One Thousand Shipping Boxes

You Know that song, “A Candle in the Wind”, sung by none other than Elton John? (What am I talking about, of course you do…) Well, my favorite character from my favorite TV show (Andy, from Parks and Recreation), was trying to figure out what song he should play for this huge concert the Parks and Rec department was putting on, and he was saying how his song would have to be a thousand times better than “A Candle in the Wind”. Which would be…? Obviously, “One Thousand Candles in the Wind’.

Maybe you had to be there, but it’s freaking hilarious, and it ties in today because what is better than one shipping box? One thousand shipping boxes! Preposterous, you say! Nay, say I! For, indeed, at there are over one thousand shipping boxes to choose from. I kid you not. Of course there are four main categories, each consisting of their own subcategories, and so when it is all said and done there are over a thousand different sizes to choose from these many varieties and sub-varities, but that doesn’t change how awesome it is. There is no such thing as having too many kinds of boxes.

However, there is such a thing as not having enough. The right size box is a pretty big deal, especially to people with OCD. And this is not a jab at people with OCD, or else I would be jabbing at myself. This is just a simple fact of life. So when you are looking for a box to send off your oddly shaped gift, or even just to stick some oddly-shaped thing in the attic for a while, or even just something that is really big, or something that is really small, you can be assured that you have options to choose from.

One thing everyone can agree upon is that we all love options. Granted, too many options can be pretty overwhelming, but when it comes to shipping boxes you already have a general size in mind, so that narrows it down considerably. The packaging and shipping industry is vast indeed, and can be kind of overwhelming to navigate through. I think a lot of times, as consumers, we will spend more money on something we can see. Thankfully, the concept of shipping boxes is pretty cut and dry, and at it is one thousand times better!

Custom Packaging Tape, the Stocking Stuffer

During one of my recent shopping “trips” on, I stumbled across one of the best stocking stuffers of all time: custom packaging tape. Of course there are several brands of packaging tape that are custom to certain fields of work and job descriptions (like gaffer’s tape is for stages and booths, and electrical tape is for wires), but then I saw that you can also customize your custom packaging tape.

This is a pretty perfect idea. If you are anything like me, you probably know quite a few goofy people, or you are probably going to be attending some sort of white elephant party in the near future (did I mention that we are about a week away from Christmas right now?). Perhaps one of those goofy people is your teenage son, or your mother-in-law.

Your teenage son might appreciate some tape with his name printed on it, in huge block letters, and your mother-in-law might get a kick out of some tape with a witty saying printed on it, like “oh no you didn’t”. And then, while you are ordering some “oh no you didn’t” for your MIL, you may decide to order an extra roll for yourself, and all of your friends who are mothers, because you got this amazing idea to hand out justice with custom packaging tape. For your kid who keeps leaving dirty dishes all over the house, tape them together with some “oh no you didn’t” and leave them on their bed.

As many times as it takes. For the kids who keep leaving their toothbrushes on the side of the bathroom sink to make a nasty, crusty film, tape those things onto the bathroom mirror with some “oh no you didn’t”. Spread some strips on clothes left lying around, and wait to hear the groan. You could even find yourself taking justice outside of the home.

The car that double parked? When they come back outside they find a giant X of “oh no you didn’t” across their driver side door. It’s not keying, but it would still be satisfying. Or at work you label all of your Tupperware with this aggressive statement and when some sneaky jerk is reaching out their grubby paw to eat that leftover lasagna their brains will read it and they will automatically turn to someone else’s. I’m getting pretty excited just thinking about it. Okay, now don’t steal my idea…

Cheap Shipping Boxes Are a Lifesaver

Right around this time of year, which just so happens to be the holidays (in case you are reading this at some other time of year), cheap shipping boxes are quite a lifesaver. Or, should I say, a money saver? Even though it’s stressful, it’s still nice to send out all those little handmade trinkets, flea market finds, and Black Friday deals to all of those different members of the family. And if the packaging supplies are adding up like crazy, it starts to take some of the joy of out it. Enter: cheap shipping boxes.

We have a pretty small family, so there isn’t much shipping of presents going on. That being said, paying for packaging and shipping supplies is bad enough. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I am older and am probably sending way more gifts to way more people. We try not to send something just for the sake of sending something and, thankfully, my family and and my husband’s family are good at sending gifts, and are easy to find stuff for too. For the most part. Anyway, packaging tape is expensive enough, so it makes me really glad to find cheap shipping boxes. I don’t want to have to pay five and six dollars to send something, after already paying for the gift, and then add on shipping. Since I live on one coast, it usually costs a pretty penny to send anything to anywhere, since everyone else is quite a ways away.

Cheap Shipping Boxes

If you find yourself in need of some cheap shipping boxes, consider visiting, a supplier of literally thousands of different packaging and shipping supplies. Their specialty just so happens to be boxes, and you will not be disappointed. So the next time you find yourself standing in line at the post office, ornery because you found Uncle Buck’s handknit sweater in the back of the closet and you forgot to send it when you sent out all the rest of them, take a minute to envision the following scenario and make a promise to yourself.

You pull a box out of the closet because you stocked up on them in November, you are definitely annoyed that you forgot to send out Uncle Buck’s sweater, but you just you’re your eyes and wrap it up at home, right down to the address label. You make a quick stop to drop it off, and it’s all taken care of. The promise? That when you get home you will visit and buy some cheap shipping boxes.

Bin Liners for Sale

One of the things I love the most at is the variety that they have to offer. For example, I recently went to the website in search of trash bags. I found bin liners of all shapes and sizes! Yes, I found garbage bags, which are technically bin liners, but I also found the real deal, which are the bags that go inside of enormous cardboard boxes. is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. Have you ever tried doing business with a company that is not accredited? Well, I do not suggest it. It will wind up being a terrible experience. We once used a moving company that apparently had no real credentials and, although the company did move our stuff and did a fine job of it, they completely scammed us in the process.

After weeks of trying to get ahold of them I finally got in touch with a Russian man who forwarded me to someone else, who admitted that he had dealt dishonestly but how else was he supposed to make his money? This is seriously a true story, even right down to the Russian guy. It was very weird. And is NOT the type of experience you will have at Why? Because of that awesome little picture at the top of the page with blue torch looking thing against a white background.

This is how you know that the bin liners you are ordering will actually be bin liners, and they will actually come in the mail. Nothing sucks worse than knowing someone pulled one over on you, and got richer from it to boot. That’s not going to happen at They have the inventory to back it up, too. The bin liners come on rolls, with each bag perforated so that you just have to unroll one at a time and pull it off.

The sides are gusseted so that the entire space of the bin can be utilized. It is important to remember, though, when purchasing pin liners to add an inch to the width and depth of the box, and six inches to the height, so that you know the bag you are getting is going to be roomy enough. Starting at 1.5 mil and going all the way up to 4 mil, there are probably a hundred different sizes to choose from, and that is not an exaggeration! Or not too big of one, anyway…

Where Can I Find Shipping Boxes Wholesale?

Isn’t it kind of annoying when someone answers a question with a question? (A funny pun would be you replying with, “When isn’t it?”). Seriously, though, it’s annoying as heck, but also pretty funny if you are the one doing it to someone else. It can also be a pretty amusing party trick when you and your friends are sitting around the booth at Denny’s, all of you hung over and waiting for your hot chocolate and roast beef to come through, because you all ordered the exact same thing because apparently that was the hangover food of the day (this may or not have happened to someone I know, or myself). But yeah, you can sit there and try to answer a question with a question for a long time, and it can be a good time. In this case, the question is: Where can I find shipping boxes wholesale?

And then I go, “Have you ever been to”

And you go, “What is that?”

At which point I will have to break the cycle by explaining that is a website that, believe it or not, sells packaging supplies. Naturally, this would be the place to find shipping boxes wholesale. From literally hundreds of options of shapes, sizes, and styles, more or less takes the cake when it comes to shipping boxes, or wholesale in general. From garbage bags to hazardous shipping containers to cellophane wrap, all sold by the bundle, it’s a pretty unique shopping experience. I have to admit that I have fun just scrolling through the options when I visit the website.
You might say, “It’s really that easy?”

And I would reply with something like, “Is the Pope Catholic?” (No offense to any and all Catholics. Hopefully you can recognize that this is a figure of speech in the form of a question in order to make a point. The point being: yes, it’s really that easy because, yes, the Pope is Catholic).

You might not really believe me, so you would probably try again: “At I can really find shipping boxes wholesale?”

At which point my face will probably produce a sly grin of some sort and I will retort: “Was Abe Lincoln honest?” Well, needless to say we all know that Abe Lincoln was honest, which is why he was called Honest Abe. Once again, the use of a figure of speech in the form of a question in order to make a point. So are you getting the point? That you can find shipping boxes wholesale at, and numerous other shipping supplies? I hope so, because it’s as Catholic as Abe is honest.