Perfect Box For You

As a professional confectioner you know the quality of your goods is the most important thing. It takes time to create the perfect recipes. It takes hours of trial and error to find what tastes the best. Then you have to decide the icing and the decorations that will fit perfectly on top of the candy or pastry. There are a lot of choices that go into the product as a whole.

Another component that is included in the presentation of the product is the packaging. It does not depend on what type of business you are running, you have to have some sort of packaging. In this case, confectioners need candy boxes for their product. It doesn’t matter if the product is just sold locally out of a display case or sent halfway across the country. The presentation and the type of packaging used is important. You can choose candy boxes that go with your theme and your style.

There are over eight different colors of boxes to choose from. You could choose to have every batch as the same color, or you can determine which different products get which different color box. You could also have color choices available for the consumer. Maybe for Valentine’s Day they choose a dark red color. Then for their wedding they can choose gold or another color to match their wedding theme and colors. Having these colors available for your customers is just an added bonus of personalization.

Another customization feature is selecting how many chocolates go into each box. Maybe some consumers don’t want to buy twelve chocolates and only buy four. Then again, some people may want to buy twenty-four chocolates! So having different options for packaging allows people with different price points and budgets to purchase your products.

Finally, you want to tie it all up with a bow. There are a few different ways to really set you packaging apart from other businesses. One way is to tie bows around each box. You can buy pre-made bows or learn how to make them yourselves. You can also just use regular ribbon to tie around the box. For people taking the boxes directly from your storefront, you can put the boxes in little gift bags with color tissue paper. Gift wrapping the box will make it more special for the person receiving the chocolates as a gift. Just have fun with the appearance of the box. Make it your own!