Is it Time to Move to Recyclable Packaging 

Should you change over to recycled materials? Here, we’ll discuss whether or not it’s good for you to do. Is this the solution that you’ve been looking for? Before you pull the trigger on packaging, remember there are a few things that you should ask before you decide, to make sure to look at whether or not the packaging is worth it or not. 

Is it Sustainable 

With more and more laws being put into place to push for recycling, it’s something that’s successful for a lot of people, and it improves the rates of recycling while also reducing the amount of landfill waste is left around. 

This is something that’s viable for the long-term, and it ca be a part of the solution to the problem globally. But also, it’s important to understand that while it’s good, it’s not effective for everything, and you need to make sure that you also look at the demand for resources which are natural in order to create this. 

The benefits 

Recycling is something that helps to maximize the use of something that already exists, and it gives something that’s already been used another possible chance, since this is something that can be beneficial. That means that the packaging world can benefit from a lot of this, especially if you want to make sure that it’s from partly or totally recycled items. It also does conserve a lot of the resources that are there. It’s less harmful to our environment to recycle rather than to continuously produce these materials, which means less tress to be cut, and less habits that are there disturbed, and of course, fewer pollution from this as well. 

It also reduces the landfill waste, which is a major problem. Because the trash gets left there it is either burned, buried, or just left there, and it pollutes our world. Recycling reduces the waste and all of that by extending the amount of materials that are used, and the repurpose items that would otherwise be tossed out. 

It’s also quite easy to do. There are more and more ways now than ever before to recycle, and it’s something that a lot of consumers are using, and a bit of them are versed in it already, so it’s much more viable. Customers also like sustainability, so you can use it as a marketing tactic. 


While there are some benefits, there are a few drawbacks that come with this, since it can play a part in how much your company and their budget can handle something such as this. First and foremost, not everybody recycles, so it may not be worth it. It’s important to look at the consumer base, see if there is a possibility of it happening, and also to see if this plays a big part in it.  You can encourage them, but not everyone will follow through. 

It also is something that isn’t permanent, and it’s something that can be hard for a few thing’s paper is recycled, but it does degrade. While you can recycle a lot, it does only have so many times before it will decompose.  It is something to consider. 

Finally, it can be difficult.  Recycling plastic is very costly in some places, so it’s important to make sure that you look at whether or not it’s even possible. If it’s mixed plastic, it may not be exportable. There is also the fact that not every type of plastic is recyclable, so it’s vital to know if this is imperative or will impact how you recycle too. 

Flow Wrappers or Over wrappers 

If you find yourself debating between flow wrapping or overwrapping, you’re not alone. There was a lot less options, especially when it wsa just polypropylene, cellophane, or other flexible packaging. It was something that was always…so simple. yet now, there are different flow wrapping to try, and you may not be sure what to do. 

We’ve compiled a means for you to look at all of the different ways of looking at it, and also, how you can decide whether you want to get flow wrappers, over wrappers, and also help you make the ideal decision that’s possible. 

Flow Wrapping 

Flow wrapping seems intimidating, simply because it’s complicated, requires specific equipment, and it may not work for you. But it’s a very straightforward process, and it’s something that’s properly wrangled as well. With this, you have to just do three little tasks: 

  • Fill a bag with the items 
  • Seal it 
  • Send it out 

The packaging does offer consistency and protection, with good aesthetics as well. Flow wrapping oftentimes usually has polypropylene packaging which comes with this. This is oftentimes used for affiliate marketing, samples of product, coupons, different mailers, ice cream bars, candy, ice pops, baked goods, and small industrial items or medical devices. 

The devices that are there come in various horizontal forms, seal and fill units, and different variants, and some also believe that they do offer servo motors as well. This also is something that may best fit the needs, depending on the product that’s there and the volume of what’s needed. 


This is a bit more dynamic, as it can be a wrap cylinder that works with containers and cubic products, including boxes. This is used for wrapping different bundles, collation, and other aspects of this. It’s something that’s wrapped as they go down the conveyer belts that are there. They utilize cellophane and other kinds of films. The applications of this include boxed options including health and beauty items, produce, and tobacco. Overwraps also fit inside luxury packaging, and cosmetics too. This is something that’s largely dictated by different products, and also the volume of the items that’ll be repackaged. 

What’s Best for you? 

If you’re looking to figure out which one is best for you, the best way to figure this out is to answer some questions. If you’re going to pack tobacco products, then you’ll want to go with an overwrapped. For candy, then a flow wrapper is best for the needs. 

If it’s produce, then you want to get an overwrapper to help with this one. If it’s magazines or something tha’ts made of paper, then a flow wrapper will offer your best needs. Finally, if boxes are the name of the game, and you want to fully wrap those, then yes, you can use an overwrapper to offer the best machinery that’s possible for your needs, offering a truly amazing, remarkable experience that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

For a lot of people, getting overwrapping is a great way to boost your machinery, and also help you to get the best results that you can out of this. 

If you need something new to help you get your wrapping to the level that you want, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you talk to a packaging facility, and to make sure that, if you’re someone who is dealing with that, that you figure out what’s best for your needs, and from there, choose the packaging that’s right for you, and to help you get the results you want with your packaging. 

How you can Make Custom Box Designs to Stand out 

The first impression matters, especially for online retailers to customers.  The packaging, even just a meager cardboard box, does impact the products you offer.When you get a box and design it, you’re able to fully control the process to get the best first impression forward. 

The Process 

If you’re not used to using professional designers, don’t fret.  We offer tons of different ways to create the best customized boxes that represent the products at hand. When you bring ideas to custom box retailers, they handle the rest of this. The design usually involves looking at the following: 

  • The budget.  You can save a lot of money if you use a budget. An early budget also talks about the boxes that you can use and make 
  • The needs that you have. if you have specific products or seasonal items, or maybe you’re looking to make this work in your own unique way, you can eye the different ways a box really shines. This can vary how products are purchased, the size, and also what customers would like to see from you. 
  • The brainstorming process. You can do a lot with the box that you have and you can even consider some of the graphics that you want to include on there. You can also factor in the colors that are appealing to the consumers, what text you want, what you want the interior and the exterior to look like, and so much more.  with a custom box designer, they walk you through the exact process. 
  • Getting what you need for this. Finally, when it’s time, they can get you everything that you need. For you to use custom boxes, you’ll want a logo vector of what’s on the box, the dimensions which are exact, any texts and fonts, and any other specific colors you’d like to have on there. For a lot of people, this step is essential, since once you have all of these, you can get exactly what you need

Why Custom Boxes 

While custom boxes do cost a bit more and you can theoretically also get some brown boxes, there’s a ton of benefits to customized boxes compared to just using plain old boxes. They include the following: 

  • Offer real customer experiences 
  • Are eye-catching 
  • Help products stand out 
  • Help with branding 
  • Offer a lot more incentives such as maybe discounts and other pertinent information
  • Offers an attractive viewpoint that really makes you market the materials that you want, so you can keep customers coming back again and again 
  • Offers you a chance to encourage your customers to unbox and then post on social media, which is basically free publicity. 
  • Makes the product way more attractive 
  • Makes the person who gets this feel like they’re getting a gift 

When customers get a custom box, they’re getting the full experience. From the photos to the test to the images on the exterior, to even what’s on the interior, the whole goal is to offer a lot of excitement to customers about the product at hand. It also lets you do more marketing and branding, and this s something that, once you’ve managed to unbox it, the product is then more desirable and memorable as well, especially for people who are new customers. 

Custom boxes change the game, so if you’re not using this already, you should definitely do so.  if you’re looking to give the premier experience to customers, then go custom. Get some great designs off from the springboard and from the design phase to box. 

History of Postal Service

We have a lot of people to thank for the transport of our mail, but the USPS is the reason why most people are using it. But what is the origin of the postal service within the US? Well, it did help with subsidizing the way that mail was transported, and it actually helped with the delivery of the mail. Even when the people were skeptical of this, especially due to new inventions, this is a way to help with increasing the speed of mail as well. 

Mail delivery went from the horse, and then to stagecoach, to steamboat across certain locations, then by railroad across the land, and finally, by cars and airplanes, and they made sure to eventually span all of this to various continents.  The post office did start this through the purchasing of some stagecoaches to get the mail transported to the correct areas, encouraging this as well to create the proper comfort and safety for those who carried the mail. They also would use steamboats and trails to possibly get the mail in between towns that didn’t have roads. 

Speaking of the steamboats, the steam engine in 1831 eventually were denounced, so instead of using this, they made railroads, and by 1836, the first contract with the railroads for the postal service was something that people were starting to look at. 

Then of course, there was the automobile, where it was starting to be used, since by 1896, people knew Abou the automobile, and then by 1902, in Buffalo, they had the first contract for mail carrying, with a plan to move to different areas. 

Then of course, between 1901 and 1914, there were those that were upset with the frauds and higher rates for everything, so the post office was then asked and got approval from congress to have vehicles that would carry their mail to and from each location, which is of course, the early mail trucks. 

The pony Express 

Let’s go back to the first portion of the 19th century, where the US was moving to new areas and getting new territories, with wagons going across different areas, and passengers dealing with disease, ambushes, pestilence, and hunger. Then of course, there was the gold rush, which was responsible for a lot of people moving, and it also was when the post office got their first contract to carry mail with the steamships all the way to California.  With ail traveling to New York, ten to Panama, and then later to San Francisco, it was something that was quite long, taking much longer than a month in some cases. 

William H. Russel, created an express mail route to make the journey to California a whole lot faster.  His first action was to create the Central Overland California Company called the Pikes Peak Express Company. With the partners, they created various stations that would relay this, and they would use different horses to help with these weather conditions. 

The riders would move about 75 to 100 miles to the next relay station, and they would move this much faster. It actually ended up taking about 7 days to go from east to west, delivering Lincoln’s inaugural address. By 1861, it became a private company and worked under contract so that they could have a transcontinental means. 

With free city delivery and the confederate post service as well, mail delivery has been a big part of the US, and with all of these new types of ways to do it, getting mail from one locale t the next has never been easier, for many people. 

Bubble Wrap Fun 

Bubble wrap is something that was invented back in 1957, but the applications of this do vary. It’s protected everything from fragile items to even entertainment components and is entertaining in it of itself. Bubble wrap is something that is definitely fun to pop. 

Usually, it’s called bubble wrapping or air bubble packages, and this does vary in sizes. You can get ones with tiny bubbles, to even bubbles that go cutover an inch, in order to protect everything while still offering a fun, popping sensation when you push down on it. 

Type of Bubble Poppers 

A lot of us like to pop bubbles and it’s something that we find enjoyable. However, everyone pops bubbles different. There’s a little bit that you need to know about every kind of bubble popper. 

First, you’ve got the stomper, who just likes to stomp on this, whether with their feet or by walking and jumping, until the bubbles are popped. You have the wringer, who rolls it into a large sheet, twisting it after. 

There is the basher, who knows how to hit this with their first, or with other kinds of items against the bubble wrap over a harder surface. There is the crusher, where if you get bubble wrapping, squeeze it real hard, you literally crush it. Finally, there is the dainty popper, where you pop them a single one each at a time, or they squeeze the bubbles in a way that makes them roll until they slowly start to pop, doing this slowly but surely. 

The bubble types 

There are actually different kinds of bubble types that these have, and they involve a lot of cool types. First, you’ve got the snappies, which are bubbles that are loud and get popped easily. There is the fighter, where it flattens without even popping, even if you struggle to get it to finally burst out. 

There is the woosher, which is the least fun one, and they just get flat, without the popping sound. The name comes from the “woosh” sound that’s made when they begin to flatten up. There are buddies, which are bubbles that when they get compressed together, the air escapes to the next bubble rather than popping. Finally, you’ve got the edges, which are basically a bubble that’s against the edge part of the sheet of bubble wrap. 

The etiquette for bubble Wrapping 

When you’re working with bubble wrap, you’re gonna feel the urge to pop it. While it works well as a way to cushion, if you’re a fan of popping these, there is joy there. If you want to do this, you should definitely share it with others, especially if it’s for someone who is younger.  You should try to share it with kids, since it makes them happy, and it’s something that you’ll feel good about. 

You shouldn’t pop these bubbles if they’re not yours, and if other people want to not have them popped, then don’t bother to pop it.  Other people may not like it if you pop the bubble wrap that they wanted to. Tr to avoid doing the popping in places with quiet sounds, since it’s loud. 

While it may be fun to do this wherever, try to avoid doing this in libraries or other places where you should be quiet. Bubble wrap is fun, simple, and it helps you get the most out of this, and you’ll realize that, with this, you’ll get a whole lot of amazing benefits, and it can make the fun of popping bubbles not just good for the here and now, but down the road.