5 Great Tips for Packing up Your Electronics Properly

Moving day can be a complete disaster if you do not know how to pack all of your items properly in advance. Since there are different guidelines and rules for packing special items like electronics, it is important that you find out what they are first, and then following the recommendations closely. Having said that, here are 6 tips that should be used in homes and office moves too, especially if you do not want any unexpected surprises.

Tip #1 – Before considering placing your electronics like computers in cardboard boxes, it is essential that you make backups of all your electronic files. To anticipate problems that can be encountered, you must be prepared for any situation. So, one of the best things that you can do is make at least 2 separate copies. For instance, you can back up your computer files by transferring the data to a USB or an external storage drive as a resource. Whatever the situation or the preference, 2 copies can help to provide you with peace of mind.

Tip #2 – Take a Picture of all of the cables involved along with each of the corresponding cables
In case you have a lot of electronics to transport from old location to the new location, you must prepare a well laid out plan prior to moving them to cardboard boxes. If you don’t, the aftermath of moving day can be a very frustrating experience for everyone involved. Especially, since cable and connectors come in a lot of different colors with similar technologies that may be difficult to distinguish one from another.

Tip #3 – Bag up all of the accessories to your electronics

Just like lots of cables and connectors can be cumbersome to keep organized throughout the move, there is a host of other accessories that must be kept together. For instance, computers and other electronics have a variety of different extras as well. From ink cartridges to batteries, all of which will need to be removed from the electronics and backed up in separate bags with labels. Therefore, when you get to the new location, you will know exactly where all of your accessories should go. It is also important to note that this process may take a little extra time, but it is well worth in the long run. Specifically, since these items will be easy to put together if you already have the labeling and instructions you need on each.

Tip #4 – Pack Electronics in their Original Boxes
Most people may not know the importance of keeping the original boxes until they have to pack things up for moving day. Therefore, for those of you who still have the original packaging with foam protectors, these are ideal for saving time and extra identifications.

Tip #5 – No Original Boxes – Secure the Right types of Assemble Packaging
While the original boxes for packaging is preferred, it may not be available when it is really needed. So, if you want to use another alternative that will still make it easy, you should make sure that you have secured boxes, foams, anti-wrap bubbles and other identifying tools that will help to make things much easier. People should also make sure that they have a huge supply so that no one runs out while things are still in progress.