Packaging reduction for sustainability 

Packaging is something that lots of people are looking to change. A lot of people are looking for a sustainable sort of plan, in order to reduce that environmental footprint. This can also aid with meeting the demands of the attentive customers which are there. It also can help with being eco friendly. Here, we’ll go over why this is important, and why it’s good for purchasing choices. 

The Manifesto 

This Wellness Manifesto pushed by Kellogg, is something that’s a focus on being sustainable, while also being socially responsible.  It’s something that also limits hunger within the world too.

There are now recyclable packages for pringles.  This is something that’s become a pilot project, but now works on a global level. 

By 2025, Kellogg plans to reduce all of their current packaging in order to make it either reusable, compostable, or recyclable. 

Their New Boxes 

One thing that they’ve also managed to do is reduce the packaging. They got creative designing this packaging in order to focus on the reduction, the reusing, and the recycling of said materials. Due to the reduction of the cardboard that’s used to package these cereals, and also shrinking the bag internally. This actually reduces the plastic and paper that’s used in the environment, and it releases hundreds of tons less of the plastic that’s there. 

From the design of the packaging viewpoint, the novelty of the band that’s at the top shows that it’s sustainable, especially in the packaging.  In that center part near the red Ka, there’s now a band that points out the supply of different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are there too. 

The company has released a key statement on this here people do demand rightfully more from companies such as that. Everyone expects the food to be the same. They’re working to resonate the product a bit wider with the box contents. Their goal is to minimize that environmental impact, while also preserving and protecting the food in the best ways that they possibly can.

For many companies, this reduction doesn’t mean a lessening of the content that’s inside, but instead it reduces the amount of filler and packaging that’s being used. 

What This Means 

What this means for a lot of their packaging, is you’ll start to see them phase out the current boxes in favor of shorter, maybe a little bitter, and more eco friendly packaging. The plastic inserts that are inside are going to be changed, and many times, people will be able to get a more sustainable sort of box and bag.

The boxes, of course, are made from cardboard, which is being changed to a more recycled kind of product, which offers a better way for you to get the most that you can with this.

You want to make sure that, with this, you optimize the packaging to these different sizes. The spaces that are empty, too much packaging, and the usage of less items.  This is something that’s great too.

Most people do not want spaces that are empty, or having too much packaging, especially if the materials are not sustainable. This is because, when you do that, you’re going to create packaging that’s going to be a problem over time. What you need to do is to design a packaging that’s fitting for your needs. By creating prototypes that you can try out, and from there, seeing if this is right for you, you’ll be able to get top-level packaging for a great price,  and it’ll fit your packaging needs as well.