Getting free boxes

Recently I moved back to Indiana from Florida. The move was relatively easy, but the drive was very long, almost a twenty four hour trip because of the traffic we hit; that was no fun. I was fortunate enough to get the cardboard boxes I needed for free from the local super target, and I was very relieved and happy to have gotten them for free. It’s not every day those local businesses give away their boxes, but I was lucky enough to get some. The move itself was not too bad. I did not have too much to pack up but still needed to get a box truck and car carry. My small Acura TL would not fit all my things. 

One day after finding out I would not be living in Florida anymore, I realized I needed some boxes for my items. I started to do some research to find the best boxes for cheap, but I was struggling to justify the price. I talked to my friend’s parents, and they had the idea of asking local businesses. I almost kicked myself because I had not thought of that nor seen that on the research I was doing. The next day my first stop was at the super target by our apartment. When I walked in, I got excited because everywhere I looked, employees were stocking the shelves; this meant they had boxes to spare. 

I walked to the back where I was looking for some plastic toats for the electronics; I have a custom built PC. I did not want to get hurt, so I thought this would be the best cheap option. Once I found what I believed was the best option, I asked the worker who was right by me if I could have the boxes they were emptying; she kindly told me she would need to speak to her manager and to give her a few minutes. After waiting those few minutes she came back and with a smile she told me I could have all the boxes in her area, she began walking around emptying all the boxes contents on the ground, I kind of felt bad. After only five minutes, I had all the boxes I could need. 

I went home feeling very accomplished. I had gotten four boxes, all big enough for me to climb in! I knew I would not need to worry about space as these boxes were huge. With the moving day approaching, I began to pack some of the boxes with things I knew I would not be needing. It went rather quickly, too, because of the box boxes. I was able to pack up my entire room and still have two boxes left over. A few days later, it was time to pack up the box truck. This was a quick and painless process. 

Getting cardboard boxes can be expensive, but it does not have to be. I was lucky enough to get all the boxes I needed for free, but I know that will not always be the case. I just got very lucky that the day I walked into that super target, they were stocking the shelves. I believe that is the best time to try and ask as most of the time; those boxes will be broken down and thrown away.