How to Calculate the Shipping on poly Mailers 

When you’re using poly mailers to ship small items, they’re great for those needs. As a lightweight, versatile, and durable type of mailer, it’s great for shipping everything. Is it an envelope though? How do you calculate the shipping? Well, it is technically an envelope, a special kind, where it’s resistant to water, tearing, and also just looks cooler. It’s great for protection of items, especially if you don’t want them getting ruined like they might inside a regular mailer. 

The different Types of Poly Mailer Options 

When you’re shipping stuff, it isn’t just choosing a random mailer and then going with it.  you want to make sure that you get the correct poly mailer, so that the product reaches where it’s supposed to go safely, and without bursting open. There are a few types to choose from, which we’ll go over here. There are small ones that are good for small jewelry pieces, books, or even just a little card or freebie. They’re compact, so you don’t have to worry about time moving about too much.  There are also larger mailers that are 24×24, which is the biggest size.  You can even ship teddy bears in them! But they’re used usually for bulkier items. 

There are also colored ones, which are good for the aesthetics that are there, and are good for opportunities to brand, and customers will enjoy these colored pieces when they get the mail. 

If you’ve got longer items that don’t fit in a normal box or envelope, then you might want to consider a longer poly mailer. Designed to fit the items that are long, but not bulky, they are good for helping with this.  posters, yoga mats, and the like are great for this. 

Determining the right Size 

Now that you know about the types, let’s talk about how to choose the correct ply mailer. 

First, let’s discuss the choosing of this. it’s more than just randomly choosing one.  You want to make sure that the product fits correctly inside. First, you want to measure the length, width, and height of your product.  You want to add a couple extra inches on the length for the sealer so you don’t have to use tape or worry about it bulging. 

For width, you want to also consider accounting for a few inches there, especially if the product normally doesn’t lay flat. As for height, if it’s bulky, you should always give this some extra room.  Furthermore, always account for padding, invoices, thank-you notes, or other promotional materials. 

Try not to overstuff, because it will tear, and then everything will spill out.  That’ll just open up customer upsets. 

Shipping Poly Mailers 

Here are a few tips to help with shipping out poly mailer products. First, you want to insert this product, so that it sits inside comfortably. Seal this, either with the self-seal or otherwise. self-seal is your best option for protection. Label this with a clear and legible handwritten address, or you can print this if you’re extra lucky. 

Finally, ship this out, so drop this off at a postal service location. There, it will go to the  customer 

You may also want to consider a mail in box, which offers extra comfort and discreteness for shipping, so that the items fit safely and snugly within, without straining your mailers. 

Overall, poly mailers are a great option, and here, we went over some of the great ways to ship these amazing mailers, and to get them to customers all in one piece, without too many problems down the line.