboard boxes. Or if they do they are probably lying. We generally use cardboard boxes one time and then we are done with them. Sometimes, if they hold up well, we can save some of them and use them for a side project in the future, or to send your cousin her old jean jacket that you borrowed at your other cousin’s rehearsal dinner.

Cardboard boxes are ideal for short term, and this is why we choose them for moving. On top of that, this is why we choose cheap moving boxes (keyword being cheap). Have you ever heard of anyone packing all of their house up in plastic bins? I didn’t think so. You would wind up with about a hundred totes after everything was moved in and then what would you do with them?

Cheap Moving Boxes Maybe build a house out of plastic totes or something. Have you ever heard of anyone packing all of their house up into garbage bags? Absolutely not! That’s even more ludicrous than the opposite extreme. Nobody with any type of life experience would put their dishes and appliances in plastic bags and heft them around. You might as well just move all those bags right into the trash, because that is about what the stuff will be worth after the entire process.

No. The answer to all of this is cheap moving boxes. And the answer to cheap moving boxes is PackagingSupplies.com. Remember what I said about packing dishes in plastic bags? I’ve got one better. Dish packs. These are cardboard partitions that go inside boxes to keep the glassware from killing each other on the journey. I’ve used these before, and they are amazing.

As much as I loved the dish packs I loved the lamp boxes even more. Somehow moving lamps is an enormous pain. They aren’t very sturdy, they are awkward, and of course they are fragile. My ultimate favorite, though, in the family of cheap moving boxes, is the picture frame box. I have had way too much stress occur over whether or not my paintings were sleeping peacefully enough between the guest bedroom pillows, or wrapped up in a sleeping bag. I always imagine a sore spot being rubbed right through. Thanks to the the picture frame boxes, all of that anxiety goes away. There’s enough from the rest of the process, am I right?