Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging 

When you’re packaging the right products for your brand, there are a lot of different aspects. There are actually different types of packaging, which fall into primary, secondary, and tertiary, all of which are important for a business. Here, we’ll go over all of these, what they are, the purposes, and when to use this kind of packaging. 

The Primary Packaging 

Primary is used for preservation and protection, offering containment, and also to let customers know of what’s within these packages. This is usually the packaging that has a direct contact with your customer. They usually involve multiple aspects. For instance, for those who have beer products, the main packaging is the cap and bottle, along with the label that’s on the product. 


Secondary is usually what shows off the branding, along with the other logistics that are in there. this also protects products, fully collating the units into one giant package. The secondary packaging utilizes different kinds of products, including the following: 

  • Displays 
  • Retail-ready packages 
  • Boxes for containment
  • Shelf-ready packages 
  • Countertop units 
  • Packaging for gifts 

The secondary packaging is usually on corrugated or cardboard, and it’s printed to show off the branding in creative, useful ways. 


This is used to handle, protect, and then transport the multiple sale units. This is the type of packaging that is rarely seen by the people who buy the items, and it includes the packaging used for transits, mailers, or even boxes to help ensure that the packaging leaves the business and then goes to a consumer in one type of piece. The branding is usually seen on some of the tertiary packaging, but usually the consumer will not see it.  However, it’s not totally necessary. 

Things to Consider with Packaging 

There are a few things that’ll help with choosing the right kinds of packaging that you need. The first thing is what’s important within the packaging. Is it imperative to offer protection for the products? Do you want to ensure that the branding is there? Do you want to make sure that it’s recycled? These are all essential points, especially when choosing packaging. 

You should also look at the packaging value. Do you want to spend a lot of money to make sure that it looks good? Or are you focused more on the practicality? Do you want to have a bi, fancy logo on this. There are also delivery and transport costs that also should be impacted by this too. There is some packaging that weighs much more than some of the others and may take up a lot more space. It can cost a bit more in the expenses used for delivery, and you should also factor this in when you choose the right kind of packaging. 

Finally, the other most important part is your branding. Branding is what people will see, and it’s what they’ll remember you by. 

You should make sure that every chance you get, you take advantage of showing off the branding, and making sure that the branding is consistent all throughout the business. Look at where the logos will go, and then, make sure that the logos are nice and clear. 

The other important thing is to think about colors. Branding and packaging uses colors and making sure that the packaging hits right with the correct colors is a must for businesses. 

When you’re choosing your packaging, you want to make sure that you include all of these, and have all of these factors in place, especially when choosing packaging that works for you.