Designing Custom Stickers 

Stickers are great for boring boxes, turning it into an amazing, valuable aspect. This is definitely better for your budget, as it will help with enhancing the different boxes that you have. It’s cheaper than embossing and stamping, and it requires almost no effort, and you can incorporate this into practically all kinds of packaging. 

This is also one of the best tools for marketing, simply because it not only gets to the customer in a way that’s better, but also, it tells you a lot about the brand. With more and more people sharing packaging to social media, the stickers are a great way to let people know about the brand. Stickers are great for improving creativity and getting those juices flowing. 

Go for Creative Shapes 

The size, color, and shape of stickers play a major part in the identification of the brand. This is also something that plays a role in the sticker size and shapes. It’s easy to go with circular or square types, but sometimes, you can get away with shapes that are crazy, and really catch the eye of the customer. 

For example, stickers in the shape of arrows, maybe triangles, and the like offer new, fresh looks. It tells people who they are, the logo, and it also is a great way to let people know who you are. It makes the unboxing experience better too. 

Identify Products with These 

If you’re someone who likes different products, designing these and the like, you may want to go with possibly custom stickers that go along with this. It allows you to keep your box in the right shape and enables true customization according to the stickers and the product that are there too. 

Some companies may put these on packaging that’s simple, and the cool thing about it is you can use it to seal it, offer its flavors, and also tell them about the brand. 

Stick it to Everything

The thing about stickers is that they literally work for everything. You can actually decorate plain boxes to your liking.  It is something that offers different packaging options to customers. Some companies may use plain, boring colors for their boxes, but this is a backdrop that allows you to possibly create a unique experience with this. This does take a bit longer to put together, but if you want to offset your printing costs, or have someone design it, this is the way to do it. 

Bundle it Up! 

If you do have a chance to go for better and more creative designs, or have the budget, there is always sticker bundling. 

If the packaging does require this to be put in bundles, try it with the stickers. 

It showcases the creative and artistic talent that you have and shows that it’s fun. The cool thing about this as well, is that you can use this as a unique marketing and unboxing experience. Do keep in mind that if you do this, make sure that everything lines up correctly on this. 

This is something that doesn’t work for all brands, but if you’re interested in creative, unique ways to improve your packaging, this is it. Now that you know the different ways to make your packaging stick out with stickers, look at the different ways you can “stick” this all together, and try to design the packaging that you have. 

Stickers rock, and here, we showed just a few of the fun ways to make stickers really shine and some of the fun ways you can use stickers to promote your brand as well.