Tips For A Stress-Free Moving Experience

Moving is not the greatest joy in our lives. Yes, your new location should be a rewarding experience. However, if you don’t make wise decisions about how to move, then your move can be a horror tale. Your moving experience is lessened if you follow a few tips as identified below.

Trusting a Moving Company
Unless you thrive on stress when you are planning to move, then find a reputable moving company that is certified by the American Moving and Storage Association. This organization conducts extensive background checks on their movers. Perform research for the company’s that you are considering. Read their reviews, complaints, and do a search on your local Better Business Bureau website. Also, talk to family and friends to receive a recommendation for a moving company that is trustworthy.

Keep a Moving Schedule
Moving is complicated enough especially if you are not organized with a schedule. Choose a date for your move so that there are things you can do before that time period. First, see if you can have access to your new home before you move. This will help you have a place to put your belongings rather than looking for a storage unit, especially if there is a delay. Having a specific moving date allows you more time to clean and to make sure that you have accounted for all your personal items.

Where Is My Packing List?
Give yourself plenty of time to pack! Conduct a room by room inventory of what items will be placed in what rooms in your new home. This process will also help in identifying any missing items when you unpack. Use a notebook for all your room checks because it is more orderly and efficient.

Do I Really Need This?
When you are creating a packing list, this is a good time to determine what is worth keeping and what you should discard. When we move from our old home, we often have years of items that we never sorted out. Now is a good time to lessen your packing time and to reduce the weight of your cardboard boxes. If you don’t have time to get rid of unnecessary items, then contact your local community agency that will pick up your unwanted items from you.

Pack Early To Avoid Stress
If you are not using a professional moving company to pack up your personal belongings, then try to pack yourself early, as much as two months in advance. Packing requires some forethought. Pack the items you know that you will not need in the next month or so. Prepare a small suitcase for yourself containing the items that you will need until your move.

Collect Your Packing Supplies
If you have decided to pack yourself, then gather all your supplies. Having these materials on hand will allow you to pack properly each day and still be organized on your move day. Commonly used supplies include:

> Box cutters
> Cardboard boxes of various sizes or let a moving company provide your boxes
> Packing material: bubble wrap, packing paper, newsprint or your own linens
> Packing tape
> Permanent markers for labeling
> Scissors
> Sticker labels (optional)
> Tape

Revise Your Address and Cancel Services
During the week or two before your moving date, make your new address change by contacting your local United States Postal Service (‘USPS’). You can contact USPS via phone or go to the USPS website. Cancel local services or have your account transferred to your new address, like cable, phone, electrical, and gas.