Who What When Where Why and How to Buy Cardboard Boxes

What do you do when you need to buy cardboard boxes? Why, you go to PackagingSupplies.com, of course! And why do you do that? Because PackagingSupplies.com offers any box you could possibly need in wholesale quantities at wholesale prices. To buy cardboard boxes, or not to buy cardboard boxes, that is the question.

Buy Cardboard Boxes

So the ‘who’ is clearly PackagingSupplies.com. The ‘what’ is obviously cardboard boxes. Now the ‘when’. Any time you need them! This is an online company, and you can literally wake up in the middle of the night and decide you need to buy cardboard boxes. You can remember that you forgot to place an order and then go racing to the computer before your boss finds out. The item will ship without you ever having to worry about going to the store and picking something up (at astronomical prices). Just cut out the middle man, why don’tcha? So the ‘when’ kind of answers the ‘where’, which we’ve already discussed is the world wide web (the internet, people).

Why? Why do people buy cardboard boxes? Because they need them, that’s why! They are probably moving, and we all know how ridiculous it is to go to the local Uhaul store and try to get boxes there. You would think they are lined with titanium, the prices they put on them! And even if you go to the hardware store the prices may be cheaper but you are stuck with either some seriously huge boxes or you will need to get a ton of rather small ones. Lamp boxes, dish boxes, picture frame boxes, even a golf box, or just go all out and get the moving kit, PackagingSupplies.com wants to be your one stop shop when it comes to moving. Do you own a candy shop? You can get some candy boxes. Do you own a jewelry store? You can get some jewelry boxes. Silverware boxes, tie boxes, cake boxes. Whatever your possible reason for needing a box is, the solution is at PackagingSupplies.com.

Lastly, the ‘how’. How to buy cardboard boxes. Since you know that you have to go online to PackagingSupplies.com, the website will more or less just walk you through the process. Select what you want to purchase, which will automatically load into your virtual shopping cart, then click on the cart when you are ready to pay for the items. There are different shipping options, and you can pay with your card. It really is as easy as one, two, three.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Do you happen to have hazardous material that you need to send across the country, but don’t want to have to drive it there? Not only would that be a lengthy drive, it would probably be less than comfortable travelling with the fumes of noxious chemicals swirling around. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world (ah, you sweet, sweet innocents), there are cardboard shipping boxes specifically designed to ship that ‘haz-mat’. True to the theme, they are called hazardous shipping containers. They come in four different sizes, and as an added measure of protection they come with “this side up” arrows printed on two sides.

Cardboard Shipping BoxesWouldn’t want people just tossing these babies around, now would we? Which is exactly what people do when there aren’t instructions printed largely, and clearly, on the item. Not that I blame them. It would be rather tiresome, if not impossible, to handle each and every package as if it carried…well, hazardous material. I could try to explain how the hazardous shipping containers are different from your standard cardboard shipping boxes, but I don’t think that I can.

I do know that they come with some sort of enforced well in the middle of the box, which makes sense because it wouldn’t just be a regular box or that would defeat the purpose. However, the actual description involves a lot of numbers and terminology that I wouldn’t even know how to correctly annotate, and so instead I will direct you to PackagingSupplies.com and you can read all about it for yourself.

Even if you didn’t want something to ship hazardous material in, there is a broad variety of cardboard shipping boxes at PackagingSupplies.com. For instance, there is more than just one style of mailing box. The white corrugated boxes can be standard or they can be protective. You can load them from the top, or you can load them from the end. The majority of them are the most convenient kind ever: they don’t need tape at all! You simply fold and tuck. The one corrugated side of the cardboard offers that added protection and security. The white outside is convenient for labelling. Isn’t it the worst when the address just blends in with all sorts of other writing printed on the box?

Also, it would be cute to have your kids draw on the outside with markers, kind of like a custom-design. Come to think of it, I’ll probably have mine do that. The point is, though, that whether you need something specialty, or something just standard, PackagingSupplies.com has about any kind of cardboard shipping boxes you could show an interest in.