Lindor truffles packaging

There are many different types of candy boxes. Some boxes are just plain boxes, some are over-decorated, and some are just right. I believe that Lindor Truffles, the chocolate company, has some of the best kinds of packaging and chocolates. The few flavors that they provide each have their own particular type of box with unique decorations. I like this candy packaging because it is not too much but also not too little; it is just right, like the Goldilocks story. I love these chocolates. They are delicious and made of high quality materials. 

The red chocolate gets a red packaging. I enjoy how they did this because it makes it more easy to spot the kind of chocolate that you want. The packaging they use is unique as well. I say this because the packaging almost looks like an isosceles triangle. It opens up at the top after you unroll the top of the packaging. The color of the box is also a marketing ploy. They have an open window that allows for you to look in and see all the delicious chocolates gleaming back at you. The color of the box, as mentioned, is a marketing ploy. They use the color so the consumer can quickly identify the truffles they want easily without having to spend much time looking. The easier it is for someone to identify something the consumer likes, the easier it becomes to buy it. 

I personally love these chocolates. There is a variety pack that is gold. The gold, I believe, is done to pop out. As people, we don’t see the color of gold all that much in our day to day lives because it generally represents something expensive. The gold pack of these truffles is their variety pack. This means they have all their different kinds of truffles they have all in one box. I believe that the gold is a good representation of this because you are more or less rich in chocolates. It is a funny way to look at it, but I believe that they are trying to get that across. My favorite truffle they have is the red one or the white one. The red is a milk chocolate, and the white is a white milk chocolate. 

The form of this candy packaging is very unique. It is more or less an isosceles triangle. This shape has been done for a specific reason. It’s not only unique and not like any other candy packaging, but it also makes it more easy to grab the chocolates at the bottom of the packaging. The shape also draws attention to it because of its odd shape. Not many candy packaging are triangles. Thus, it can draw attention to it. 

I like the packaging of Lindor truffles because it is unique. The coloring also helps identify the kind of candy you want more quickly. This can be a good thing for the company as it will make them money. I say this because the candy box packaging is easily identifiable; thus, a consumer will grab it on a whim because it is something they had gotten before and recognized it. The window also is a good feature because the consumer can look into the packaging and see the yummy chocolates looking back at you.