Tips for making great Gift Boxes

Gift box ideas for all of the holidays can be hard to narrow down, so I am going to share some great and easy tips to make the perfect gift boxes.

One question I’m often asked is “what is a great way to stay stress free during the long holiday season. I can suggest not being outlandish with gifts; don’t feel like you have to give a gift to every person you barely know, but keep it to close family. Some candy boxes for mom, a little something for dad and any siblings. Feel free to tell other relatives of this tradition to allow some of their obligational stress to disappear as well.

I always enjoy the twist of the unexpected needed gift however, and the challenge of picking something they would enjoy. The team HomeGoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls gave me the task to do so while working with them for the Christmas decorating and Entertaining project. When they asked me to share some of my own gift box ideas, I could not resist.

The main challenge was to shop all three of the stores for gifts for a person not on your set gift list. Think of someone who it would be appropriate for, like a new co-worker or neighbor; that is who I choose, as this can be both a Welcome gift and a simple Holiday option as well. HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls all have quick options for gifts, and filling whole gift boxes too.

Tips for Gift Boxes
• Use a simple container, with equally simple accessories for it like the stuffing
• Put the filler/stuffing on both the bottom and top so nothing is lost
• Match your box theme to the gifts inside, such as food and drink that is relative for the holiday; cocoa is a great option
• Feel free to open the gifts from any plastic to put them in more homey trappings
• Mix it up with sweet and savory options, or any opposing tastes
• Add in different options for all, like varieties of chocolate or popcorn; or both! I did one box bursting with flavors like ‘sea salt caramel’ and ‘peanut butter and chocolate’. Anyone could grab a taste they would enjoy
• Make the gift box nice with great and easy labels, like the printable tags off Love the Day. It serves to give it just the professional touch that makes it perfect
• Buy in bulk; make multiple gift boxes, candy boxes, or bags by buying items that come in sets and divvying them up
Find plenty more tips and ideas with the gifts for the home office section and sweet homemade Christmas gifts for a yummy touch.