Fun DIY ideas with cardboard.

With covid still plaguing this world, most of us are trapped to the confines of our home. Due to this, many people have been ordering what they need from companies like Amazon and getting it shipped to their door. This is a great resource we have at our disposal because many online retailers have exactly what we need without leaving the comfort of the home. With the ease of shopping comes another great repurposable material, the cardboard boxes that your products arrive in. With this substance, you have the opportunity to let your imagination run free and make something you may need around the house. 

To begin with, instead of going to the store for some shelving containers or organizers you can use this material to make them. It is relatively easy to do and how it looks is entirely up to you. If you so choose, you can leave the box as-is for your organization and container needs. For this project, you will need the box, and that can be the extent of the required materials. On the other hand, if you want to spruce them up, you will need either fabric with spray adhesive or paint. The spray adhesive and fabric are more manageable and will make less of a mess compared to painting. For a little extra flair, use an old belt for a handle and put whatever else you want on the exterior; it’s your project, after all.

Another fantastic idea is to turn the beat-up packaging into a cat scratcher. If you look at the corrugate’s edges, you will see small channels running from edge to edge. You will need to cut this material into even thin strips. Once that is done, stack them together and turn them, so the advantages are verticle; you will be able to see through it. Now come the options. You can either leave it, so it is a long scratchpad. For this, you will need to use an additional piece to wrap it around and make a border hold all the small pieces. The other option is to make a big circle out of the parts. For this, I would recommend laying the pieces out longways so the tops and bottoms are touching. Finally, roll it from one side to the other to make a circle and tape or glue the final bit. There you have it, an excellent cat scratcher from what would be trash. 

The final DIY idea is to make a flower box. For this, you will need to take the excess flaps off from the top. Once that is done, line the inside with a plastic bag but poke small holes into the bottom to allow drainage. After the box is lined, grab your favorite flowers or vegetables and put them in. add the top soli for those roots to grow into, and with that, you’re done—a quick and simple flower box. If you wish to decorate it, feel free!

As you can see, many projects can be done with cardboard boxes. Most of these projects are quick and simple but can provide a big help from your cats taring up your furniture to planting some flowers or vegetables. Although this material is viewed as trash, its uses seem to be limitless. I did not go over everything that can be done with this substance, but I’m sure if you let your creativity flow, you too will come up with something astonishingly helpful.