Recycling is even more important now

This year has been a struggle for many countries in the world.  The economy has started to change to keep up with the new pandemic lifestyles that countries are falling into. This is causing lots of individuals to be forced to stay at home and that has led to lots more online shopping.  This means that businesses are buying more cardboard boxes than ever before.  They are also shipping more cardboard boxes more then ever. This has led to a huge issue with extra issues with recycling.

We are now cutting down millions of more trees this year to keep up with the traffic of online sales.  The insane amount of extra paper being needed is causing our world a lot off issues.  Rather you are eco-friendly or not we need to be aware of the waste we are making by using all these paper products.  It is possible to recycle and reuse the majority of these paper products and that can cut down on all the extra waist and belive it or not extra cost.

If you don’t have to plant and cut down all those extra trees then you can simply pay to get your recycled paper products instead. It is much cheeper to use recycle paper products and also cuts down on the actual waste that it causes.  Believe it or not those savings eventually get passed onto the regular consumer.  This can have even more of an impact these days as we are using more and more paper and shipping more and more.  When the costs goes down for us all we all win and the planet wins as well.  So I suggest being as eco friendly as you can be.

For my situation it means that I started to create a pile in the garage that each week I go out and break down boxes to be recycled.  Now personally I am an avid outdoorsman and love to break down boxes. This is because I am able to use my favorite knives and put them to work.  Yes, it is a hunting thing and it is great to practice in the off season for deer hunting and field dressing. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but the more practice makes me safe and helps the environment so that is my choice. 

When it comes to choosing the right knife for the breaking down of the boxes that is a difficult choice.  The first choice of most people is to use scissors.  This sounds safe and easiest but the problem is that cardboard is very hard on steel.  Your sciscors will be dull by the time you are done with a big pile of boxes.  This also leads to the issue of the grip.  You will likely have blisters by the end if you use the regular scissor handles.  So the option is to instead use a knife. 

Now not just any knife.  It is best to use a steel that is good and resistant to hard materials.  This means getting a steel that costs a little more than the rambo looking blades at Walmart. So spend a little more and get a quality knife with a steel that wont dull while cutting the first batch of boxes. Stay safe out there, keep washing your hands ,and try to recycle if you can.