Creative Do It Yourself Candy Boxes

DIY candy boxes ideas are perfect for gifting candy, small delicacies, cakes or bonbons. Most people are now leaning towards them because they are inexpensive and you are able to customize the candy box. You perhaps already have the things needed to make the boxes in your home. The DIY bonbon boxes can be made from thin cards or paper and you can easily find templates online that are printable. Here are some guidelines you can use to make a DIY candy box:

1. Using a food box

Using a food box is ideal because the box is already robust enough to protect your treats so that you only have to mainly focus on your decorations. If you are looking to make a candy box, then using a rice box may work best, while cereal boxes may work best for cakes and cookies.

What you need

• A food box
• Colored paper or scrapbook
• A pair of scissors
• Glue
• Decorations (Optional)


• Start by carefully cutting along three edges of the box to create an opening. As stated before, leftover food boxes are already strong and this ensures that your focus is directed to other details such as decorating your sweetie boxes.

• Once you have created an opening, trim your colored paper or scrapbook. To make crisp, clean and straight folds, bend your paper or scrapbook around the ends of a knife. The trimmed paper or scrapbook will cover the sides of your candy box.

• Fit the paper around the box and use gum to fix it around your box. You can cover as much of the box as you want. The good thing about DIY boxes is that they give you complete control when it comes to customization.

• After the paper is fixed to cover your box in line with your preferences, you may choose to further decorate it or not. If you choose to further decorate your box, then you are free to be as creative as possible. You can use magazine or newspaper cutouts and tailor it to fit the recipient of your gift.

2. Origami DIY Candy box

Creating origami DIY candy boxes may involve a bit more technicality than the previous procedure, but it is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids.
What you need

• Colored paper
• Decorations

When making a colored paper box, you will need to make a container and a lid to cover the container of your DIY candy box.

Procedure to make the lid:

• Take a square gaging of 20cm on each side

• Fold it lengthwise into four sections of equal measure

• Then fold it breadthwise to get four more sections

• To get flaps in the center, fold the paper from both sides

• Fold the paper again to get two more pleats on the flap

• Flip your paper to get two opening flaps on the other side of your paper

• To make a cross patterned crease on both edges, fold the paper from both corners and reopen those folds.

• To create a twisted wrapper at the ends of your box, fold the corner margins up and outline them
• To make the lid of your candy box, straighten the paper and open it from the outside

• To give your candy box a refined look, shape the ends

Procedure to make the inner part of your candy box:

• To achieve a cross wrinkle across your colored paper, fold your colored it twice at right angles

• Crease the triangles at the edges in and fold all the edges again

• Fold the square again this time matching the lengths and widths

• Open the opposite folds and refold the opposite sides

• Insert the flaps inside the other folds and outline the edges to give them a sharp look

• Cover with the top that you previously made and decorate according to your preferences