Five creative uses for a cardboard box

Today’s world moves at a fast pace and everyone is on the go seeking a more convenient way to live. There’s throw away wrappers, throw away cups and much more. However, a throwaway society produces a lot of waste and the problem of throw away cardboard boxes is a shame because these paper based gems can be used to create amazing things from a child’s craft projects, works of art to even furniture. Seeing the magic in a simple cardboard box doesn’t require much, but an actively engaged and creative mind. So, in the spirit of creativity here’s a rundown of several creative uses for cardboard boxes that you can begin today.

Children’s story theater
What you’ll need:

Small cardboard box
Tissue paper
Crafting paint
Cardboard paper
Story boxes help young children expand their imagination by allowing them to create a 3d story from a favorite children’s book or their own imagination. You’ll need to cut the box using quality scissors and then watch your child’s imagination take flight as they create a 3d story from their mind.

Homemade Treasure box
What you’ll need:

Small cardboard box
Tissue paper or crafting paper
Cardboard cereal box
Crafting paint
Plastic jewels
The imagination is the limit when you create a treasure box with your child. Cut the box into the shape that you need and then paint plus decorate it. Once it’s completed you’ll have created a memory that will last for years to come.

A cardboard box isn’t just for children’s projects, adults can get in on the fun while doing their part to recycle when they create their own cardboard projects. Because 90% percent of deliveries to Western addresses are done with cardboard, you’re sure to have cardboard on hand to create a great cardboard recycle project.

Recycled plant box
What you’ll need:

2 Medium sized cardboard box
Plastic liner
Hole puncher
Favorite plant seeds
Green thumbs are sure to love creating DIY planters that can easily be kept nearby on a window sill or balcony to create a balcony garden.

Storage Totes
What you’ll need:

Medium to Large sized cardboard box
Gold screw bolts
Spray adhesive
Different durable colored fabrics
Stiff belts
Cardboard storage toes are a simple cost effective way to provide extra storage space for magazines, books, and even clothes and they are amazingly simple to make.

Wall art canvases
What you’ll need:

Small to medium shoe box tops
White paint
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
A plain cardboard box can be turned into a work of art by using a primer and white paint to create blank canvases that can be used to create your own works of art. So, get started today and you might become tomorrow’s next rising artist.

The uses for cardboard whether in its box form, a shoe box top or a large board are endless. Creating great crafting projects using this versatile material can be an exercise in imagination and fun. Because they aren’t simply discarded after use, you’ll also be doing your part to plant the planet. So start today to see cardboard in a different way and you could help create a brighter tomorrow.

Some Fun and Creative Ways To Use Candy Boxes for Packaging

Making candy and other holiday treats is a great way to show the ones you love you care. You make some homemade chocolate and then you put in a box and send it off. sounds simple enough. Did you know that you can get more creative with this idea? There are many ways you can turn some plain old candy boxes into something more whimsical and holiday-oriented.

1) Did you make some peppermint bark for your family” Take some cellophane and wrap it around the outside. You will show off the natural side of the bark made of almond and white, bittersweet chocolate. Tie with a nice little ribbon. The color is up to you, though red is a preferable choice. Use a nice tag on the end of it. This gives the illusion of being in a candy box when it is not.

2) Take some homemade brittle and use a cellophane bag once again. Package it up nice and neat. Use a label fold-over for the front of the packaging.

3) Take some candy that you have made. Put it in a wooden box. It does not have to be extra big. It just has to be enough to hold all the candy you have made. Line the inside with some pink and/or red foil. Put a lid on it and attach the label.

4) Want to make some nice stocking stuffers for the holidays? All you do is go online and find a template for the “ribbon holly candy boxes”. Print it out and make it your own creation. Tuck some candy inside and wrap it shut with the ribbon. It is simple and easy to do. The link for the template is here.

5) There is something called “Flavor Stamps”. All you do is take a “button closure envelope” and attach some Stamps to it. You can choose between chocolate and hazelnut. It works great if you have some chocolate and hazelnut toffee inside. Most other candies will do.

6) Have you ever seen those “candy shop gifts” when you pass through a store during the holidays? Now you can make your own. All you need is some left over spaghetti jars. Make sure you clean them out thoroughly first. Put in some peppermint bark. You can use some Twizzlers or jawbreakers. You can use candy canes. The skies the limit with this one. Just place them in the jars and seal. You can give them out to friends and family over the holidays. You do not have to waste your money by these in the store now because you can make your own.

7) Do you have any egg-shaped boxes lying around the house? All you need is some paint and glitter. You can turn them into little Santas. Put some candy inside and hand them out. It is a cute and inexpensive way to attend to someone’s sweet tooth over the holidays.


There are lots of ways to present your holiday candy in boxes without it being an actual candy box. All it takes is some creativeness and some imagination from your side and your holiday treats will look great. You can click herefor more information and ideas.

15 of the Best DIY Procedures That Will Leave Your House Clean and Spacious

Most of us prefer to arrange dispersed products by moving them from one place to another. However, did you know that with simple DIY procedures and products such mobile cardboard boxes or rolling crates, you can easily arrange your house in the most professional manner? This article takes a look at 15 DIY procedures that will bring life and space into your house.
1: Rolling Storage
If you happen to have empty spaces under your bed, you can build or buy some rolling crates which you can use them to store products such your kid’s toys and clothes. You can also get some cardboard boxes and fit them with rolling tires.
2: Fabric-Lined Crate 
A fabric-lined crate is a regular crate with the only difference being the inner lined fabric. Just like the rolling crates, you can use this crate to store your kid’s toys.
3: PVC Shoe Rack
This is the ideal DIY product for avid shoe lovers. All you need is a pipe that you can trim to fit the size of your shoe. You can then arrange the pipes in a standing manner using pipe glue.
4: Tin Can Organizer 
As the name suggests, this DIY product only requires you to buy tins. You can then use the tins to store products such as biros, scissors, and your kid’s crayons.
5: Doggy Bags 
To each dog lover, you can use these bags to store disinfectant wipes and rolls of poo that your dog might have littered around your house.
6: Book Crates 
You can store your kid’s books in unfinished wooden crates. All you need are wooden crates and paint. Assemble the wooden crates at an eye-level position of your children.
7: Hanging Bins
You can use hanging bins to hold different items that usually seem not to have a particular place to stay. All that you need are disinfectant wipes, teal paints, and cabinet knobs. On average, this won’t even cost you more than $40.
8: Battery Round Up
To parents who have numerous toys for their kid’s, this is the ultimate holding product. All you require are clean empty spice containers. You can then place the containers inside a holding rack placed on the wall.
9: Dedicated Hook Towels 
These hook towels are initialized to enable identification. The good thing about them is the fact that you will always be guaranteed of a dry towel.
10: Sliding Pantry 
You can place a well-organized sliding pantry between your fridge. You can then use this pantry to store canned products.
11: Hidden Jewellery Case 
If you have a mirror on the wall, you can transform it into a jewelry case by adding a makeup organizer and a mobile drawer.
12: Lipstick Holder
This is for each lady who would like to see a clean and organized dressing room. To achieve this, what you need are several wood plugs and copper tubing that you can use them to hold your lipsticks. What’s even better is the fact that you only need around $12 to make them yourself.
13: Spice Holders 
You can hold your spices and other kitchen ingredients by simply using a spice jar that is held in place by a wire and a wall nail. You can purchase glass jars for $9.
14: Magnetic Makeup Board 
Why place all your makeup products inside huge cardboard boxes when you can hold them inside a frame? What you need here is a magnetic sheet which you will then place it inside your picture frame and cover it with an attractive paper. The magnetic layer will hold the metal products in place.
15: Winter Storage 
You can use filing trays to store all your winter necessities such as winter caps, gloves, and coats. Just screw the filing trays on your wall, and you are ready to go. What you need to purchase are wire organizers and command strips.

Candy Boxes: The three things you must know..

Its the seventh month of 2017 which means summer is officially here. Summer is the season where people often travel on vacation. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a flight overseas to Paris, tourists would like to make the most of their time before the summer season ends. Kids will also be out of school and they are looking to buy treats which will include candy boxes.
However, if you are in the business of wholesale candy, then you must know the three most important things about wholesale candy that you probably didn’t know about. Knowing the three essentials is key if you are ever thinking about growing your candy business. According to the confectionery industry, candy sales will reach 39 billion by the year of 2019. This indicates that learning the troupes will improve your business by around this margin.
The first thing that you must know are the size of the boxes themselves. This one of the most important because you don’t want your candies to be sliding around the box and only to open them to see them ruined and broken. The boxes have to be the appropriate size to make sure that they are not too small nor too big. You might want to consider collecting the one-piece window candy box. Its perfect for those who either need to store one single piece of candy or a row of chocolate bar to fit in snugly. The weight of the box is to also be considered.

The second thing that must be considered for using candy boxes is the style. You want your candy to be presented with a little fashion when selling to a customer. The style can depend on what the customer is looking for. For example, the customer maybe looking for candy to be bought on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, you want more of a reddish color with possibly some hearts. Another example, is a candy box with the theme of Halloween. In that case, have a box that has pumpkin decorations or other Halloween themed elements on it. For your style needs, look for any of their cute gable boxes and you can decorate those on however you wish. Don’t forget to put in a tie around the box with either a bow or a small ribbon. This is to make sure that the lid stays securely tight and closed for the customer.

The last point you must know is the padding. You need the extra inserts to help secure the box. They offer golden and brown box trays in a variety of sizes. You need these trays for three things; it offers extra protection, it helps provide a certain level of cleanliness, and it places a layer between the box and the candy themselves.

These three tips on what to look for when selling candy are essential for your wholesale needs. The next step is to look for your marketing and packaging. Custom packaging for your store does help stand out from the competition on the market.

Need Boxes? Time to Think Out of the Box

Moving a can be very stressful especially if you are not sure that you remembered to do all the necessary things. And a lot of times people get caught up in all of the big things like finding temporary storage, transportation etc. and forget the smaller things, like boxes. After all, all those books, clothes, pots and pans need to go with you. So unless you plan on purchasing a lot of suitcases, cardboard boxes are the way to go. The good news is that they are free if you know where to look. The following are some good places to find free boxes.

The bookstore: Books are heavy, therefore the boxes that they come in are usually quite strong. Therefore it would be a good idea to check with the local bookstore and ask them if they have any extra to give away.
Office supply stores: Office supplies are not only heavy and bulky, they can also be fragile. This means the box they come in is not only strong, but they will also have packing material such as Styrofoam. Most of the time these types of stores do not reuse them. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a few from a store.

Restaurants: Another great place to look for good and sturdy boxes are restaurants and bars. The good news is that there are usually a lot of them, no matter where you live. So finding one shouldn’t be any trouble. Any place that sells liquor will have good quality boxes. For the simple reason that bottles require sturdy boxes. These boxes can rarely be re-used by them so that means they get recycled, making it easier for you to get your hands on a few of them.

Stores: Stores are the single largest source of boxes of different sizes and quality levels. The only thing is that there will not be a lot of locations. And out of all types of stores, the ones that specialize in home improvement supplies are the best. Home improvement stores will have some of the largest and highest quality cardboard boxes. Most of the time they are cool about giving them away.

You don’t need to limit yourself to finding free boxes to stores only. There are even online sources available for you such as CraigsList where there will be communities offering boxes. Recycling centers are also a good source for boxes of boxes of every type. Recycling centers usually get their boxes from people who drop them off after they have used it, so look carefully to find undamaged ones.

If you absolutely do not want used cardboard boxes then there is always the option of going with new ones. If you are using a moving company then they should have all types of boxes. Moving companies get their boxes at lower than usual prices, which means they can pass this savings on to you. Another obvious place to look would be the post office or overnight delivery companies such as FedEx. However, these types of businesses will rarely have large boxes. If money is not an issue, then buying from a home improvement store is the best option. They will have the biggest collection of boxes compared to any other store.