Strategies for Effective Returns 

Returns do happen one way or another. Unless you have a policy for no returns, that will upset people, especially if you charge a lot of shipping fees to send it back.

When items are broken, not the correct size, or even the incorrect color, a lot of companies grow critical of businesses. This is something that makes some companies fear a return strategy. However, this is something that does happen, but you have to remember it does waste money, time, resources, and also the space within the warehouse.

Returns have increased too, and with the issues of supply chains and shortages as well still being a problem, there are returns that are also creating more pressure too than they did beforehand. A returned item is not sorted, caught in transit, or maybe it’s something that customers can’t get. It’s a struggle, but here are some strategies to handle returns in a better manner. 

First, have Return Management 

This is your first step. You want to make sure that you’ve got returns management. This is something that offers different types of aspects, such as customer support, and even managing the inventory.

They take care of the returns. They talk to the customer, then, they receive it, they stock and restock it, and manage the inventory. 

You want to reach out to the customer 

If they’re not happy, they’ll talk to you.

You need to talk to them and reduce the damage to your reputation. This is also a way to boost the loyalty and the satisfaction of customers that are there. hearing these concerns, offering differ options based on these policies, and also taking charge is good. This can include a return, refunding, or even exchanging this product. 

Remember it’s ultimately their Decision 

They’re the ones with the final say. Customers will determine this, so you have to keep this in mind.

Are you offering only store credit? Do they have to pay back the shipping? Will the refunds take up to six weeks to post? This can be annoying for customers, and they might just stop it all there.

Make sure that the terms are decent enough, so that if they do want this, they proceed with this, so that they can get their returns fast. 

Get that Product Back 

Remember that you need to get that product back as well. that way, you can proceed with it.

A lot of times, with 3PL services, they usually offer prepaid shipping. The customer gets this, so they just need to send it back. That’s indeed the best way of going back to the company. 

Delivery, Assessment, and Returns 

When you get the product back, the people running the returns will open this and look at the damage.  They can choose whether or not this can get back onto the warehouse shelves so another can purchase. 

For some items, like exchanging for a different size, the damage is minimal. But for items broken beyond repair, they’ll have to just go and be tossed away, and you’ll have to replace it.

You also need to look at whether or not this got damaged during the transit, or if the item was faulty. This can also help with business practices too.

Finally, it gets back onto the shelves, and you want to make sure that it gets back, and you make sure that it’s also fine as well. make sure to inspect this so that you are able to check and see where the problems lay, and prevent them from happening once again in the process of your shipping services. 

How to Combat Stretch Film Breaks 

There’s nothing more frustrating than you want to get items out, only for the stretch film to break completely.  If you’re someone who is constantly fighting with this, you’re not alone.

But what can you do to boost your profits, reduce stretch film break, and have better control over this? read on to find out, and you’ll learn why you’re dealing with this, and what you can do to fix this. 

Issues with the Load 

The first reason is your loads. A lot of times, if the load profile is too much, this is what causes the breaks.  If you’re looking at different things that can puncture, tear, or even stress.  if you have a lot of protrusions and sharp corners, this is going to cause this.

If you’re not checking for even nicks, resin build-up, or cuts, you’re also going to miss a lot of problems that might be there.

When you lower this film tension or the stretch level, you can take care of this.

You want to make sure that the tension is the highest that it can be without the film breaking or the loads being crushed. However, keep in mind that the film tension will work if you add a bit more layers to this. find that happy medium and keep it there. 

The Wrong Settings 

Another reason why you might be experiencing this is the setup of the warehouse. If you’re not seeing this p correctly, you’re not reducing the damage. Setting the correct standards that are applied in a consistent manner will help.

If you notice that the stretch wrapping is missing a lot of containment force, or it’s dragging a bit, you may experience more product damage. That means, if the settings are wrong, you will deal with the fallout.

The solution involves checking things before you start. Make sure that the film gets threaded in the proper manner, and it’s the one to use. If it is, then is the tension set correctly? 

If you’re using stretch wrapping that’s automatic, then check the clamp on the film for any nicks or cuts along the surface. Also, make sure that the air pressure is right on the clamps so that they don’t break. 

Do this Now to Prevent Stretch Film Breaks 

The way to prevent these breaks during transit is for you to take them upon yourself.

When you reduce the film breaks, along with the shipping damage when transporting them, you have happier customers. It prevents product damage on all sides and makes things better for them as well. a lot of times, when you have stretch film breaks, the product damage can be so much, that it upsets people.

The correct solution for stretch wrapping and unique packaging involves changing a few things. Having an idea of what to change with your stretch wrapping is important for a reason. It can be the difference between having stretch wrapping that works, and also stretch wrapping that just isn’t useful for you to use. 

The correct packaging can change a different situation for everyone. Many times, incorrect packaging is what keeps people struggling to get more people involved in their business. But, when you have the correct packaging, and repair services there, along with a good grasp of what it is that you need to do, you’ll be able to offer a lot of packaging options to check out.

Prevent this today, and you’ll increase your customer base now, and in the future through your efforts and needs that you might have as well.

Water Activated Vs. Carton Tape: The difference 

In the world of packaging, there are counterparts to chipboard and corrugated fiberboard.  There is foam and bubble wrap, stretch and shrink wrap, and all of these work in the different but similar sort of category. They all are similar, but the purposes of such are different.

The correct choice for this type of tape is confusing, and there are many questions about the correct kind of tape. 

With so many kinds, you’ll feel like you’re going crazy with this.

So, what’s the difference between carton tape and water activated tape? Well, let’s read on to find out. 

Water Activated Tape 

Just like how all Jacuzzis are technically hot tubs, not every hot tub is a jacuzzi, water activated tape is actually a type of carton sealing tape, but carton sealing tape is not water activated.

This is made with a liner that’s kraft in terms of coloring, but it also might be white, printed on, or even colored. 

The adhesive with this is activated via water, hence why it’s named that.

Once this is applied to a container that’s corrugated, the adhesive then bonds the tape and the container together to form a seal. 

This seal is strong, so much that you can’t actually remove this without tearing or ripping apart the packaging.  This is why it’s considered tamper evident, since this shows whether or not someone’s messed with something.

Most of these also come with what’s called fiberglass lattice and this is sandwiched between two different layers of paper, to reinforce this so that it’s even harder to tear this, while also supporting more of the weight that’s there. 

Carton Sealing Tape 

This is the general term for any tape that actually seals a carton. Water activated tape which binds to; boxes when they’re wet, cold temperature tape for different shipments that go to temperature sensitive places, and finally quiet tape used to make less noise when you unroll it are all technically carton sealing tape. They each have their own uses and features though.

Depending on the tape type, you’ve also got a lot of different variables. One of them is the tape liner. It’s either made from PVC, polypropylene, or even paper. This can be printed, clear, tanned, or colored. The thickness of this liner does vary based on the usage. 

For instance, economy tapes are about a millimeter and a half thick, whilst the heavier ones are 3 millimeters. They do vary, and you can use hot melt, acrylic, starch, or a natural rubber. 

The Best Kind 

The best way to determine this, is basically the type of situation that you’re in.

If they’re heavy duty, you’ll want a heavy-duty tape.

If you’re shipping to places that are humid, snowy, or cold, use cold tape.

If you’re using this for packaging that needs to be less noisy, then you’ll want to get tape that has less noise.

If you’re trying to make the options tamper proof, then you want to make sure that you have water activated tape to help with this.

Finally, you can get the customized tape, since this will offer printed and customized tape to help with this 

Here, you learned about both of these the benefits of cush, and their usages. You’ll be able to, with each of these, get the most that you can out of this, and provide the ideal situation for your tape needs. You’ll be amazed at the difference that this makes, and also what this means for you, and also how, with the right tape, you can make a major difference.

Three Things to Consider Before you Design a Package 

If you’re going to make new packaging designs, you need to consider these three things. Remember, this is the communication from brand to consumer, and you want to make sure that everything’s proper so that your customers are happy.

Here are the top three things that you should make sure are in place when choosing the right packaging design.

That it Communicates the Brand 

Your brand is just as important as the item that’s inside. The colors, fonts, shapes, and even the correct packing and textures speak a message that you have to be mindful of with the brand. 

This might seem arbitrary or trivial, but it’s got a huge impact on the sales of a product.

Different colors convey different feelings to the consumers.  For instance, when you use packaging that’s orange, that’s communicating it’s cheaper or fun products. Black conveys luxury. There are different ways to set each of the products apart, however, such as varnishes, foil stamping, embossing, and even different varnishes and laminations.

When you’re designing, you want to make sure that the packaging does advertise the brand. Some customers have different expectations, and this is what they believe the packaging to look like. When you have the correct packaging design, you’ll be able to convey the difference, and what truly sets you apart from the rest of the gang

The performance of the Packaging Matters as Much as the Product itself

This is important because your packaging is more than just what’s on the shelf, so you need to make sure that the functionality does exist past the shelf too. Some customers get picky about the packaging that the product contains, and sometimes, bad experiences will turn them off from the rest of this.

That’s why, having flexible packaging, that’s easy for you to store, can be resealed, and finally, easy to open, are some of the best ways to build your branding. 

 When you design a package that fits everything that’s listed here, you’ll want to also facto in the product life cycle too, since this is something that the package will have prior to making it onto the shelf.  You should make sure that there is some level of protection, or durability that’s there from water, shock, and other different elements that’ll damage the product that is there. This impacts the performance just as much, or sometimes more than the product that you have within. 

Sustainable is The Way to Go! 

Finally, you want to make sure that you go sustainable with this. get the packaging with materials that get sourced correctly so that it boosts the sustainability score of the brand.

If you use post-consumer recycled options on this, you can also reduce the need for resources and the like, which also protects the world around you.

Flexible packaging is becoming more functional and eco-friendly than normal cardboard and glass, and these containers improve your sustainability score within the company. This also boosts your brand image in the way that customers look at you. It’ll reduce the costs of the material, and from there simplifies your storage.

[so when you’re choosing the right packaging, one thing that you can do to make this better, is to make sure that you offer some unique sustainability options.

Shrink film and the like are going to be your best friend with this. start focusing on this today and adjust your brand packaging to make all of this work, so that in turn, it can help you with the other types of packaging benefits that you wish to have. 

How to Fix Packaging that’s Difficult to Wrap 

If you’re someone who has faced wrap rage, you’re no alone. This is something that plagues a lot of different packaging, and retailers.

This can markedly damage the business, as a lot of customers get unhappy, and they’ll turn to other competitors because of the poor experience. They also will have a lot more frustration if you damage these items accidentally, or if you injure yourself when battling the opening of these packages.  You may wonder if there is any way for you to fix this, and help with the problem head-on.

There are new solutions that are implemented in a lot of cases. One of the most popular, are boxes that have a tear strip that’s built-in, and this actually ends those packaging woes, while also enhancing the appearance and the protection of the parcels that are there. 

The pulling away of this is so easy, and it’s simple and free from the hassle that’s there too! This is also good too for preventing tampering of the packages. Remember, this tear strip is not reapplied once you’ve removed it, so if someone’s managed to open this, it’s clear as day to the customers that are there.

You can have this sit on the flap where the boxes are too, so that if you want to seal things correctly, it doesn’t cost more for people. You’ll notice as well that you don’t’ need packaging tape either, and the parcels will look better and give a lot better of a first impression than other types of sealings. 

You may wonder if there are other ways for you to have better sealing and less wrap rage. There is.  You’ll be surprised at the different ways to use these strips.

One popular way that people have begun to use them is on mailing bags and mailer envelopes. These lightweight containers are great for you to stuff items in, and they also are good for a lot of people who are worried about the mailing of items.  You can utilize strips that are easier for you to close and open up the strips that are there. Too.

The other cool thing about these strips is that yes, they’re good for closing things, but they’re also ideal for returns too. Let’s say that the customer liked it, but they needed a new size.  You can have these little seals put on them. They just have to re-print the different labels needed, and then, they just give it back to you. It’s really as simple as that, and it’s good too for the customer experience.

Gone are the days of fighting with customer service to help with the packaging, and here, you’ll be able to get the best and most memorable packaging placed here through the different packaging that you offer.

Wrap rage is something that you don’t want, because it’ll make the unboxing a whole lot harder for you. You’ll be able to show to the people who buy from you that yes, you’re practical and smart, and you make it so that they’re easier for you to open up as well, and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

Ready to end wrap rage, then try out a new packaging supplier that understands this. Design the packaging that you want to, and that’s correct. Once you’re done with that, bring it out to them, and showcase to them that you’re ready for you to get the packaging that you want, and also, to show that you’re ready to have the best unboxing experience for the customers that you want to have too.