Creating An Impression With Unique Candy Boxes

The packaging of candy can be an important part of a gift presentation, and an elegant look can show the receiver that you actually put some time and effort into choosing something unique for them. Here is a list of some of the more trendy ideas that can help add that flare to the candy packaging that will make it an excellent gift for any type of situation.

Box Templates and Bands

– Various companies offer cany boxes in the form of templates of a handcrafted form. They are a great way to hold some of the receiver’s favorites, and they can double as decorations for holidays like Christmas. The bands are an excellent addition that can be used to personalize and keep everything looking at a level of gourmet style.

Faux Bois Packaging

– A “faux bois” effect means false wood, and if you are wrapping some bark that has a similar look, then it can be wrapped in cellophane in order to show off the texture. The tags have a similar look that can be completed with a ribbon.

Brittle Bags with Gift Labels

– Brittle bags are a great way to have everything looking like it could be bought directly at a store while still providing the homemade effect. Cellophane bags can hold everything fresh and provide visual appeal while having a fold-over label that closes everything securely.

Brittle Boxes and Labels

– Round chip-wood brittle boxes look great from all angles, and there are gift labels that can be placed on the lids in order to personalize it all with a handwritten designation. Various messages such as “Enjoy” or “Made with Love” let the receiver know that you care.

Ribbon Holiday Gift Boxes

– There are numerous templates out there that help you to make some holiday gift boxes for the occasion. They can be adjusted to any size so that they will serve the purpose whatever the contents might be. They are elegant with a nice looking ribbon.

Clip Art Gift Labels

– Ballotin boxes are cardboard boxes that many find excellent for packaging chocolates and such. They are decorative with broad flaps, and clip art gift labels help the giver to provide a sweet message at the same time.

Flavor Stamps

– One traditional look that is sure to impress is an envelope that has flavor stamps in place of where normal postage might be placed. These help to give a great look while letting the recipient know what they have, and button-enclosure envelopes are some great ones to try these out on.

Jars With A Candy-shop Look

– The candy-shop look can be had with jelly, spaghetti sauce, and pickle jars that can be saved and used for that purpose. Or an alternative is to get some hand-crafted ones so that they can be utilized for other work in the kitchen after the candy is gone.

Treat Boxes With Glittered Santa

– Rounding out this list of ideas for candy boxes and containers is the glittered santa handicraft. A combination of paint, glitter, and clip art makes for a good look, and then the belly can hold whatever you like so that the recipient can enjoy.